Surgical Update - P - Adam O'Neill


An old friend from 'down under', and Mets prospect, P Adam O'Neill, checked in after his one millionth surgery yesterday.
First, a little history on Adam, and then, in his own words:
O’Neil was signed by the Mets in January 2007 as an internatiioal free agent. He’s from Australia.Mets scount Tony Harris commented:

 " I watched him pitch and I was immediately interested.   He had a great arm action, was fluid, had that perfect pitcher's body and kept the ball low with a hard curve that was fooling the hitters.   I am standing next to his agent thinking - not only do I want him at the Academy but I want him for the Mets," said Tony at Adam's home where he was inking in the professional contract that made him a Met.   "I was tempted to make  an offer there and then but thought it best to wait till he played in Perth."

O’Neill said at the time of the signing:

"Now that I have signed with the Mets it’s a great feeling, but I know that the hard work is just beginning. I know I have 12 months of dedication to the Mets now getting ready for the 2009 season, but i'm over whelmed with excitement and i'm ready for the challenge. I am happy with my decision to become a Met and cannot wait for 2009 when I get to put the uniform on as a professional baseball player for the New York Mets."

Hey Mack,

So on may 2nd running some routine fitness drills. I turned and planted and felt my leg give way, no pops or tears no real sharp pains. Trainers said I may have done something to my meniscus but to be safe they gave me a couple days rest to re evaluate at the start of the week.

No real big dramas when they re evaluated me. I just didn't have my full range of motion. So they got me an MRI is Florida a week after I went down with the injury.

Results came back... Tiny meniscal tear... Bone bruise

Growth defect of the left femoral condyle( growth defect which is an OCD lesion, making a dead piece of bone with no blood supply or chance to heal itself)

So the flew me up to NYC a couple weeks later on the 21st and heard word from Dr pearl that they needed to operate to fix it or otherwise It could get worse, blessing in disguise is the way I have looked at it.

Waited weeks for surgeons schedules and operating theatres, and bone transplants to line up. Ends up they used a synthetic material which is very similar to bone.
So the procedure went as follows. Arthroscopic knee procedure to clean out my meniscal tear. Then open incision on the outside of my left knee. They removed the bone which was the size of a kidney bean and put 2 synthetic plugs in. And also removed stem cells from my hip to place in with my synthetic plugs so they would heal.

In a brace and in crutches for a while. Should be back in Sydney soon to start rehab again.



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