Thoughts About Friday – by Mack Ade


1.       The best baseball right now is being played in the college world series (CWS). Yesterday’s games were epics and expect it to continue. Game time today is 5pm and the 9pm game pits last year’s final, Florida vs. South Carolina. Tune it in if you want to see this games future stars. 

2.       I have to hand it to our Mets. When they lose, they lose big. That’s what rag-tag teams do and you just have to sit back and take the good with the bad. As of this morning, the Mets fell to third place and would not make the playoffs if the season ended last night. That’s fine because we all thought we would be fighting to stay out of last place at this point of the 2012 season. In reality during this crazy season, the Mets are actually 3.5 games out of the cellar. I love baseball. 

3.       I talked to Art Scott (The Behaviorist) yesterday. He’s back home after surgery to have some of his bullet fragments “moved around” by the doctors. They are located in his brain stem, so they can’t be removed and sometimes the pain of them rubbing on the stem causing pain you have never experienced. He’s resting and will be back writing when he can. Try and say a special prayer for our number one Vet here at MMs. The ex-University of South Carolina baseball player would love to hear from you at oh58_d@hotmail.com 

4.       There was a difference of opinion yesterday by two MMs writers on how the DL works. I stayed out of it because, frankly, I can’t keep up with the constant flow of players on and off it. It’s obvious that Jason Bay is probably lost for the season. Justin Turner will probably be activated today, filling the slot open when Bay goes on the DL. Past that is speculation. I’ll let the Mets figure this one out on their own.  

5.        The official Brooklyn roster was released yesterday and the only surprise was no Akeel Morris. I’m going to contact him later today and try and figure out why. I was particularly happy to see a couple of the DSL stars make the roster, especially SP Luis Mateo and OF Eudy Pena. You’re going to like what you see here. 

6.       I was particularly upset at the Mets fans that voiced their displeasure for Jason Bay as he was helped off the field. These are typical examples of the kind of Mets fans that aren’t welcomed here at MMs. They are welcomed to troll the other sites and spit out their uneducated venom. For the record, Jason Bay would be the first person to stop and help you if he found you lying on the pavement in front of your home. Yes, his career is ending badly, and, yes, previous management did pay him too much for what he puts out lately, but he, like all the players, don’t try and play badly. Some of you need to have your laptops taken away from you. 

7.       Kirk Nieuwenhuis continues to be a bright spot. You may see him playing more now that Bay is down for the count. The Mets are going to need more from Andres Torres if they want to stay in the race and don’t look for Lucas Duda to be playing any other position than RF. He has enough trouble out there, thank you. Will the Mets play Jordany Valdespin more in the outfield? We’ll have to wait and see. 

8.       Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers. My daughter is taking me out for lunch today at our only 4-star Asian restaurant. She recently became Assistant Principal of the Lady’s Island Elementary School, on Lady’s Island, South Carolina, and we are all very proud of her. I hope you and your children hook  up this weekend for this special Hallmark moment. 

9.       I’m trying to remember to use Spell Check more often. I don’t try and look stupid on purpose. There is no excuse and I simply don’t respect it enough. I lost my job writing local sports for Morris Publishing because my editor refused to work with me. There is no patience for the brain impaired. Did I spell impaired correctly? 

10.   Have a great weekend. 


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