On The Borderline: Upcoming 40 Man Decisions...

 The Mets will have some major decisions to make shortly, as infielders Justin Turner and Ronny Cedeno come off of the Disabled List soon, as early as the beginning of next week if their (just started) rehab assignments go as expected. That means that some combo of Jordany Valdespin, Vinny Rottino and Omar Quintanilla will be sent back to Buffalo, and that creates another interesting scenario: who do the Mets take off of their 40-man roster to accommodate these (and other, soon to be necessary) moves?

A great song by AC/DC - little known- entitled 
"Down On The Borderline" -the inspiration for this post!

Names like Robert Carson (P), Rob Johnson (C), Reese Havens (2B), Zach Lutz (3B), Juan Lagares (OF), Rottino and Quintanilla are all candidates to be removed from the active 40-man roster, although a case could be made for keeping each one. However, with Mejia soon to be activated and Beato looming as another bullpen option, moves have to be made and there's the distinct possibility that one of these players WILL be lost via waivers, just like Chris Schwinden recently was. Sandy & company have to be asking themselves important questions, including "will Havens ever become a prospect again"; "has Lagares already reached his ceiling, like Anderson Hernandez once did, in the minors?"; "will there ever be a place for Lutz in the bigs?" No easy answers, but that's why they're paid the "big bucks." 

Perhaps a trade??? Let us know your thoughts- play GM- tell us who YOU would keep on the 40-man roster, who you'd expose to waivers and, most importantly, out of the current/pending roster, who should remain in the bigs? POST YOUR COMMENTS & LET US KNOW!!! (And enjoy the video!)


Anonymous said...

Umm Rubin

Nobody needs to be removed from the 40 man for these moves. These are 15 day DL activations. Rottino will most likely be outrighted to Triple AAA first then Valdespin but that its. No DFa's are needed.

Even when Mejia is ready to come up to he MLB pen, no one will need to be ousted from the 40 man.

David Rubin said...

They have 41 people on the roster once both come off the DL, 42 when ramirez is off. They will have to make at LEAST one move to balance all of this AND in sending down Johnson, Q and Rottino, I believe at least one of them has to be exposed to waivers.

Willis said...

I'd like to see the Mets keep Valdespin on the roster. Trade Turner or Cedeno. Valdespin may not be the best choice for this year but in terms of the team's future and his maturity issues I think it's best to keep him in Queens for a while. Plus, he's an exciting player. Nothing wrong with some excitement in Queens.

David Rubin said...

Yes, I realize that, and thanks for asking. But they are still 1 person over as of right now.

Anonymous said...

Btw Mack Sorry I havent been able to write much.

Accounting work has been crazy with everything thats going on up here.


David Rubin said...

I agree about Spin, Will. I'd trade cedeno, especially if they send down Rottino and keep Turner to back up 1st/2nd (which they will) and keep Q up to back up short and use Spin as an outfield, 2b/ss sub.

Anonymous said...

Rubin How are one person over on the 40 man right now?

The team currently has 40 people on the 40 man roster

Active (25)
Santana, Dickey, Niese, Gee, Young, Hefner, Brydak, Parnell, Batista, Francisco, El. Ramirez, Rauch, Nickeas, Thole, Davis, Murphy, Quintanilla, Wright, Valdespin, Bay, Kirk, Duda, Hairston, Torres, Rottino.

Disabled 15 Day (5)
Tejeda, Turner, Baxter, R. Ramirez, Cedeno.

Minors (11)
Johnson, Beato, Mejia, Lagares, Lutz, Carson, Havens, Puello, Familia, Flores

The team only has to make 25 man roster moves to get there guys back

Anonymous said...

That 11 should be a (10)

Mack Ade said...

this is a team with no defense, a shoddy bullpen, and better pitchers in the minors... and going into tonight's game they qualify currently for a wild card...

I'll let TC figure this one out...

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