Mack's Morning Report - 6-14-15 - Random Thoughts


Good morning.

I have to give a tip of the Mack hat to the management of the Chicago Cubs. They simply do not seem to be afraid to keep investing future money into the someday success of their tea.

They have easily the best, young infield in baseball, have another infielder in Javier Baez that they can’t even find room for, and now seem to be on the verge of signing the #1 ranked international free agent, OF Julio Martinez.

And while I’m writing about the Cubs, I still don’t understand why they and the Mets can’t come together on a trade for Baez for one of the young Mets starters. Obviously SA has a hands off policy on Harvey, deGrom, Sundergaard, and Matz.

I really don't have a ton of 'random thoughts' this morning. Frankly, I'm writing this on Saturday prior to attending my granddaughter's recital and I'm not even sure I will be back online until this posts up on Sunday morning.

I am enjoying the past two victories and the return to first place, someplace I really didn't think I'd see the Mets occupy anymore this season. The Nationals seem unstoppable during the Mets rough patch, but 'we're' hanging in there.

I mentioned on a comment yesterday on Reese Kaplan's post that I'm not looking for any trades during the rest of the season. Sure, I would love to deal off at least one of the excess starters, but no one wants either Dillon Gee or Jonathan Niese (unless this so-called 'spot start' for Gee is a look see for some team's cross-checkers).

In my world, the Mets have a wonderful trade coming up during the next thirty days... 3B/2B Daniel Murphy, RP Jenrry Mejia, RP Vic Black, SP Steven Matz, and RP Jerry Blevens... for nothing.

This comes off this weeks trade of 2B Dilson Herrera and C Travis d'Arnaud... for nothing.

Frankly, I'm going to have a hard enough time finding a place for these guys no less some bloated 35+ third baseman that no longer can field or hit.

Folks, I do a lot of following (not participating) on Twitter and I can tell you first hand that Sandy Alderson catches a ton of shit for not making a trade, even if it was to be a bad one. 

You need to understand something. Alderson doesn't make a lot of deals because he only makes good ones. Especially near the trade deadlines. He may not make many, but when he's patient, he excels. 

No one wants to make a trade that eventually prove out to be a bad one. So far, every trade Alderson has made since 2011 has turned out in favor of the Mets. Not many... and none epic... but all with the Mets receiving positive chips for the overall plan.

Does he draft well? How about the free agent market? And can he sign an international free agent that doesn't play short? All debatable subjects.

I also know that Alderson has first hand knowledge on the ETA dates for each of the walking wounded on the disabled list. He knows making a premature deal that would only bring someone that is going to get in the way in July wouldn't be prudent to do in June.

As a Mets fan, I'm no longer circling the wagons, but I am still defending the fort until reinforces arrive. The Herrera and d'Arnaud returns have already paid dividends, but the current squad still consists of too many future depth players than the current projected 25-man.

I'm especially enjoying the increase of BA from both John Mayberry and Darrell Cecilliani. Both have the difficult job of hitting with a limited amount of PAs and they both seem to be handling it better lately. 

We're going to have to live with the limited ability of Eric Campbell until Murphy gets back, though he is barreling up on the ball lately. It's just being hit right at the left fielder. 

And frankly, I will sleep better at night when Ruben Tejada returns and is available for duty at a number of positions.

No... I'm going to 'play' these games inning by inning at least until the all-start break. Then, I would have to figure out this whole 5-man, 6-man rotation mess, slot Matz in there, and make my run without David Wright.

Regarding Wright, my educated guess remains that he won't be back. I'm sure he's getting all the proper attention right now, including rehab and various medicines, but (like mine) his problem is genetic and it will only get worse. 

He probably has only begun to feel the pain (discomfort at this point) in either his neck, arm, or shoulder and is wondering what all the fuss is about. That's how stenosis creeps up on you. First, it feels like a knot in your neck... next, you can't put on your shirt without assistance. 

I assume his weakness is down his left side, which includes the neck, shoulder, upper arm, and lower arm.  He will never have the bat speed again to compete at a major league level. Never.

The 2015, short-term solution to third base is Murphy backed by Campbell.

