DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-24-15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-24-15

Two up, 5 down last night.

STARS OF THE DAY: TJ Rivera, Merandy Gonzalez



Las Vegas (71-59) 0 - New Orleans 4

Binghamton (69-57) 10 - Erie 1

St Lucie (64-63) 5 - Charlotte 8 

Savannah (75-48) - a well-deserved day off

Brooklyn (29-32)  2 - Hudson Valley 4

Kingsport (32-26)   TWIN BILL

- Game 1: 4-1 Mets

- Game 2. 6-4 Bristol

GCL Mets (26-29) 5 - Cards 15 

Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas handed the ball to Princeton's finest, Matt Bowman. He wasn't so fine, allowing 4 runs in 4.2 IP. Torres and Alvarez each went a scoreless inning, with 2 Ks apiece. Only 2 hits each by Kirk and Reynolds on a quiet hitting night. Sea level is TOUGH!

TJ Rivera brought the lumber, going 4-4 (.343). Looking more and more major league ready. Binghamton went with Zany Rainy Lara. He threw a great 6, and Goeddel, Walters, and Wheeler tossed 3 hitless innings to seal the blow out.

St Lucie pitched Blue Ribbon Michael Gibbons tonite. He was solid, but Dave Roseboom got hammered, surrendering 5 runs.

Savannah has the day off, folks.

Brooklyn's Ty Badamo was hoping for offensive support tonight. Th was great, but Nicco Blank surrendered 3 relief runs to absorb the loss, leaving with a blank look. The Cyclones managed just 2 runs.

Kingsport's Dandy Merandy Gonzalez started for the K Mets in Game 1, and  Harol Gonzalez in Game 2. 

Merandy truly was dandy, tossing 6 shutout innings, only 2 hits, 6 Ks. Kaczmarski reached base 4 times In game 1.

In game 2, 13 hits could not overcome 3 homers allowed by the other Gonzalez, Harol, and 3 unearned runs He allowed. A split.

GCL Mets went to a paint store and got shellacked today, 15-5. 

Their 2 run 9th inning rally fell 10 runs short. Nothing else to say.

GOAT: GCL pitching, or lack thereof; Harol Gonzalez


Anonymous said...

Rivera is the man

Tom Brennan said...

TJ is hitting .360 in July and August. Gotta be big league room for him somewhere.

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