Mack’s Morning Report – 8-17-15 – Jon Niese, Eric Goeddel, Bobby Parnell


Good morning.

Next week’s lighter schedule features no games against the Cubs or Pirates. There’s a day off today, then two games in Baltimore, a travel day on Thursday, and three games in hapless Colorado.

Washington will also be off today, then travel to Colorado for three games, followed by three, at home, vs. the Milwaukee Brewers.

 Michael Baron talked about ‘focus’

On Saturday night in the first inning, his temperament was put to the test once again after he failed to get a strike three call to Andrew McCutchen, walking him instead.

Niese became visibly frustrated at home plate umpire Bob Davidson, an official known for his own short fuse, floating strike zones, and reputation for finding the most subtle movements on pitchers for balk calls.

And in fairness to Niese, he had a beef. That pitch was a strike. It had enough of the plate and certainly was at or slightly above the knees.

But the call didn’t go Niese’s way, and he got mad and lost his focus.

On the very next pitch, Niese grooved a fastball to Aramis Ramirez, who slugged a two-run home run and put the Mets behind in the first inning for the third consecutive day.

Mack – We talk about the mental side of this game all the time here on Mack’s Mets. Ballplayers are taught early on to contain their emotions even to the point of not communicating with fans before the games even start.

There’s always been an unwritten law in baseball, especially to the working press… keep away from the guy that’s going to start that day. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the pitcher himself to stay focused and, once again, the emotional Niese let an umpire cause him to lose his.

Erik Goeddel's rehab assignment has moved to Double-A Binghamton. He could definitely come into play come September, either as a spot starter or a member of the Mets bullpen. Goeddel made 25 starts with 2013 B-Mets before moving to bullpen, and eventually the Big Leagues, in 2014. We tend to forget that he has had 22 relief appearances already this year for the Mets with a stat line of 0-0, 1.96, 1.04, 23.0-IP, 23-K.

Look, this is just opinion… and you know how opinion always seems to get me in trouble here… but the Mets need to seriously consider stopping sending Bobby Parnell to the mound this season. It is obvious that he is not the same pitcher before all his injuries, plus it is becoming more obvious that no one is going to offer him a contract to come back next season. He cost the Mets any chance for a victory yesterday and a team just can’t afford to be swept at home during a pennant race.

I’m not offering up who should replace Parnell. I’ll let all of you discuss that. I simply don’t want he again this season.

Additionally, I’m going to volunteer to be the campaign manager for Reese Kaplan here and call out Terry Collins for a horrendous decision to hang out Parnell to dry on Sunday. No… even worse than that… how do you even put him in a critical 1-1 tie when he’s coming off another horrible outing?

Parnell should be sat down and convinced to come out of that meeting complaining about something that will place him on the disabled list… but this whole mess falls on Collins.

Another loss to the Pirates, four in a week. Remember this series if this team doesn’t get where it wants to go this season, but the real loss is what's going on in the West Coast to the Nationals. Now THAT'S a lost opportunity.

Maybe the solution to the Parnell problem is in this post. Maybe the Mets could step up the Goeddel rehab assignments and get him to Philadelphia a week from Monday 


Ernest Dove said...

Mets have issues in their bullpen and with their defense, but lets not forget they scored a total of 6 runs in 3 games. They played a solid team but they did not exactly face solid pitching.
And even though im happy overall with acquisitions of Uribe and Johnson, it doesn't mean I want them batting 4th and 5th in thelineup. Maybe its just me but I would see them as 6/7 guys (part time guys) in a playoff contending teams lineup.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I agree and I never understand the continued jumpling of the Mets lineups over the TC years

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah Mack I think it's cool the Mets have more MLB hitters on the roster but they are being shuffled around like its little league and everybody gets a turn. .....

Hey anyone notice Plawecki at first base last night for Vegas? Hmmmmmmm LOL.

eraff said...

I've never been a Parnell Fan.... but he was the ONLY guy to use Sunday. It is simply not a time to milk another inning out of Harvey---if we respect any of the logic in the limits on him. Most other arms were out of play---I believe they felt that Parnell could provide 2 innings...maybe 3.... they were short staffed....it was 1-1 in a late game. ...etc.

The game was an ugly reminder of several things they don't do well... and a warning that the Bullpen is unsteady. Also, I feel they are a bit too HR conscious now.

Anonymous said...

Watching Steve Trachsel taught me to always closely watch how a pitcher reacts to an error or misplay on the field. Watch that next pitch.

Parnell doesn't have it. The club needs to respond.

Offensively, they really missed Lucas Duda.

Cuddyer returned from DL in midseason form. That's the bad news.

James Preller

Axel Freed said...

I didn't want Harvey out there for the 7th, either.

But I believe every bullpen member was available for use minus Robles. So why wait until it's 4-1 and 2nd and 3rd and 1 out before you pull him?



Anonymous said...

Terry Collins AKA "The Imbecile" is not fit to manage McDonalds let alone the Mets. He just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Always the veteran regardless of perfomance vs younger up and coming players.

Thomas Brennan said...

Bring up Alvarez or Goeddel or Black. Parnell needs to go. And, thanks a lot Henry Mejia (I thought I'd spell the bum's name correctly for him.)

Ernest Dove said...

James wins the internet so far with comment about cuddyer coming back in mid season form ;)

...... i assume scot rice has essentially WALKED his way out of consideration. A PCL ERA under 2.00 all year BUT walk walk walk.

