The Morning Report 6.3.2015 | Wright's Return Still Not Known, Syndergaard Unlucky, Wilmer Flores = Jhonny Peralta, Manfred talks DH in NL


Mike Vorkunov | NJ Advance Media David Wright will proceed on a week to week basis as he tries to return to Mets. He offered no timetable but says he will play again this year. Doctors have told Wright it will not only be possible this year "but sooner than later." Wright says doctors told him he is, at 32, too young to have surgery. He will meet with medical staff each week to understand his latest progress.

(Chris Soto: Wright seemed very unsure when he delivered the news to the press yesterday. You just never know with back injuries and in this case, we may have to think about moving on without Wright for the remainder of the season. It is rumored that the front office has already begun legwork on searching for long term 3B replacements so it seems like they also feel the same way. One guy I would personally target is Minnesota Twins 3B Trevor Plouffe who is blocking the way for top prospect, the massive power hitting Miguel Sano. Plouffe, age 28, is an above average defender at 3B with 15-20 HR power and the ability to hit around the .270 range. The cost to acquire him shouldn't be too significant either.)

Anthony DiComo | MLB.com- Never underestimate baseball's ever-present power to produce statistical oddities. Never in modern Major League history had a starting pitcher struck out double-digit batters, allowed double-digit hits and lasted fewer than five innings until Andrew Cashner did it Monday against the Mets. Weird, right? But this is weirder: One night later, during the exact same series in the exact same ballpark, Mets rookie Noah Syndergaard matched Cashner's feat. In a 7-2 loss to the Padres, Syndergaard struck out 10 batters with 10 hits in four innings.
"It's just one of those things," Mets manager Terry Collins said. "It's what makes the game great."

(Chris Soto: Don't be confused...Syndergaard was SUPERB last night as he had everything working. However, the Padres were making contact with pitches at their shoes and off the corners and just poking them into holes and down the lines. It was like Thor had forgotten to pay homage the rest of the baseball gods. Either that or he forgot to give Jobu rum. In either case, just chalk up last night's game as an oddity and move on to today.)

Joel Sherman | New York Post- The Mets passed on Jhonny Peralta following the 2013 season. That offseason was the first time I heard a member of their organization refer to possibly having “Jhonny Peralta Lite” in Wilmer Flores. After all, it was just as easy to find members of the Mets front office who did not believe Flores would ever have the agility and defensive chops to be a major league shortstop. But more and more, Flores is — of all things — Jhonny Peralta Lite. He is hitting homers and evolving into a more reliable shortstop. Peralta has long had the reputation as a shortstop who lacked range, but made all the plays he should, which was more than tolerable because of the power he brought to the position. 

(Chris Soto: Jhonny Peralta is exactly the type of player envisioned when projecting Wilmer Flores many years ago in the minor leagues. A guy who is capable of hitting 20ish HRs while driving in 100 RBIs with questionable, albeit serviceable, defensive abilities. That said, we had no idea that he would stick at SS, I thought for sure that he would remain a 2B or even end up with a different organization as a 3B. But major credit to him for stick through it and holding his own at SS where his bat is SO much more valuable than what other SS in the league generally provide.)

Anthony Castrovince | Mets.com- On the divisive topic that is the designated-hitter rule and whether it ought to be applied to National League teams, there are valid, impassioned arguments made by both those for and against pitchers hitting. But Commissioner Rob Manfred might have come up with a new, timely and largely irrefutable addition to this great debate Tuesday. "Not having National League pitchers hit," Manfred told reporters at Comerica Park, "would deprive us of the entertainment that Bartolo Colon has given us this year. It's been a great source of entertainment for me. I don't know about for the rest of you, but it has been for me."

(Chris Soto: HAHAHA....here's a story to lighten the mood for today. I am quickly becoming quite the fan of the MLB's new commissioner and this explanation puts the icing on the cake. Yes, offense puts fans in the stands, but, at some point Baseball needs to stay true to itself and having pitchers hit for themselves was one of those added elements that brings additional strategic moves into the game. Plus I do enjoy watching Colon hit....and Syndergaard too!)


Thomas Brennan said...

Thor with 10 Is in 4 innings. Bad luck or not, WOW WOW WOW.

What a vote of confidence for Wright: too young for surgery. Oh, brother.

Wilmer will be our SS until Cecchini shows up. Flores better start taking ground balls at 3B, because Gavin is rip-roaring now, and may be pushing his timetable up.

Colon is giving Muno, Ceciliani, Recker, and Mayberry hitting lessons.

Ernest Dove said...

Bad luck or not, last nights game is whats going to kill this teams 6man rotation idea.
Its like they say about power pitchers, sometimes they induce tons of foul balls leading to high pitch counts.
Too many 5 inning outings is going to ruin the bullpen.

London Mets said...

