Tom Brennan - Majoring on the Minors: Top 30 Prospects - Vicente Lupo - Vol. 6

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Five Top Ten Lower Minors Prospects articles, 5 to go.  Today is #6.

Not to be redundant, but I approach it a bit differently - 2 lists:

·       A top 20 list of guys who are closing in on the big leagues.  Guys who could help us in the near future or be trade bait.

·       A top 10 list of lower minors guys who likely won’t show up until 2017 or later.

I started with the Top 10 List of Down-The-Road Mets Prospects.

I further sub-divided and ranked the 10 into the top 5 and the next 5.

My Top 5 I refer to as my GUPPY SQUADRON LEADERS.  Guppies headed towards possible future stardom. Budding rock stars. 

Here’s my Guppy Squadron Leader List So Far:

# 1 - Marcos Molina

#2 – Michael Conforto

#3 – Amed Rosario

#4 – Dominic Smith

#5 – Jhoan Urena

The next 5 are UP-SET at not being chosen as commanders.  To them I say – welcome to the list, and take it out on your opponents in 2015.


I was very intrigued, as were other bloggers, by Senor Lupo when he tore up the DSL in 2012, with power, average on base percentage all of the WOW variety.  Try .353/.500/.608 in 65 games!

2013 in stateside rookie ball?  A whole other deal.  Vicente's strikeouts surged and his bat withered. Gulf coast League pitching is not like facing deGrom and Kershaw, so I was thinking his 2012 was a false alarm.  He totaled .220/.310/.385 in 37 gamed with 50 Ks. Sigh.

He moved up a notch to Kingsport in 2014, and as he and Ivan Wilson did in 2013, continued to strike out a lot and struggle.  As of August 3, he was stuck at a powerless .213.  I was ready to write him off.  Then the Lupo Surge occurred: in his last 19 games, the 2012 Vicente roared back with 21 hits in 58 at bats, including 6 doubles and 6 homers, and 18 walks.   Pitcher’s fear of Lupo set in, clearly.  The WOW was back. 

He impressed enough that he and not Wuilmer Becerra, who was well ahead of Lupo before the surge, was the Sterling Award Mets winner for 2014. Which means he is now squarely on the Mets radar.

Many hurdles remain ahead, but I am hopeful that this power bat has been activated and shows the last 3 weeks of 2014 were not a flash in the pan.
Are you a Lupo Groupo at this point? 


Anonymous said...

I am hopeful and would like to see him and Becerra in Savannah next year. Not really blocking anyone if Conforto starts in STL and with repeat years, they are burning minor league service time. Let's see if they have a future and I think the best plan is to move them to full seasons. If they took that risk with Smith, why not with players who already have two years of short seasons under their belt. If even one took steps, it would positively impact the farm development of RH OFs.
Anon Joe F

Thomas Brennan said...

Could not agree more, Joe F. I think his being a Sterling Award winner gets him to Savannah. I hope "Vinnie the Loop's" low projection is Travis Taijeron (who I like, but is a bit flawed) and his upside might be Nelson Cruz. Give him a full season, as you say, and let's find out.

Thomas Brennan said...

Anyone going to the Queens Baseball Convention today at Citifield? “

Fan Fest meets Comic Con.” Our guests include Mookie Wilson, Wally Backman, and Ed Charles. Josh Lewin will be on hand to pass out the Mazzy Awards. Ed Charles will receive the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award. There are several panels including 86 Mets: The Movie, Adam Rubin Q&A, Decades, Baseball Movies, Uni Watch, Meet the Mets Executives, Meaningful Games In September: Good Enough?, What Numbers Should The Mets Retire and more. Mr. Met, Sandy the Seagull and Pee Wee are all coming. Check out the QBC Schedule Page for details.

Apparently it is $35 smackers. Apparently starts at 11:30. I can't go. Has anyone of you readers ever gone? Is it worth it? if you are musically inclined, please chime in.

Admission includes one autograph from Mookie Wilson and one from Wally Backman.

Charles said...

I don't want to see him in Savannah. He had a great month over two years. I don't see why sending him to full season ball, where he'll probably worse then Don Smith did but with more power, would develop him any faster.

This is a game about confidence and tearing up Brooklyn against recent college draftees is a great stepping stone for these players. He'd be playing against guys a touch older, but I jusst don't think he's to the point where a huge challenge is warranted.

I think both he and Beccera should be in Brooklyn, in the outfield and could always be promoted if they have a huge month.

That said, I think one of them will start in Savannah. I think Ivan Wilson will be in BK and they'll have draftees that need placing so I think they won't have room for all of them in Brooklyn.

Thomas Brennan said...

Charles, you may be right. I hope not. I guss it is up to how both do in March.

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