IF Danny Muno and C Anthony Recker were optioned to AAA-Las Vegas


Anonymous said...

Dumb. Recker is better than Plawecki, and better suited as a backup. At best, a short-term slap at Anthony. Recker has better OBP, SLG, and OPS -- and Plawecki needs to get his work in at Vegas. He failed the audition, but there's reasons to be encouraged.

Sending Recker down for this move was pointless and another bad statement in the clubhouse.

BTW, word that Gilmartin was unavailable due to "excessive warmups" underscores brutal bullpen management. Use of A. Torres as LOOGY defies logic. Just horrible. A manager's job is to use his players in the best way for them to succeed.

Muno is not a major leaguer. He can't field or hit. Do people here still want to "give him a chance"?

Terry is blaming NYC for his problems lately. To me, that is the death knoll of a manager in NY. He needs to go; it's over.

Unfortunately, they'll replace him with Bob Geren.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

Who replaces them?

Mack Ade said...

I assume Gee and Nieuwenhuis

Thomas Brennan said...

Kirk is back? Missed that

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