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WFAN's Mike Francesa says @MattHarvey33 will go on DL with a torn UCL in his elbow.

This is what baseball is all about. Pitchers pitch and pitchers get hurt. Harvey wasn't over-pitched in any of the games this season and no one on the Mets team made the wrong call here. These things happen and, though this is a big blow, it simply falls into the 'shit happens' category.

The important thing now is that the Mets recognize that they must shut down the remainder of their prospect pitchers that are near their innings limits. This season is now over and it needs to be played that way.

Soto and I will keep you up to date with what develops here.


Michael Scannell said...

Well, this is disappointing. But, better sooner rather than later. If he needs surgery, then get it done. Pitchers come back pretty well from TJ and if he needs it now, he could be back by the middle of next year or later in the summer.

I know that some people are going to scream that this is why you never trade pitching, but I'm going to go in the other direction. The Mets obviously have to build great pitching and are working towards that. However, they're also in a position where they are underwhelming offensively. If pitching gets hurt (which it does more often than hitting), the offense won't be there to pick the team up. There is no balance here and now if the team still has any hopes of contending next year they NEED offense.

If Harvey can come back at some point next year, a strong offense could carry the team in the first half. If the Mets start off with Wheeler, Niese, Mejia, and two vets in the staff, they could stay competitive until Harvey returns and Syndergaard or Montero come up.

Mack Ade said...

first thing first... I watched and listened carefully to Alderson, ollins, and Harvey at the press conference and I walkaway that no one handled Harvey wrong this year. This surely looks like it falls into the 'shit happens' category.

What I hope is this is a wake up call to the Mets front office.

You can't hang the hopes of your team on a few players. They have the money to balance this out and get themselves a new SS, RF, LF, and SP5

Michael Scannell said...

Totally agreed Mack. Harvey was kept on a pitch count and only had forearm tightness. How many pitchers pitch through forearm tightness? Shit happens and it did. Now Alderson needs to build a well-rounded team so that when Harvey returns the Mets can win.

Charley said...

They must spend, that's their option. They just can't trade any more pitching now. In one year, they've lost Santana, Mejia, Hefner, and Harvey.

That's after trading their Cy young winner. I was hoping to move another one, but that's off the table now. Also off the table is this waiting out the super two garbage that big market teams shouldn't do.

If deGrom and Montero are ready for prime time next spring, put them on the team. Thor must start in AAA. Fulmer must start in Bingo.

This is go time folks. I can't sit through another shit season listening to excuses about overpriced markets. I'll vomit in my sleep and die if that happens again. Then I'll come back and haunt Jeff Wilpon until his hair turns white and falls out while he sleeps.

They must spend money this off season.

Mack Ade said...

Let's give them some time to work out a plan here...

Michael Scannell said...

Bronson Arroyo as a stopgap would be okay by me.

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