IT'S FINAL: Flores All Year Long, Starting In March


 Well, I hope everyone wasn't too set on Troy Tulowitski or Stephen Drew, or any other free-agent or trade acquisition being able to send their talents to Corona Park. That shortstop decked all out in the No. 4 will be your starting shortstop come Opening Day 2015 in just a few short months. Wilmer Flores, who has had an up-and-down beginning to his major-league career, should see this as a tremendous opportunity to expand both his offensive and defensive capabilities, sharpen his knowledge of the game, and try become a driving force to solidify the position in Queens for at least the next several seasons.

      It looks like our team is pretty much all set, aside from the starting rotation and the bullpen, which could still see some tweaks over the next two months or so. Here are my projects, just for the people around the diamond for, at least the beginning of the regular season.

First Base-Lucas Duda
Second Base-Daniel Murphy
Shortstop-Wilmer Flores
Third Base-David Wright
Left/Right Field: Curtis Granderson and Michael Cuddyer
Center: Juan Lagares

Note: Cuddyer could see some starts at first base as well.

   I know this is a short piece, Mack's Nation, but as the year draws closer, especially in terms of Spring Training starting up, there will be more content from me. Looking forward to a great 2015!!


Reese Kaplan said...

The biggest improvement the Mets could have made this off-season was not Tulo for Flores or even Tomas instead of Cuddyer. It would have been replacing the guy who fills out the lineup card instead of extending his contract inexplicably yet again.

Thomas Brennan said...

Murphy better not feel too settled at 2B.

Dilson Herrera is coming soon to a right side of the infield near you.

James Preller said...

And if Flores struggles, we'll get to see plenty of Ruben Tejada. No problem.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

I’m looking forward to watching Flores play. Yeah, I’m drooling over the big bat “potential” aspect, but he looks like he can flat out hit once he gets comfortable.
Saw him really smoke a couple of line drives last year. On the D side, sure, he’s got limited range, but he only made 4 errors at SS in 51 games – a couple, at least, were throwing errors and his arm is not an issue that I’m aware of. I see a kid working hard to get better and my bet is, he will.

I can’t see Collins doing a quick hook if he struggles early. Putting Tejada out to start again would be a PR disaster. The local media will crucify them. Could it happen? Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Flores is buying time until a long term upgrade becomes available. He will start the season at SS, but I cannot see him ending the season there, unless they pick up a young stud SS who is not quite ready, like Russell or Lindor. Wait for the best to become available and ready, then pull the trigger, not now for a marginal upgrade who won't be the starter next year

Thomas Brennan said...

If flores is hitting .290 with extra base hit production, he'll be hard to displace. He may just hit that well.

Mets Dreams said...

I agree with Anon. Looking at the lineup, outside of not having a true leadoff type there is plenty of offensive potential. The key is getting the "established" bats of Wright, Granderson, and Cuddyer to produce near the back of their baseball cards. Duda, d'Arnaud, and Lagares all showed good upward trends and I have always liked to watch Flores hit. I think Sandy is being his typical methodical self about a move at SS or 2B. I could live with Flores at SS if there was an above average defender at 2B. Maybe even a Baez.

Mack Ade said...

I think that Mets fans have to accept the fact that Flores will start at SS and Murphy will start at 2B, at least up to the all-start break.

Past that will be dependent upon the success of the team

Lew Rhodes said...

Ding, ding, ding - give Mack a prize!

I don't see anything happening before than unless 1) someone gets hurt; 2) Flores is hitting .220 in May with 15 errors; or 3) Herrera is hitting .500 in Vegas with 25 HRs by May.

Reese Kaplan said...

The first time Flores has back-to-back 0-4 you will have Terry Collins ready to explode if he can't insert Ruben Tejada into the lineup.

James Preller said...

On a fundamental level, Sandy Alderson does not value defense the same way that I do.

The new, "improved" 2015 Mets added two everyday players who are poor defenders. Not average defenders, but poor ones.

Conforto, too, by all reports, is very bad out there. Slow, weak arm, error prone.

I fear that SA's mindset is going to be a nagging problem for the pitching-rich Mets.

Charles said...

The Mets will have gold glove defense in center and at third base. Duda can pick it. Murphy is Murphy. Indidnt think Grandybwas that bad last year and should be better in left. I know nothing of Cuddyer's ability to play first.

Darno, well, I thought he was so highly touted because he could hit AND play defense. But, I think he'll get better.

Let's face it, if this team wins it'll be because they out pitched their opponent while scoring a run or two more.

They will definitely lose a few games due to their defense, but Lagaras alone will save a few. I think it's a wash really. Their starters will carry them.

Michael S. said...

I wouldn't have dealt for Tulo but I would've liked to see the Mets go after Yoan Moncada.

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