Morning Report – October 23 – Zack Wheeler, Brandon Nimmo, Erik Goeddel, Amed Rosario,

Everybody is going to start grading Mets players this time of the year who we’ll use the ones on this site and add some thoughts:

Zack Wheeler, starter - It can be hard to live up to the mantle of being a stud, can’t-miss prospect.  Wheeler found that out this year when he had a 3.54 ERA and struck out 187 batters in 185 1/3 innings — and was called a disappointment. Many fans, and media, probably feel Jacob deGrom has already passed him as a prospect. But Wheeler is still developing into a nice top of the rotation starter.  Grade: B  http://www.metro.us/newyork/sports/mlb/2014/09/30/mets-2014-report-card/

Zack Wheeler. It was quite a last two-thirds of the season for Wheeler. He showed why he was worthy of the hype, actualizing the potential that made people think he was a front-line starter. Wheeler blossomed into an ace, continuing his linear path from the minors into the Mets' rotation, where he'll likely be the No. 2 (or maybe even No. 1) starter next season.  http://www.nj.com/mets/index.ssf/2014/10/mets_7_best_things_about_their_2014_season.html

Mack – I still have only one problem here before I anoint him either the SP1 or SP2 pitcher in the Mets Dream Rotation.

Wheeler has to produce much better control early on so he can pitch deeper into each game he starts. 

Brandon Nimmo is the marquee Mets prospect to watch in the AFL this year. He had a breakout year in 2014, especially when it comes to his power. Nimmo started to figure out Double-A towards the end of the season, and a trip to the AFL is meant to further accelerate his development. With a good month in Arizona, he could start next in Triple-A and have a good chance to make his MLB debut in 2015, possibly by mid-summer if all goes well. - http://www.rantsports.com/mlb/2014/10/07/arizona-fall-league-preview-for-new-york-mets-prospects/#slide_3

Erik Goeddel - Goeddel got a September call-up with the Mets, and put up a 2.70 ERA in 6.2 innings, with opposing hitters batting .136 against him. That's a small sample size from September so there's not much to go on, but Goeddel is worth keeping around. He won't play a pivotal role in the bullpen, but he throws hard and flashes above-average secondary pitches. Even if he's just minor league depth, Goeddel is worth keeping around. http://www.rantsports.com/mlb/2014/10/10/determining-fate-for-each-member-of-new-york-mets-bullpen-in-2015/#slide_25

Mack – Goeddel is a handful of Mets minor league starters that have no place to go other than out of the system or into the Mets pen. Frankly, I have no idea what Sandy Alderson is going to do with the likes of Goeddel, Logan Verrett, Matt Bowman, and Corey Mazzoni. Right now, he can’t even find a roster spot for Jon Niese or Dillon Gee. The promotion of Goeddel this past September caught me off guard because I was hoping to see Jack Leathersich.

The Lottery Ticket: Amed Rosario, SS: Just 18, Rosario showed improvement during his second pro season. He’s toolsy and has a chance to be a solid player both at the plate and in the field but he needs to get stronger. He has the frame to add significant pop once he puts on some added muscle, although he’ll likely never be a power hitter. http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/a-minor-league-review-of-2014-marlins-mets-nationals/

Mack – The Mets will probably have three talented shortstops (Rosario, Luis Guillorme, Milton Ramos) that won’t open the 2015 season for a full season team. The good news for all of them is there’s nothing but blue sky ahead of them for growth in the system.


greg b said...

I saw Rosario play at Bklyn a few times and I think he can hit 20+hrs a yr. Once he fills out.

Tom Brennan said...

Hi Mack

Amed Rosario definitely has to go full season in Savannah, at least, don't you think? Nothing left to prove in Brooklyn after a fine 2014.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on Rosario in Low A and hope that they push a few others to full season play. I too saw Rosario once this year and he absolutely stung two balls, one to the gap in right center and the other was down the line in LF, but he slipped coming out of the box, so he didn't get to second. He has real contact skills and looked fluid in the field, although he looked like he was 14 years old. It will be interesting to see what Sandy does with the surplus pitching; some may have BP value, allowing a move like Meija or Black, which would certainly bring some return. I think Wheeler needs to pitch to more contact, he has been blowing hitters away with his FB his whole life, but once he learns to keep it down in the zone and get quick outs on the ground, he really can ascend to the top of the rotation. I really love his easy heat and his curve flashes plus-plus at time, so he has room to improve on a quietly successful first year in the ML.
Anon Joe F

Anonymous said...

The 3 guys Mack mentions I have pegged for:

Amed Rosario: Savannah (A)
Luis Guillorme: Brooklyn (Short Season- A)
Milton Ramos: Kingsport (Advanced Rk)

Tom Brennan said...


Make any sense to move Luis Guillorme to 2B next season and have Amed and him at Savannah?

As I recall, 2B pickings in short season were slim and slimmer.

My guess, however, is that the Mets could slot Jean Rodriguez at 2B for the Gnats, since he's played 2nd as well as 3rd in his career, and put Urena at 3rd in Savannah, so that would leave Luis in Brooklyn.

I hate, though, to see guys in a league that plays 60 less games than the one above it due to a logjam, as I have a feeling Luis could handle Savannah too. Maybe they rotate all 4 there among the 3 spots, and one DHs on the fielding day off - not the worst thing in the Savannah heat box to DH guys occasionally.

Anonymous said...


None what so ever.

Luis Guillorme quite frankly could be a Top 10 defensive SS in the MLB RIGHT NOW.

Moving him off SS would destroy any value he currently has.

Guillorme will play all next year as a 20 yr old so he will still be a full year younger than the average NY-Penn League player. There is no reason to rush him

Your proposed plan will probably work at Savannah next year.

Mack Ade said...

The path of all three SS prospects are dependent upon what the Mets do with Gavin Cecchini.

He's young enough to still repeat St. Lucie which he really should do if you consider the money invested in him.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Mack:
Hope your doing well?
A couple things i've been thinking about.
Wheeler with the METS bullpen will only have to pitch 6 innings,then turn it over to Familia-Parnell-Mejia. Just like KC.
Also doenst Wheeler remind you about of Ron Darling? Very talented but walks too many!
Also wondering if you or your esteem colleagues could match up the 2015 Mets with the 1986 Mets?
just a start,but too me there are some similiarities,what do you think?


Hobie said...


Foster-Granderson (I hope)

Mack Ade said...

Hey Steve -

I agree with you about the matching up.

The 2015 Mets need two things... continued growth of production from within the organization (better complete seasons by Flores, d'Arnaude,etc.) and one middle of the lineup additional bat

We can talk all day about who will be in the rotation but there is enough talent here among the 8-9 candidates to put up a top rotation.

And, the pen with Parnell coming back will improve

Tom Brennan said...

Any word on anything noteworthy from Instructional League, Mack? One person I am most curious about and asked about frequently during the season was former #7 Met prospect Luis Mateo. Just wondering if he looks healthy down there. If healthy, he could join the 800 or so big league pitchers we already have who are major league ready, or nearly so.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

No... my 'source' there dried up

greg b said...

2015 has to be the yr Gavin Cecchini has to put it all together 500ab 280avg 10+hr. Or he'll be considered a bust. Is LJ Mazzilli turning into a real prospect.

Mack Ade said...

Greg -

Well, let's put it this way... he's going in the opposite direction thant Cecchini is going.

Phillip said...

Ramos and Guillorme are not even in the same ballpark prospect-wise as Amed Rosario.