Long term, would take a whole new post, but you must now consider resigning Murphy as one of your options. He will have his most value as a Met rather than out there on the open market.

People are now writing that 2016 was always the real goal the Mets had set as the year they would 'be there'. Gee, I remember when they said that about 2014.

Look, I have no time for 2016. I'll start writing about that in the off-season after we see the results of this season at all levels.

I'm not going to change from what I have said for years. This is a pitcher team. They will make it or break it based on their rotation. We're right now going through a strange period where two of the best members of the rotation (Noah SyndergaardMatt Harvey) are having the least amount of success. That won't last forever. Both these guys are stars in this game and they will win the majority of the games they pitch in.

I will say one thing about 2016... let's not forget that this year will bring back the guy that I (and most AAA cross-checkers) said had more projected talent than Harvey... Zack Wheeler.

Like I said, I didn't have much to say today... 


Thomas Brennan said...

Good thing you wrote this post before yesterday's loss, Mack. After a brilliant deGrom effort, Familia was on maternity leave. Because Parnell and Black are not quite ready after 65 stinking games, and Mejia suspended for 80 games, Familia's maternity leave left them with option #5...Robles. And a very, very important game was flushed down the toilet.

And Ruben on maternity too leads to 3 Muno errors (I ad him wrong). Baseball 2015 style is having 2 guys on maternity and one on grandmother bereavement leave, all in the space of a few days. And it cost them. I don't like it.

I personally think this team, with Murph at 3rd, and Dilson at 2nd, will revive the offense. If so, it changes the trade landscape, as you note.

I'd recall Muno and DFA Recker, unless you're carrying 3 pitchers. If just 2 catchers, Monell is amore valuable PH, and screwconvention, use him as a pinch hitter and nope your catcherdoesn't get hurt, leaving you in emergency mode. It rarely happens, and a Good pinch hitter is more important.

I hope we ever see the real Wheeler again, after his multi-issue surgery. If he had not gone down, I'm pretty sure we'd have dealt with Cubs already,

Yaakov Richman said...

Its a lower back stenosis...so his issue is claudication ...loss of nerve sensation and blood circulation...he is likely experiencing weakness and sciatica...wright could be finished, its certainly possible; if not probable. He would have difficulty in quick movements going from a crouch to standing without pain...and the torquing of his torso will certainly be impeded by his spinal narrowing...it helps that typically baseball is not a contact sport as in the case of David Wilson..another DW, but from the NY Giants football team, who has retired and taken up track and field professionally, specifically long jumping...his condition was cervical however and as a running back could never endure the hits with stenosis...perhaps David wright can return but he would be limited in his athleticism it would appear from all experience and medical prognosis.

Dallas said...

"We're right now going through a strange period where two of the best members of the rotation (Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey) are having the least amount of success."

If you take out those 4 bad starts from DeGrom earlier this year he has to be close to the best pitcher in baseball over the last year going back to last season. They need to get this guy locked up!

Yeah yesterday was probably the most disappointed game of the season. Losing after the nice come back was just brutal. I think you will never see Muno at 3rd again, he clearly can't make the throw from 3rd and belongs at 2nd if he plays. Never thought I would be so happy to see Tejada back in the lineup playing 3rd. Cecilliani was a breath of fresh air, playing better.

Good news is that we are still in first place.

Mack Ade said...

Morning guys -

Yaakov - you are right... I have my stenosis mixed up with the one I am sufferring from currently, not the lower back one I had years ago. My bad

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I did miss the game though I just got caught up with the details.

Two things...

1. The Mets really don't have a dominant closer-type relieve past Familia right now

2. Robles would have never blown up if Flores turned that double play (game over in the 9th)

You can't screw up routine plays like that.

Mack Ade said...


it was Brad Wieck sent to San Diego yesterday as part of the Alex Torres deal

Ernest Dove said...

I think whats most frustrating at this point is that many of us still hold to that 'crutch' of "but we're still in first place"..........only reason Mets are still in first place is because of two things.........Familia. ........and the 11game win streak. .......
Im worried that our hopes that Mets have treaded water just enough to get guys back and start swimming again will never actually happen. Only time will tell, and im gonna watch and root for my favorite team regardless.

bob gregory said...

