INJURY UPDATE - 3B - David Wright


Alderson also told media won’t be providing regular updates on Wright. That stance usually reserved for players way off the grid.

Mack - This is what you are going to start seeing more of... less reports on Wright.

I'm sure he won't be back until... possibly... after the all-star break (if then).


Anonymous said...

Ominous, but not unexpected after they officially diagnosed his condition.

Sadly, the Mets need to plan for a future without David (which is likely). Worst case, he makes a miraculous comeback and which will be a nice "problem" to have, but the odds of that happening are slim, IMO.


Thomas Brennan said...

Sad to think about Wright, but time marches on.

Mike, no better way to see that than to think our 2nd round pick is almost 15 years younger than Wright.

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