Mack Ade – A 2016 Wave of Talent

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The addition of 19-year old 2B Dilson Herrera in the Buck-Byrd trade adds one more prospect talent at a level that should begin to pay dividends around mid-season in 2016. He joins an extremely talented group of ‘youngsters’ that are making their own name for themselves this season. A representative team could be:

                1B – 19-yr. old Dominic Smith – GCL Mets: .287/.384/.407/.791

                2B – Herrera – A-ball: .265/.330/.421/.751

                SS – 19-yr. old Gavin Cecchini – Brooklyn: .290/.331/.333/.665

                3B – 18-yr. old Jhoan Urena – GCL Mets: .303/.352/.382/.733

                C – 18-yr. old Jose Maria – DSL: .258/.322/.368/.690

                OF – 20-yr. old Brandon Nimmo – Savannah: .279/.402/.369/.771

                OF – 21-yr. old Victor Cruzado: K-Port: .333/.429/.481/.910

                OF – 18-yr. old Wuilmer Buccera – GCL Mets: .243/.353/.296/.649

                SP – 19-yr. old Gaby Almonte – GCL Mets: 3-2, 2.31

                SP – 19-yr. old Chris Flexen – K-Port:  8-1, 2.09

                SP – 19-yr. old Robert Whalen – K-Port: 3-2, 1.49

                SP – 20-yr. old Robert Gsellman – Brooklyn: 3-2, 1.60

                SP – 21-yr. old Miller Diaz – Brooklyn: 5-3, 2.22

This represents an entire new wave of talent that one must have patience to await. Hopefully, the rewards will outweigh the wait.


eddie said...

And 2016 would be the first year that Harvey will again be pitching without restrictions.

The Closer said...

Good post Mack. Sadly, since hes 19 in low A, I was laughing to myself that they will probably assign him to Kingsport since Im sure the amets thought his assignment was too agrressive to play in full season ball at 19. Only 1st round picks, Fulmer & Nimmo are able to play full season ball as a teenager.

Of course there's a few more guys you could add to this list, Ivan Wilon, Casey Meisner, Andrew Church, etc. but still exciting to see the next wave looking strong to debut some time around 2016/2017.

Mack Ade said...

I didn't add those three because of their current stats

Hobie said...

...and I'm watching lefty Jose Medina in the DSL. 2 ER in 52 IP, 41/6 K/BB, 0.79 WHIP. Turned 17 last Sunday.

Bud Fox said...

Good to hear and read names I am not familiar with at the lower levels. As a diehard I have waited too long and now we are talking 2016/2017? Obviously want us to be super competitive now.
Let me ask- realistically is Harvey out next year?

The Closer said...

Makes sense...I don't out a lot of weight into stats for a player in his first season after being drafted or being brought stateside. So much of that is a transition into an everyday grind, learning language, training programs, living arrangements, etc.. I more a fan of tools, potential and upside, but stats are certainly a bonus if they are performing well too.

Michael Scannell said...

This is great and shows why the Alderson regime is superior to previous ones. Of course, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth as to the team not winning the last couple of years, but that's a product of a need for instant gratification. Sandy has built a foundation here, one that can not only be competitive in the short term going forward (assuming key additions are made this offseason) but also to continue success for the long-term. Previous eras have seen a short window that quickly closes because there was no long-term planning. The Mets can construct a team nect year that can compete for the playoffs, and when the short-term pieces have outlived their usefulness there should be this next wave ready, either to step in or be used as trade fodder for needed pieces. The next wave of Nimmo, Cecchini, Smith, Hererra, Fulmer, Matz, and possibly Plawecki, Boyd, and Bucerra should provide another nucleus of productive major league players. If this FO continues on this path, there should be another wave in 2019-21 ready to move up as well. This was one of their stated goals and it seems they are doing an excellent job of following through.

Michael Scannell said...

Bud, I don't think the intent was to show that the Mets must wait until 2016/17 to compete, rather that this additional phase of Alderson's long-term plan is moving ahead as hoped.

Bud Fox said...

Thx Michael