Ernest Dove - More Important: Matt Harvey's Elbow or David Wright's Shoulder?


  We've often heard the phrase 'out of sight, out of mind'.  Well, in the cases of Matt Harvey and David Wright, neither was forgotten at any point during the 2014 season, whether they were playing or not.

  And so, rather than continue in the onslaught of questions marks which fly over the heads of the Mets overall infield, outfield, bullpen, coaching staff and GM position, I figured I would instead play a little game of what would you rather.

  Matt Harvey, who started an almost cult like Following from the day he stepped onto a major league mound, has still only logged 36 actual major league starts.  His two years on the mound ended up being for two losing teams.  He is also obviously coming off of a major surgery. And his team, despite another losing season in his absence, still happen to have a pretty decent 5 man rotation.  Unless involved in a 'Blockbuster' trade, Zack Wheeler and Jacob deGrom will be in a Mets uniform next year.  Bartolo Colon is under contract for another season. Jon Niese .......... well he's the only lefty that's major league ready.  And Dillon Gee, no matter the arbitration case, can even be affordable for the Wilpon's. So, we are already looking at an extra arm as it is.  Plus, The Mets already now have other top pitching prospects ready for their turn, in Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero.  However, the word 'Day' at the end of their names during each start was really in homage to the man with the confidence, attitude and work ethic that made everyone actually happy to be a Mets fan, at least every 5 days, in Matt Harvey.

  So, how important is it that Matt Harvey come back, and come back strong for this team, this organization, and its die hard fans?  We all know that Matt Harvey wants to pitch.  Heck, if it was up to him, he would have already pitched in a major league game this past August, or at least in September.  However, the Mets played it safe, and now Harvey will coming off that extra rest.  What will this mean for the team, and for Harvey.  In regards to rehab and time, everything is fine.  In regards to confidence and readiness, again we all know Harvey can answer that for you right now.  So, how badly do the Mets need that right elbow of his to hold up?

  The other body part belongs to the face of the franchise. The guy who will play with anything, broken backs, and now shoulder issues.  David Wright certainly was not David Wright last year.  However, David Wright is most certainly continuing to make David Wright money, and will continue to do so until the day he retires, and goes down as one of the top Mets in history, if not the greatest Met in history (start the arguments now).

  One is the potential ace of the staff for the next 10+ years (again, start the bailing to Yankees for the money jokes now).  The other is the franchise player and #3 hitter, who is counted on to hit over .300, and deliver double digit homers and triple digit RBI's to help this team become a contender. 

  I guess its a debate that can rage on forever, with plenty of counter points.  The Mets are now full of pitching, both in the rotation and in the bullpen.  However, the Mets are also starving for hitting and consistency at the plate from its overall offense.

  One might never make it back to what he was........... and, well, technically, this sentence can go for either guy at this point.

  What is your take.  What do we need more:  Harvey's elbow to produce at least 175 solid innings of top notch pitching, or David Wright's shoulder to contribute to .300 BA, 20+ homers (you know, the whole bring in the fencing thing), and continue the leadership on the field playing, and not sitting on the sidelines.

  Matt Harvey, and his elbow, can someday win a CY Young.  David Wright , and his shoulder, and back, and whatever else he fights through, can one day produce a Hall of Famer.

  What it currently more important for this franchise, at least for 2015, and then beyond.


Tom Brennan said...

That's an easy one - we need both - badly - to be themselves again so we can contend in 2015.

You refer to Wright as follows: David Wright , and his shoulder, and back, and whatever else he fights through, can one day produce a Hall of Famer.

I think the Mets cooked his Hall of Fame goose when they set the fence dimensions wrongly in 2009 and again a few years later. My guess is Citifield has cost him 40-50 homers. Just enough to make him fall short of HOF numbers?

Mack Ade said...

I agree with Thomas.

The Mets don't have a lot of excess spare parts and need all the talent they have on their payroll off the DL and producing ++ results

Hobie said...

Sophie’s Choice, Ernest.

If the question were “Would a resurgent Wright & struggling Harvey bode more ill than a return of Harvey Days & a shadow Wright?” I reluctantly conclude the latter would be worse.

With the former, Harvey could & would likely have a venue to rehab and be replaced with some level of competence even if it meant rushing Thor or Matz. With the latter, David’s struggles would hobble the line-up even though a Murphy (3B), Flores, Herrera IF would be more productive.

But I REALLY don/t want to choose.

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