The Sunday Draft Update


Rick (Atlanta) - Keith do you have a personal favorite player in the 2015 draft? Or one with the most helium?

Keith Law - I love Alonzo Jones, Jr. Explosive bat speed, quick-twitch athlete with size and agility. Looked great in showcase settings. Now to see if he can hit in regular games.

The 2015 Perfect Game HS Player rankings have been updated! INF Brendan Rodgers (FL) takes over the #1 spot!

Kenny Gardner ‏@KennyGpg 

2015 LHP Clayton Morell comes in sitting 88-90MPH. With a late breaking curveball at 70MPH and a changeup at 74MPH

Justin Hlubek ‏@PGJustinHlubek  -

Christian Thomas (2015 RHP) 83-85 touched 86. Shows feel for three pitches and pounds the zone for PG White  - PGTourney

Casey Cobb (2015 RHP) sitting 87-89 touched 90 for PG White Team

Ezra Steinberg (2015 MIF) showing off great range at 2B w/great fielding actions & a quick transfer and release

Trevor Castell (2016 RHP) sitting 85-88 touched 89 mph for Perfect Game White

Grant Smith (2015 RHP) sat 87-89 touched 90 in his first inning of work for Rays Scout Team

Cole Perry (2015 3B) with a homerun to LF that registered 99 mph off the bat for Central FL PG Royal

Kevin Lara (2015 RHP) sitting 88-89 touched 90 in his first inning of work for Central FL PG Royal

Perfect Game USA ‏@PerfectGameUSA 

2015 RHP Thaddeus Ward (Ft Myers, FL) opens up 88-89 topping at 90 w/ tight slider. UCF commit

2015 SS Cadyn Grenier (NV): Excellent athlete; barrels the ball w/ consistency, good bat speed, quick hands

2015 RHP Dallas Woolfork (MS) with two scoreless innings for Chandler Baseball so far. FB 89-92 mph!

Scott Kapers (C 2015 IN) showing off plus arm from behind the plate for @RedsScoutTeam! #PGTourney”

Miles Gordon (2015 ON) bat spd & pop to all fields smacks a ground rule double that bounces over LF fence. Lead off type guy!

Al Pesto 2015 (Savannah,GA) @Duke_BASE commit 89-92FB w/ASR commands zone, good command of SL #PGTourney”

2015 RHP Blake Workman (CA) up to 90 mph for the Toronto Blue Jays Scout Team!

2015 #Pitt commit Alex Griffith continues to show big time bat speed & legit power. Lightning quick hands, 100+ exit velos”

2015 Morgan Magurie with a clean quick inning working 87-89 w/ life and a 79 MPh Change up.

Todd Gold ‏@TGold_PG 

2015 RHP Javier Medina (Tucson, AZ) has been carving thus far, upper 80s touching 90 with life, quality CH & spins it, feel for all 3

Jheremy Brown @JBrownPG  · 

2015 LHP Ethan Small (Lexington, TN) showing a fast arm & creates angle on FB 89-92 mph T93, gets in on RHH, varies CB shape/velo #PGTourney

2015 RHP Ian Kahaloa (Ewa Beach, HI) brings another silence over the scouts, up to 92 mph with FB & showed big feel for 12-6 CB


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