The Return Of The 6-Man Rotation


Dillon Gee listed as Sunday starter. OK, that's a little surprise. Noah Syndergaard on Monday.

Got confirmation: Six-man "light" rotation, meaning Dillon Gee slotted in when they can, but not a formal six-man rotation

Mack - Do the Mets really care anymore how bad they look day after day about their decision process?


Hobie said...

Who is it that doesn't understand that a 6 "Day" rotation is not a 6 "Man" rotation? Rubin? TC? SA?

Bob Sugar said...

This one is easy. Some team wants to see Gee pitch. Mets looking to deal oblige

Reese Kaplan said...

That makes too much sense, Bob.

Ernest Dove said...

Not for nothin but why not just skip Harvey's next start altogether? Its not like his rhythm will be thrown off right now more than it already is lately. An extra day won't get him straight. Maybe an extra week will benefit him.

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