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Lon Warneke

This article was written by Don Duren.

The 1930s Chicago Cubs often fielded outstanding teams. They won pennants in 1932, 1935 and 1938.  They won with solid hitting, fielding – and pitching.  Anchoring the staff was a right handed pitcher from Arkansas named Lon Warneke.  Years later, teammate Phil Cavarretta had this to say of him, “To me, during the years I saw him pitch with the Cubs (and later with the Cardinals) he was one of the best pitchers I’ve ever seen…he’d win 18, 19, 20 games for you.  His best pitch was an overhand curve ball. He had a good change and a good fastball – his fastball had good movement.” 1 In an era when pitchers like Dizzy Dean and Carl Hubbell were lauded for their pitching skills, Warneke more than held his own.

for the rest...  http://sabr.org/bioproj/person/5a2fe3c9 


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