2013 Draft - Q and A - Arkansas RP - Colby Suggs


Mack - We're talking with RHP Colby Suggs from the Arkansas Razorbacks, who played an incredible game yesterday against South Carolina in the College World Series. First of all, good morning, Colby. Normally, I would start asking a player about himself, but I have to ask you what it was like in the clubhouse last night after beating the Gamecocks? Did any of you get any sleep last night?

Suggs:  -  We were all so excited to be one step closer to our goal and to have beaten a great team like South Carolina. But we also know that it’s still going to be a challenge on Thursday with whoever we face.

Mack:  -  I have to ask... are we going to see you pitch on Thursday?

Suggs: - I never know when I’m going to pitch but hopefully I get the chance to come in and get some outs against either Kent State or South Carolina.

Mack: -   Colby, you don't see a relief pitcher with a 7-0 record too often. That's seven times in 29 appearances or approximately 25% of the times you pitched was when your team didn't have the lead. Do you find you have to dig down a little more when the odds are against you like this?

Suggs: - Not really. I’ve been put in some tough situations and the coaches and my teammates have had confidence in me to do my job.  I try to build my team up on offense and they have rallied around me and the team and gotten runs in clutch situations for us. I have to thank the offense for that.

Mack: - Colby, take us through what you're throwing these days?  And, do you see yourself working on any new pitches for the 2013 season?

Suggs: - My main pitch I work off of is my fastball and then have a power slider/curve whatever people want to call it. Then, I have another good pitch in my split-change that I rarely use, but love. I don’t think I will add any pitches, a cutter if anything, but I would just like to continue developing those 3 pitches to make them as good as possible.

Mack - Any chance you may start next season or are you a true pen rat?

Suggs – I’m definitely a bullpen guy. 8th or 9th inning guy. If the coaches think it will help the team by me starting then that’s what I will do, but with the amount of pitching we have coming back, I don't think that will be necessary. I love being out of the pen and I have that bulldog attitude to be able to be successful in that late relief/ closer role.

Mack - Well, we'll keep it at that. I know you are preparing for the next game. Thanks for your time, we'll see you on the TV, and I'll check back with you before the 2013 draft.


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