Here we go.
Once again.
The ever elusive "Next Year".

All of this planning.
All of this waiting patiently.

Notice the dreaded Yankees however.
Always sacrificing their future and youngsters.
They were supposed to be in much worse shape than the Mets.
Their aged, injury - prone players, and barren farm system was supposed to mean a year and future years of poor performance.
Yet, surprise! They sit in 1st place in their division also.
Believe it or not, they didn't even go out and spend, spend, spend again this off-season.
And they don't have 5 young aces.

Look through the Mets as if you are one of the players.
Playing your heart out.
You bought into everything the organization was telling you about 2014 being "the year".
Then Harvey happened, and you witnessed the organization use that as an excuse to give up and push the goal post back another year.
So, now it's 2015 and the year starts off justifying your patience and trust in the organizational leaders.
It appears to decisively be "The Year".
(Even with Wheeler happening)
Then Mejia.
All still seems ok.
But, the big hits occur, D'Arnaud, Wright, a dominant Blevins the front office surprisingly went out and acquired.
Ok, so the player realizes the season will not be as easy and special as it started, but winning is still in their sights as long as they hold on for their team mates and All-Met captain to return.
Then the double shot occurs.
Wright's entire baseball career in doubt, brings along with it the realization not all injuries are able to be returned from as you were or sometimes at all. Some of the team's injuries may turn out to be worse than originally planned.
This makes you as a player now look at Parnell and Black's slow recovery with a bit more skepticism.
The the 2nd part of the double shot. Murphy goes down just as the team seemed to be able to fill in the missing hole with its reserve, but the reserve is recognized to be running dry.
Then the Harvey mystery appears. Is this some new example of Wright-Parnell-Black-ish injury recovery not going as originally planned?
The players naturally are giving their best and trying to step up.
They can't help to notice they are lucky that they are in a fight for 1st place with most of the season still to come. The Met notices the Nationals are inexplicably under performing and wonder when that will change.
At this point, a little help would be nice.
D'Arnaud's return is nice, but not enough to return the team to that dominance experienced in April.
Will Murphy, Parnell, Black, Mejia returns be enough to hold off the surge the Nationals must surely be building towards?
Does a pitching staff consisting of a 40+ yr old, 2 veterans who do not seem to be performing well enough to make a fight for their rotation spots vs rookies, and a rookie, sophmore, and Tommy-John-returnee that all must be on some kind of management plan bring up some doubts as the season progresses?
Does the player start to wonder if the organization might not have enough even as he gives it his all on the field.
Does he start to wonder if the organization will find help outside as it surprisingly did with Blevins earlier. Do you wonder if the Blevins injury scares the front office away from making trades again? (Remember many ball-players are superstitious)
Is there a point when you are exhausted from giving all you have and start to wonder if the organizational leaders have begun looking to 2016 as the new "The Year"?
How does this affect the player?
How does Wright's injury sculpt the player's view on the "next year" patience philosophy?
Wright never dreamed he was this close to not having multiple next-years ahead of him.
Does the player learn a lesson of the fragility of Next Year and the importance of This Year?

What lesson does Duda learn as he looks to sign?
The free agent class?

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

You and I are thinking more alike every day.

I'm glad I missed yesterday's loss because it would have killed me to go through all that... but a loss is a loss and, if the Mets can win today and walk away with a series win, that was the goals in the first place.

Paternity leaves... grandparents dying... nothing more can happen to this team and for some strange reason, they are still in first place.

This is a division that eats each other so I'm afraid it's going to be like this for the remainder of the season. expect both the Giants and Pirates to put some distance away from the rest of the NL teams and lock up the wild cards. That will leave us to beat the Nats to get in.

BTW... what was the deal with Muno on 3B? Where was Campbell? Can't anybody on this team play without rest?

bob gregory said...

Teams are not numbers. They are a collection of experiences and lessons learned by its players.
Numbers only help to understand the player's past.
What are today's Mets experiencing? What have they experienced? What lessons have they learned? What will they learn?

Anonymous said...

Neither Campbell nor Muno are major league players. Nor is Kirkkkkk -- but we got him back.

