Ernest Dove - "We Need This In Queens"


   Amongst all the hoopla, energy and fire that surrounded Kansas City and their field during game 7 of the world series stood a...... Mets fan?

   For those not in-the-know, the man in question was one Darren Meenan, founder of The 7 Line http://www.the7line.com/ which has gone from a funny t shirt website, into what has become a brand, and transformed into what are called 'The 7 Line Army'.  The Army consists of any/all dedicated, loyal and (sometimes) raving mad Mets fans, who gather together to attend Mets games, either at a home game, or a designated road game. 

  I actually had the pleasure of being part of the 7 Line Army last year, during a game at Marlins Park.
Hey who Snook the Marlins fan in there?

     Anyway, back to the world series.  Seems like the Royals and Giants fans sure had a lot recent excitement, drama and energy this past week.  Well, how about some plans on seeing our beloved Mets return to glory on this biggest of baseball stages?

     Say what you want about Mets ownership, the fact remains that Mets fans are not Mets fans because of who owns the team.  Mets fans are Mets fans because..... well, theres millions of stories of why one is a Mets fan.  My heart became a flutter in the mid 80s, like may I suppose.  And, no matter the season, record or results, Mets fans continue to arguably be the greatest and most loyal fans in all of sports today.  When I was at that game at Marlins Park, after the final out which secured a Mets victory, you would have thought the team just won the world series.  Nobody wanted to leave.  I believe this feeling is exactly what belongs back in Queens, back in Citi field (Shea) and across the nation of dedicated fans everywhere.

     The Mets organization, and its fans, are ready for a playoff push.  The town is ready to pack the field with 40,000+ stark raving mad fans, and erupt with the kind of joy that flowed through Kansas City and San Francisco this year.

     We may not be 'America's Team', but it sure feels like it when you find yourself in an opposing teams ballpark, and see a group like the 7 Line Army treat every pitch and at bat like its game 7.  They say everyone needs a hero.  Well, in sports, and for Mets fans, we just need a contender.  The plan appears to be coming together.  The Mets are stacked with pitchers who can conceivably ensure many 3-2 wins, which just won the Giants another pennant. Lagares will be manning center field (seemingly with even less ground to cover this coming season as well). David Wright will look to be healthy and be...... David Wright.  Curtis Granderson will look a sneak a few more homers over that apparent shorter fence in right, and Lucas Duda will look to continue to hulk smash another 30 next season.  Add that to Harvey, deGrom, Wheeler and company throwing some 'quality starts' every 5 days, and you got yourself a contender.

     The days of questions, arguments, theories and stress about ownership and mismanagement are ready to be put to rest, because we need this in Queens. We need this in New York. We need this in our individual living rooms throughout the country where we watch our beloved team toss the old ball around. We need this............... Question is, are you ready to have it?


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well said Ernest...

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