Dave Whitman - Harvey's Dream Season Ends, Mets Nightmare Only Beginning?

avatar - 2015"UCL or ulnar collateral ligament is a thick triangular band at the medial aspect of the elbow uniting the distal aspect of the humerus to the proximal aspect of the ulna. It consists of two portions, an anterior and posterior united by a thinner intermediate portion."

It was announced today that Matt Harvey has partially torn UCL, ending one of the most memorable season's in Mets history.

The Mets’ season also ended today. Sure, the calendar may say that happens after game 162 on September 29th but for all intent and purpose Matt Harvey’s elbow tear slams the door shut on 2013 for the Metropolitans. There will be games played, won and lost-though surely much more of the latter-as the team limps into the final weeks of this season. Already having lost its Captain, the Mets now say farewell to their Batman till possibly 2015, bringing to a screeching halt a historical performance by the 24-year old Citi Field Ace.

Mejia, Heffner, Santana, Parnell, Francisco-- the list of Mets wounded hurlers is a long one. What once looked like a formidable starting 5 next April now has a huge void to fill at the top. Maybe rehab and rest will cure what ails Harvey’s UCL, but think about it, everyone will hold their collective breaths with each whip like motion he makes toward home plate with his prized right arm. No, the Mets should do the right thing and go the Tommy John route. The sooner they do this, the better too. Harvey would begin rehabbing in the fall and by opening day be 7 months removed from his UCL replacement.

As for the team he leaves behind. It’s going to be a rag-tag assortment of has been’s, never will be’s and wtf’s, In the rotation behind Niese and Gee-the return of Dice K is a hint of what’s to come. On that note I see the D Train is on the comeback trail again… I don’t mention Wheeler because after tonight's start there is no reason for him to pitch another inning in 2013. He’s acquiesced himself well since being called up in June. Give him the final month to rest, reflect on his first taste of the big leagues and be ready to assume a key role in the Mets 2014 rotation. The same goes for Wright.

This team should dedicate the rest of the season to evaluating what they have and seeing who fits when 2014 rolls around. Sign Collins too so he doesn’t stunt the growth of this team in his pursuit of finishing strong to save his job. Finishing strong doesn’t matter anymore. It’s more important to treat this final month like a September version of spring training.

Put Tejada back in at SS, bring up Kirk and don Dekker and play them ahead of Young Jr. and Byrd. Also play Duda at 1b, try Flores at 2b, put Satin at 3b for some games. Get creative, experiment with different line-ups but most importantly play the called-up prospects over the vets. 2013 as a meaningful season in regards to wins and losses is officially over.


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