Semiretired GM.

The opposite of turning over every stone.

It's weird that Reynolds couldn't get a sniff.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Nice comment. I really which you and Stubby wrote here.

Thanks for your effort to write down what this team has gone through so far this season. I hope you understand more now why I say that I'm just focusing on the knothole now instead of either the tree or forest.

One game... one inning at a time... plus, a little luck from the other teams.

Oh, BTW, as I understand (and the first thing I did this morning was check), there are no roster changes this morning so same team today and yesterday.

Still, it is a game of inches. If Flores doesn't botch that DP in the 9th, game over and neither one of us is writing this 'vitriolic vomit' (a great saying someone said about my guitar playing once).

Mack Ade said...

James -

I missed the Kirk move. Was he sent to AAA?

bob gregory said...

Can't put it all on Flores.
He got one out.
There were multiple opportunities to finish that inning that the pitcher's did not step up.
Blame should be on the pitchers

Richard Jones said...

The Mets aren't the only team in the division to lose a game like the one they lost yesterday. Today the Mets still find themselves in 1st place. I didn't expect this year to be another 86, where the Mets runaway the the division. I don't think many fans did either. I was hoping they would be in the race. They are in the race. They had more than their share of injuries and their still a half a game ahead of the Nationals.
I'm hoping that they get healthy and stay within striking distance and then they get hot at the right time. Looking at this team on paper I never expected the Mets to be a favorite to win it all this year or even to make it to the playoff. I wanted to show improvement, play better than .500 baseball, stay in the wildcard race, and position themselves to make a strong run in 2016 and 2017. I think they're doing that and more.
My wish list is for them to get healthy and for SA to make one more decent trade this year.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

How can you can you can't put it on Flores.

The game would have been over, right, if he turned a routine play?

Mack Ade said...

Richard -

good comments and goals list

me? I want a win today... and a loss to 2 of the competing Wild Card teams (Giants, Pirates, Cubs)

and, of course, any help by the Nats would be greatly appreciated

bob gregory said...

I said you can't put it all on Flores.
Players are asked to pick up their.pitchers after hits and walks.
The pitcher's had multiple opportunities to finish the game even after the non-double play.
Sure it could have been over, but does that mean there has to be consecutive hits afterwards?
Can't the pitcher get just one more out?

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I agree.

Like I said, I didn't follow the game, but there seemed to be some bad pen decisions made by TC.

I assune Parnell came out after 0.1-IP because of lack of velocity. Still, he got the guy out at 92... why not put him back in to start the 9th?

I think Robles has gone around the league at least once and the glow might have dimmed... THIS was the kind of opportunity I wanted either Montero or Mejia pitching...

God, I wish we had a full team.

BTW Bob, is Kirk eligible to play today?

ZachBoyer said...

Nobody should ever really put anything on Flores. It's misdirected anger. Your aim is bad. It should be on SA. He put him there. You people are all excited about a dream rotation. Sandy can seriously mess that up, or at least skew their numbers, with his delusion that fielding isn't all that important. Fielding isn't important—that's an organizational philosophy!

And I'm glad all you people are so content with a half-game lead that has much more to do with the Nationals than anything to do with us. How about the likelihood that it's all-too temporary?

Mack Ade said...

Zach -

'you people'... your aim'... 'all you people'... why are you being so hostile?

Zach, do you root for the Mets?

Thomas Brennan said...

Bring up Tova r as a defensive replacement for Flores. Screw the pitching...we don't need 15 pitchers on the 25 man roster.

Richard Jones said...


I want the Mets to win now also. I'm just trying to put things into perspective. I am being realistic. The Mets are winning just not like in 86 but a lot better than in resent years.
I don't want to see the Mets panic and go to the extreme win now mentality and make bad trades. I don't want to see them trade Matz for someone who could help them win this year but will be gone next year.
2017 will be the year the Mets most go in all in. Harvey can walk after 2018. If we win it all in 2017 and it looks like we can repeat, signing him will be much easier. If we don't win we will have to out bid teams like the Yankees and Dodgers by a large margin. 2017 the window starts to close, 2018 it is shut.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

You can't take Flores out in the late innings for 'defensive reasons'. If you do, you start breaking down the confidence you are trying to build in him.

