A "Quickie" about DICKEY!!

I still remember when the Mets signed RA Dickey, on the heels of the Phils trading for Roy Halladay. My buddy Jon called me to tell me that the Mets had signed a former first round draft pick, a pitcher, with a wild and unique pitch. My mind raced as he asked me to "guess" who that pitcher was. Believe me, RA Dickey would have been my VERY last guess, right after ruling out Cy Young, Sparky Lyle and George W. Bush!! I'm glad that my reaction of "are you f#cking kidding me?!" turned out to be "So f#cking glad they didn't listen to ME!!!" I feel privileged to be watching Dickey pitch tonight in my adopted city of Los Angeles, and can't wait to wear my Met colors (once again, 2nd game in 4 days) and root for a guy named DICKEY!!!! Where else but in baseball could a story like THIS happen???


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