INJURY UPDATE - C - Kevin Plawecki


Kevin Plawecki had MRI, CT scan earlier today for dizziness. Terry Collins says results available tomorrow.

Mack - My guess is there will be at least one move tomorrow to add another field player to the bench. On paper, it is supposed to be Dilson Herrera; however, his name could possibly be being held back to pass a physical if he is involved in a trade to a team like Milwaukee.

My other guess is Plawecki will definitely now return to the dizziness of Las Vegas where he can work on his game. Probably Recker is safe for now.

Lastly, someone is going to have to make room for Bobby Parnell. Probably either Jack Leathersich or Hansel Robles.

Oh... one more thing for you Ryan Braun rumor fans... he left the game tonight with 'diziness', which seems to be going around.


Thomas Brennan said...

I'm dizzy too, watching this team. Reaching for the Dramamine.

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