Noah does have great stuff, but my impression so far in general is that his weakest department is mental strength and balance. Just reading what Frank Viola said about him learning to pitch, and his twitter debacles, they all point in the same direction. My impression is it will take a long time for him to learn to shake off bad luck, bad defense etc. and to fight with his brain not just with his brawn.
What is so special about the other 3 - Harvey, deGrom and Matz is that they have this mental strength and intelligence, maybe because they are older. let's hope it's that!

If I were Sandy I'd start planning for a long term big bat replacement for Wright. We have people who can fill in at 3rd etc but somewhere - be it OF or IF - we need that Big Bat. Sure. if everyone is healthy at the same time, this lineup is good enough to win games behind this ace rotation, but let's face it, that level of health no longer exists in today's game. So we need another big bat. I guess it's easy for me to say that, but what do you give up for it?

I'd be willing to give up Thor and d'arnaud/ plawecki, as long as I get someone back who is still in his prime and under team control.... the rotation will still be good enough and with enough aces for the postseason, but now backed up with a plus lineup.

would be hilarious to send thor and d'arnaud back to toronto for one of their bats?

Thomas Brennan said...

I dunno London, I think of Nolan Ryan's early struggles when I see Thor last night. Thor has improved at every level. Of it takes several starts, or 20 starts, I think he'll be elite. And hit, to boot.

I'd like to keep Thor and Matz. We can stop gap deals with other clubs in weeks ahead, Nimmo, Conforto, Cecchini Not that far away...maybe Smith too. All 2016-17 arrivals, that could set this team up for years to come along with Herrera.

Christopher Soto said...


Why is it going to hurt the bullpen? They are playing a man short on the bench, not the bullpen, to allow the 6 man rotation.

London Mets said...

Thomas, I take your point. It's too hard to tell, my gut feeling is that he doesn't have the right mind to be elite. But who knows, I'm not close enough. I agree, some players do develop and he is much younger than the other three.

still, I would trade - you have four aces and a lineup that is chronically spotty. You can't expect our prospect bats to carry the team until 2017. This game all comes down to depth. I think even with Wright healthy, it was arguable we needed another bat (unless Cuddyer or Grandy were going to come through).

For me, the order that I would trade them is - Thor, Harvey, deGrom, Matz.

ZachBoyer said...


"(unless Cuddyer or Grandy were going to come through)"

—it's weird about Cuddyer, it seems like he's been AWFUL, he definitely needs to stop striking out in general and especially with runners on 1st & 3rd & nobody out, but he's not on a bad pace. If he finishes the year .270 with 17 HRs & 70 RBIs—which is pretty much what he's on pace to do—I would have signed up for that in the beginning of the year. Those are pretty much on par with his numbers in Minnesota, too. Was anyone expecting more?

As to Grandy, I really hope he's not on the precipice of one of his month-long vacations. I think he should sit tonight, anyway. Has anyone seen his career numbers vs. Shields? I've seen Hunter Pence's numbers vs. Kershaw & thought I'd never see anything like that again. This rivals that.

Anonymous said...

There are 4 or 5 teams im sure the super powered general managers are contacting?? I think over the years we aren't giving them credit. very methodical, and im sure they are ready to trade but are going to go threw the process slower than a fan wants.
Here is my wish list, please feel free to add or rip on!!
Bautista Tor- Niese-Black-Cecchini-Smith
Braun Mil- Gsellman-Flores-Stuart-Bowman
Ploffe Minn- Black-Meisner
Castillo Bos- Niese-Black- Cecchini
Tulo Col- Cecchini-Niese-Murphy-Black-Meisner

eraff said...

Thor was somewhat unlucky last night, but the Pods provided a good bit of their own luck... give the other guys some credit.

The DH---- For you "TRADITIONALISTS"...This "strategy" regarding Pitchers hitting is really extraordinarily recent. The double switch and situational pitching subs that are more frequent with NL Baseball are celements that have become very much more prevalent since the 1990's--- They were almost non-existent in the 20's thru the 60's and 70's.

I believe there's plenty of strategy and tactic WITH the DH---more tactically than at ANY TIME in baseball. This would include such new tactical elements as THE SHIFT, now employed almost universally.

Who knows, may the Bunt, Hit and Run, and Steal will make a comeback. Maybe situational, STRATEGIC Offense will return--- I can live without the Pitcher Hitting... I'd yearn for the return of those other ineteresting element.... However, the "tactic" of "Pitching to the Pitchers turn in the lineup" is definitely uninteresting.

There's plenty of tactic in the game---plenty of opportunioty to MANAGE...and Watch Managers...ENUFF!!!!

ZachBoyer said...


I don't know why Minn. would sell off Ploffe when they have a better record than we do?

And how come no Todd Frazier? That's a bigger bat than any you have up there. Or Brandon Phillips? Because 3B is suddenly open, it really offers up a lot of new flexability. 2B, SS, and 3B are all options to trade for now.