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

Re: Harvey

TC said he was done even if there wasn't a rain delay

Reese Kaplan said...

@Anonymous -- I think that's a little harsh. I think TC could handle a McDonald's because there are no decisions to make...wait, wait...he'd probably put the best cashier on the fryer, the best fry cook on burgers and maybe a Walmart greeter at the cash register. Then he'd change the alignment depending on whether the customers had cash or credit.

Anonymous said...

I think a bit of perspective is important.......our fan base tends to swing wildly back and forth, depending upon the current state of our team. Rattle off a few wins and everyone is happy while comparing the team to the '86 Mets.

Put up a rough stretch and we want TC fired and everyone focuses their anger on the players, etc.

The reality is that the current team is better then the past few years and they are clearly trending upward. That doesn't mean that they have reached their full potential....these things take time and sometimes you have to fall down before you figure things out.

Good news is that the division is wide open and winning it would be our first playoff appearance in a long time (success in the playoffs would just be gravy this year).

Not so good news is that we are a collective 0-12 against the Cubs and Pirates this year....two possible playoff teams.

I am just enjoying the ride and I am excited for the future.


Bob Sugar said...

Mack- that's right. How do you put Parnell in the game after he cost the team the other night?
Bad decision there big time. He won't be seeing a close for a long time going forward.

Lew Rhodes said...

Short memory on Parnell guys

His last five appearance before this weekend:

4 IP - 3 hits, 3 BBs - NO RUNS

Not perfect but not awful

He is inconsistent just like everyone else coming off TJ surgery

Oh - by the way:

His FIP 3.94 - not great, but better than his actual ERA of 5.59

His has been the victim of soft hits and shoddy fieling

He isn't what he was, but he is better than we are giving him credit for

Michael S. said...

We need Goeddel, Verrett, or Black up here and Parnell out of the bullpen. We're in a race here and don't have the luxury of allowing Parnell to work through his issues. We could easily be 5.5-7.5 games up and close to putting this away right now.

bob gregory said...

Is there any real news on Black?
His rehab appears to be a mystery for someone that was seen as an important bullpen member.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Black has had around a 5.00+ ERA for his entire rehab stint that's been going on through multiple levels.

He has good outings and bad ones, but they all include too many walks.

Simply put, as either a major or minor league pitcher, he's wild.

bob gregory said...

I guess there is another example of managing the expectations of prospect success.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

The sad part about Black is he can hit 99 and he has some really sick stuff... but it seems the opposing batters have figured out that 4 out his 7 pitchers usually finish outside the zone.

Axel Freed said...


Equally short memory on Parnell there.

His last five appearences were after his Washington blow-up. They were easing him back after that. Most (if not all?) of the games he was inserted into were either blowouts or were when we were trailing. Makes a big difference in my mind (and apparently in his too?). High-leverage spots haven't been his thing.



Lew Rhodes said...

Axel -

Parnell has been far from dominant - I agree - he seems to be going through the inconsistency that happens the year after TJS

However, he isn't getting clocked - even in the Nationals' game - Parnell gave up a seeing eye grounder by Taylor that just passed out of Tejada's reach

Also, the games after that where he pitched were 3-2, 8-6, 4-3, 3-4, and (the only blowout) 12-3

To some extent, Parnell has been unlucky - his FIP being 1.6 runs lower than his actually ERA shows that

I also think we all should expect ups and downs post TJS - also, Parnell is 30, so his recovery is going to be a lot rougher than a guy like Harvey

The issue with Parnell comes down to usage and the manager - TC has to know Parnell is going to be streaky and inconsistent - he needs to be on it to get Parnell out a the game quickly if Parnell is having an off night.

There's the rub - TC is AWFUL at bullpen usage and management - the issue here is a combination of inconsistent recovery coupled with crappy managing.

Ultimately though, this team is going to have problems in October if Parnell cannot gain consistency - so unless we add another arm (and maybe Goedell or Black can be that arm) we need Parnell to get straight.

Lew Rhodes said...

As far as Black - I am not sure why he hasn't been called up yet - his overall stats are poor, but since the AAA AS break he has done this:

11.1 IP / 8 H / 1 ER (0.79 ERA)

I would guess the thing holding him back now are the 6 BB's and only 9 K's during this stretch

Or maybe they are just waiting for Sept 1

eraff said...

Parnell's velocity was never a great advantage. Hitters always looked pretty comfortable even at 98-100 with him. He looks determined to move the Gun Higher and Higher----his radar results are up and his pitching results are down. He's himping it up there at 96...and it's pure trash. No Strikes...No Command.... very comfortable hitters.

Full Disclosure: He has ALWAYS been on my SELL HIGH list.

Michael S. said...

This is going to sound like 20/20 hindsight, but with all the young pitching I was hoping we would've traded him and then he got hurt. I'm surprised Sandy didn't deal him since he has the view that closers can be 'made' when needed and he would've been maximizing Parnell's value.

Lew Rhodes said...

Considering we are on our third successful closer in three years - there is some logic to the closers can be made theory

However - I think Familia can be one of those utterly dominant closers that are a cut above the norm

I think in a perfect world Parnell was going to be allowed to pitch for the Mets through this year and then let go for a QO and a subsequent draft pick for us.

He could have closed with success for three years and we could have groomed Familia to take his place

Honestly, if not for Parnell's injury I think Meija would have been the "sell high" candidate last year.

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