W.A.R. for Each Mets Player in 2012 Thus Far

Here are the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) totals for each Met player to suit up for them in 2012, from highest to lowest:

David Wright: 3.9
Kirk Nieuwenhuis: 1.7
Scott Hairston: 1.2
Ruben Tejada: 0.8
Omar Quintanilla: 0.7
Mike Baxter: 0.5
Josh Thole: 0.4
Ronny Cedeno: 0.3
Andres Torres: 0.3
Rob Johnson (as catcher): 0.3
Justin Turner: 0.2
Vinny Rottino: 0.2
Lucas Duda: 0.1
Josh Satin: 0.0
Jordany Valdespin: -0.1
Zach Lutz: -0.1
Daniel Murphy: -0.2
Mike Nickeas: -0.4
Jason Bay: -0.4
Ike Davis: -0.8


R.A. Dickey: 2.2
Johan Santana: 1.4
Dillon Gee: 0.8
Mike Pelfrey: 0.6
Jon Niese: 0.5
Jeremy Hefner: 0.4
Tim Byrdak: 0.3
Chris Young: 0.3
Bobby Parnell: 0.3
Jon Rauch: 0.3
Frank Francisco: 0.2
Ramon Ramirez: 0.2
Rob Johnson (as pitcher): 0.0
Elvin Ramirez: 0.0
Jack Egbert: 0.0
Robert Carson: -0.1
Miguel Batista: -0.1
D.J. Carrasco: -0.1
Chris Schwinden: -0.4
Manny Acosta: -0.7

Wins Above Replacement answers the question (from fangraphs): "If this player got injured and their team had to replace them with a minor leaguer or someone from their bench, how much value would the team be losing?" Negative numbers suggest that the average "replacement level player" (i.e. a bench player, a AA/AAA guy, journeyman FA, etc.) would be more productive than the output by that particular player.

-  David Wright is second in baseball (behind Joey Votto) with his 3.9 WAR mark and the only Met batter in the top 25.

- R.A. Dickey ranks 8th in all of baseball pitchers, trailing only Justin Verlander, Zack Grienke, Gio Gonzalez, Matt Cain, Chris Sale, Stephen Strasburg, and James McDonald.

- Johan Santana ranks 33rd.

- Ike Davis has the third worst WAR rating in baseball, "trailing" only Brennan Boesch and Casey Kotchman for that dubious honor. This past week has helped Ike quite a bit. He was alone as the worst valued player in all of baseball for quite a bit of time before his mini-hot streak.

- Fielding kills Duda and Murphy's WAR numbers. Lucas Duda is the worst single defender in the national league according to Fangraph's Fielding WAR values (-10.6) and Murphy is tied for second worst in the national league and is alone as the worst defensive infielder in the national league (-8.1).

- The best fielding Met, according to the same metric, is SS Omar Quintanilla.

- The best baserunning Met, according to fangraphs, is David Wright. Mike Nickeas and Daniel Murphy bring up the rear.


Stephen Guilbert said...

What do we think? While there are few metrics to fully capture a player's effectiveness, this is one of the better measuring tools out there.

I see a good corps of players at the top (Dickey, Johan, Gee, Niese, Wright, Kirk, Ruben) and some very valuable bench players (Hairston, Baxter). However, other players' weaknesses are evident in these rankings (Duda's glove, Murphy's baserunning and glove, for examples) and the bullpen, as we know, is a mess. However, the Mets have had some real nice surprises and do have a lot of talent on this current club.

Mack Ade said...

Ya know, I just don't know how much we can analyze these Bad News Bears.

To me, it's a fun season with a bunch of guys that should have been utility players.

I have a funny feeling this is all going to catch up with us soon. This team seems to be one six game losing steak away from last place.

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