Adam Lind as a 3B and Prado could be more small-scale options? I don't know.

But I like the fact you left out any of the prized arms. I think a big trade is possible without them too.

Christopher Soto said...


Trevor Plouffe is arbitration eligible and is expected to get too expensive for Minnesota's blood. There has already been some rumblings about them trading him. Especially since Miguel Sano is their 3B of the future and is currently CRUSHING minor league pitching. I fully expect Sano to move to AAA soon and for Plouffe to become available for trade in July in exchange for pitching.

Twins need some serious help in both the rotation and the bullpen....they have been far outperforming their current talent pool and are staring regression in the face right now.

Ernest Dove said...


Because Terry is the manager ;)

Regardless of6-7 arms out there, he'll pitch Torres boys and Familia every night if game within 3 runs. And if torres rubber arm is out there in the 5th/6th inning every other night and 5 out saves from Familia. ..........

Zozo said...

I would trade Colon and Murphy because they are at their highest trade level right now, maybe to the Yanks for whatever prospects we can get. They might also want Grandy back?
Then I would trade those prospects plus Lagares, Plawecki, Nimmo, Cecchini, and Ynoa to the Brewers for Braun (with his whole contract), Gomez and Segura.
I know that is a big arse deal but weirder things have happened and I do believe both sides are getting plenty in return.
I also love with this trade scenario we get to keep our young studs, but i will be sad to see Lagares go though.

Anonymous said...

Zozo I like your out of the box thinking.
Teams will look to shed salary and the Mets should and better be there? Also if David is out and done,thats 87 million off the books, for them to spend?
Got a question though? how do you think the plane ride would be after the trade, between Gomez and Syndergaard?? Would Noah be like sorry pal, I drilled you in the side of the head

Christopher Soto said...


As true as that is....I still don't understand how usage of a 6 man rotation is going to be a detriment to the bullpen like you statement implies. These aren't 6 inefficient pitchers we are talking about.

Colon, deGrom, Harvey are pretty sure bets to go 7 IP each night and Syndergaard went at least 6 IP + the past 3 starts.

Mack Ade said...

Good afternoon all -

Tough loss last night. I love Noah screaming into his glove. The shame of blowing the entire season's ERA on a night that you strikeout 10 batters in 4 innings.

It's so important for fans to see games like this and understand this is a game of inches... don't deflect a ball being hit to you and Murphy may turn the double play.. Duda plays two inches closer to the bag and no hit down the line.

Loses are tough and this was especially a tough one, but the one thing I walk away with was the successful time that Jack Leathersich spent on the mound.

Syndergaard can stop reading all those stories about him now and get ready for the next game four... err... five games from now.

Mack Ade said...

It was good for me to hear the SNY crew last night... I don't get a chance to see many games and also hear the local spin on the team... didn't realize that Lagares is returning to hitting the ball with some strength again.

The elephant in the room does seem to be Granderson. He just isn't going to ever pay out, is he.

As for the Wright situation, and his interview with the beat press, I'm going to write about this in my Random Thoughts on Sunday. My guess is the great days of David Wright are gone and no one knows this more than David himself.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, to your positive point regarding Leathersich on mound, lots of folks have him on his way back to AAA. I say: fine, if that has to happen, but let's give him a fair analysis first.

Mine is: he has 2 terrible outings to start spring training. After that, all good, as follows:

1) several subsequent spring outings without a run.

2) a dynamic stretch in AAA, where the one blemish was a 2 run shot, a single pitch.

3) unscored on in several major league outings.

So, dropping his first 2 spring outings, he has had roughly 2 dozen outings with only a 2 run homer allowed. Walks down.

I think he's done great. If he is sent down, it is due to the Mets' pen surplus only,

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

You are right about Leathersich. He has earned a spot in the bullpen, but others will be coming back soon and guys like him are going to have to make room.

I thought last night was a brilliant opportunity to stretch him out in a game that was already lost

Christopher Soto said...


Unfortunately we have no choice in regards to Leathersich going back to AAA.

Here's my forecasted timeline of expected events for June's injury recoveries

June 9th: Activate C Travis d'Arnaud, RHRP Bobby Parnell, and RHRP Vic Black, Option C Kevin Plawecki, LHRP Jack Leathersich, and RHRP Hansel Robles to AAA-Las Vegas.

June 19th: Activate 2B Dilson Herrera, Option Eric Campbell to AAA-Las Vegas

June 26th: Activate LHRP Jerry Blevins, Return LHRP Sean Gilmartin to Minnesota Twins

June....the month of reinforcements!

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

Your lips...

Christopher Soto said...


Well thing is for certain...

Per MLB rules....

Bobby Parnell HAS to be activated by June 11th.
Vic Black HAS to be activate by June 16th

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