It was a bad play in a bad game, but he's playing better and making less errors than a lot of other shortstops in the league... and, he has 10 home runs.

Mack Ade said...

Richael -

Oh, please don't tell me that 2017 is now the 'the year'...

Thomas Brennan said...

Only in close games, Mack. Tovar is a great glove. I remember not too long ago the luxury of using a pinch runner (Tovar has 19 steals in about 50 games) and guys were switched out for defense often.

ZachBoyer said...

Yes. A little harder than you apparently, Mack.

bob gregory said...

Is Gee an example of what I referring to above regarding what players learn from their experiences?

It seems like every single hit has been a rocket. Even the outs are being squared up and smashed. I would imagine this is what it would look like if a pitcher was deliberately throwing a game.
Has his experiences this past year+ led to a poor lesson learned by Gee?
Has he given up on his pitching this year?

Could this be what he learned from how the organization gave up on previous years?
Has what he has learned from Wright's injury and the importance of This Year caused him to quit?

Even though it may be a poor decision it is a decision that a minority of other athletes could logically come to.
When it happens the other athletes identify it immediately.
What will the rest of the team learn from how the organization reacts to Mr. Gee now.
This could be a critical day in this season and going forward for all of the players on this team.

What will the organization do as a result of today's performance by Mr. Gee?
What will the players learn from this?

This could be Alderson's defining moment in the eyes of his players.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of Dillon's intent, he clearly is not capable of getting major league hitters out. So, he needs to removed from the roster......if he has options, put his "whiney" ass in Vegas. If he is out of options, designate him for assignment and move on.

On a side note, ZachBoyer seems a bit hostile.......maybe he is really Dillon Gee?

Dallas said...

This line up is looking much better with Herrera and d'Arnaud back in it. Who was the guy that keeps complaining about Lagares? First complaining his OPS was .600, then complaining when it was .650, well now its .675 with top of the line defense.

Anonymous said...


You didn't read my post. You just glanced at it. I said 2017 is when the window starts to close with this current core. I feel if we don't do it by then we risk losing players like Harvey who want to play for a winner. They could win it this year but on paper their not the best team. However how often does the best team on paper actually win it.
My point is I don't want the Mets to sacrifice our chances in 2016 and 2017 by making a stupid, desperation move for 2015.
My google account is down for a short time

Mack Ade said...

Richard -

Okay... my bad.

Stubby said...

Mack and Bob, FWIW, I have not changed my position since 2010 when Sandy took over. I said then that the Mets would be competitive in 2015 (and might or might not make the playoffs in that/this year), and that 2016 would be the year they would definitely make the playoffs and possibly even be a dominant team. I said that then, and stick with it now, because that's how long it takes to build a team and organization (essentially) from scratch (not quite scratch; getting an expansion team to that level takes an additional few years), building through the draft and focused on pitching. Its practically a scientific formula. If that's what you set out to do and you stick with it, that's how long it will take.

I will say that the defense needs to be better and at some point Sandy is going to have to trade some prospects for a good solid bat. He might even have to overpay. But it can't be a Ramirez type and I'd say the ship has even sailed on a Tulo type. But they do need a solid, young, All-Star caliber bat and, if I'm Sandy, I'd be willing to part with a Matz or a Thor plus a couple of second tier arms to get one. The reason you stockpile all those arms is (aside from injuries, which no team escapes) to be able to make the deal when its the one thing you need to pull it all together and push you over the top. And, Mack, I think it has to happen this year. Closer to the deadline, but this year.

One guy I've been looking at for years, even when others had completely written him off, is Dee Gordon. He's not necessarily the "big bat" guy--but he brings lots of things to the table the Mets need. He's still just 27. And he's in Miami, so you know he can be had. Just sayin'. Would I trade Thor for Dee? Well, I'd like to see other pieces in the deal but, ultimately, I think I would.

Stubby said...

Just to be clear, I'm not talking Thor for Gordon straight up, one for one. But I am comfortable with those two being the two principals. If I thought Stanton was the least bit available, I'd shoot for him. But he isn't.

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