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Being a Met fan the last 8 years has been, painful.  I want to win.  I want to win now!  I’m going to think irrational thoughts until this happens.  I know I’m not alone.  That’s why Sandy Alderson will make the least popular decision come this years’ trading deadline.

Of course, that would be nothing.   At least nothing perceived as significant.  Wilmer Flores manning short stop?  Get used to it!  Unless the big bat Met fans desire can be had for someone not named Harvey, Degrom, Synderguard or Matz.  Rueben Tejada will start at short, if Flores gets hurt.   Sandy Alderson has, thru the draft and international signings, attempted to acquire as many short stops as possible: Chechinni, Rosario, Ramos, Guillorme.  They turned Reynolds into a SS 5 minutes after he was drafted.  Venezuelan SS Andres Gimenez  is  rumored to have accepted a $1.25 bonus from the Mets this International signing period.  The price of adding a short stop is very experience.  Whether its the assets needed to trade for one or the money needed to sign one.  The future SS is likely, already in the organization.  

  The best chance for offensive improvement comes from Herrea and D'Arnaud.  Sandy Alderson was brought here to build from within.  That is at least a 7 year plan.  Trading a few of our biggest prospects would be diametrically opposed to what he was brought here to do.  No matter how much the fans hate hearing that.  A trade for Tulo or Castro was never close.   It might be 2 or 3 years before Alderson see’s making a significant trade as ideal for this clubs future.  Oh NO!  Is he really talking 2 or 3 years?  Still?  That shouldn't be cause for concern.  I think the Mets can make the playoffs this year.  I think D'Arnaud and Herrea could spark this offense.  I think Nimmio, Conforto and even Gavin Chechinni look like good draft picks.  Hitters who should be an impact on the major league level next season.  I think Steven Matz is really good.  William Bucerra may turn the RA Dickey deal into one of the most lopsided trades in MLB history.  When you have great pitching the World Series is not as far as some may think.   Next year should be the most anticipated Mets season since the mid 80s.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  The next few years in Queens are going to be very exciting.


Mack Ade said...

Michael is our latest addition to writers here on Mack's Mets.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Koolaid.
Sandy doesn't bend to media or fans.
He just keep adding prospects,
and hoping some of them stick?
Hopefully they all come to fruition,
before Harvey becomes a FA?
Because eventually you have to start paying your players


Michael Genasky said...

Well you can't say they lied to you. This has been all about building thru the farm system since Alderson came here. It was why he was brought here. If he doesn't find a few prospects who "stick" then he failed at his job. It's still too early to make that assessment.

Bending to the media or fans is not something I'd expect from any sound GM. If you win everyone is happy.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

If you go back and stat out each player that Sandy and Company drafted since coming to the Mets... well, there's been very little success either reaching Queens or playing well there.

Michael Genasky said...

I agree with that Mack. In my post I did refer to the rebuilding process as 7 years. The majority of Aldersons' high picks have been High Schoolers.. It's too early to judge their draft success when their top picks are still in the minors. Especially when they're playing well in the minors. Would you have the same tune if by the end of next year Nimmio, Conforto and Chechinni look to be corner stones?

Personally I love that this regime has drafted a lot of kids out of high school. It's the strategy that, if scouting does it job, should produce the most high end talent.

Michael Genasky said...

And oh.. what I think will happen isn't what I'd like to happen. I'd love to see Frazier in a Mets uniform. Same goes for Carlos Gomez.

ZachBoyer said...

What would you give for Frazier?

Bob Sugar said...

I'm asking for Sandy to make a franchise changing move like Frank Cashen did in the 80's when he acquired one of my hero's as a ball player Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter.

Stubby said...

Hard to count Hernandez. Cashen got him cheap, since he was coming off the coke scandal (Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey? Really?). Carter was a legitimate steal, though. One sorta regular (Hubie Brooks), one sorta catcher (Fitzgerald) and two middling prospects. Youman was supposed to be better than he was. And Carter was coming off a poor, injury plagued season after signing a contract Montreal couldn't afford when they signed him. Point me in one of those directions because you bet I'd do deals like that all week. I was for getting Braun immediately after his last steroid violation. By now, he'll cost more and be worth less. And I'd have traded one our stud pitching prospects in a package for Tulo in the off season, but nobody wanted to pay that much off the year he had with the money he's making (and the Rockies weren't willing to part with him without a Thor in the deal). But those are the best analogous situations to the opportunities Cashen had with Hernandez and Carter. Anyone who thinks you'll get a player of that caliber for Colon, Niese, Gee, Murphy and a couple of Double-A guys right now is dreaming. Its a rare situation where the other guy sees your spare parts as treasure.

Thomas Brennan said...

Welcome aboard, Michael.

Conforto, Nimmo, Cecchini, Smith, and Rosario can't get here soon enough.

Maybe a trade involving Herrera, Plawecki, Niese or Gee is in the works. Anyone hearing anything?

Michael Genasky said...

Thank you Thomas

Stubby, if the Mets were to add a huge contract I'd rather Braun over Tulo. He'd prob cost less and, while both are injury risks, I think Braun will be on the field more often. I agree Niese and Gee have little value. The benefit in trading them comes with promoting Matz. Colon and Murph are probably more valuable to us right now then they're to other teams.

Zach, Frazier I feel is the best available right now but I probably wouldn't want to give up what it would take to get him. Carlos Gomez the last 2 years has been more of a 340ish on base kinda guy. If that's who he is and we could get him. I think his 20 hrs and 30 stls would be a considerable upgrade. Could Lagares, conforto and meisener get us Gomez? I don't know. I am interested. I like segura as well. I've never seen a team make turning a double play look so hard. I think we have to get Flores off SS. I think 3rd base is where, defensively, he hurts us least. Maybe Chechinni could play 2nd.

Michael Genasky said...

Or maybe adding a Chechinni or Herrea to that deal gets us Segura in return too. If we were going to make a trade and the Brewers insisted on a young starter in return then I'd be more willing to give up a SP for Frazier.

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