2012 Mets Draft Pick Signing Chart - 6/26/12

Here's an update as of today, 6/26/12, on the 2012 Mets Draft Pick Signing Chart.

It's nice to see so many players sign early and get to short season ball to get an early look at them.  The players highlighted in blue are confirmed as signed, but I can't find the bonus details available for them yet. I'm thinking they may wait until closer to the deadline to release some of those bonus details as to not let any agents for the unsigned players know whats left in the bank, so to speak. 

As of now, we're $37,000 under our cap bonus allowance, but we don't know the details of Matt Reynolds' contract yet.  I'm hoping he signs for under the $723,600 MLB recommended slot bonus for his 2nd round draft pick, but there doesn't appear to be any details available yet. I'm a little surprised he's going to Savannah so quickly, but I assume that means the Mets are going to start him at shortstop. 

Savannah currently has Aderlin Rodriguez & Brian Harrison, who can play 3B and Yucarybert De La Cruz currently playing shortstop everyday since T.J Rivera was promoted to St. Lucie last week. De La Cruz hit .251/.293/.335 at Kingsport last year and only has 16 AB's so far this year since he's been at XST until last week. If Reynolds ends up sticking at shortstop long term, that will certainly increase his value as a prospect. 

Reports are that our second, 2nd round pick out of Fort Worth, Texas, 6'4, 200 lb, RHP Teddy Stankiewicz isn't supposed to be a tough sign and the recommended slot bonus for his pick is $680,400, but he does have a commitment to Arkansas in the fall. What is it with these Arkansas Razorbacks that the Mets front office seem to be attracted to (Nimmo, Fulmer, Reynolds, Stankiewicz)?

It sounds like a lot of the guys highlighted in red plan on honoring their commitments to college, but that also could be a strong negotiation tactic to increase their bonus. Remember Josh Bell from last years draft sent a letter out to teams telling them not to draft him because he plans on honoring his commitment to Texas, but ended up signing for $5M by the Pirates, who drafted him in the second round.

If anyone can report any of these other signings or non-signings for that matter, please leave them in the comments section and I'll update this chart accordingly.

To be continued.....


Stephen Guilbert said...

I like this draft class. A lot.

The Closer said...

According to Baseball America, 11th Round pick, Logan Taylor has signed for a reported $150,000 bonus, which is $50,000 over recommended slot of $100,000.

At this point, we're $13,000 of the recommended bonus pool, still pending the details of Matt Reynolds deal to be announced.

Stephen, I'm starting to come around more and more with our picks. In certain situations, we lack the big upside prospects due to signing bonus restraints, but if we can land atleast a few guys highlighted in red, it will certainly change the perspective a bit more with the masses.

Mack Ade said...

I've become indifferent.

The ones I like tend to floy and visa versa.

I've learned to check back... in this case, June 27, 2016

Stephen Guilbert said...

Yea, Mack, you have a great point. I just like some of the mid-round guys we got (Kaupe, Nido, Boyd, Oswalt) but I agree there isn't one single player who I think will be a superstar. All in all though it just looks like a well-rounded class that could be fantastic if we get someone like Barr or White to sign. It beats a lot of the drafts we've had recently and for perhaps inexplicable reasons, I think this could turn out to be a really good haul.

Mack Ade said...

BTW - don't be surprised if the Yanks sign Chris Schwinden

Stephen Guilbert said...

Wow good call on that one. I wonder if he'll see a start sometime soon.

Mack Ade said...

He's ready if called upon

Billy said...

I like this draft class. A lot.

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