The Morning Report | deGrom's Immense Value, Time to Demote Parnell?, A Strange and Confusing Feeling, Wright Return Scheduled.


Business Insider's Cork Gaines featured The Top 25 players that have the greatest value to their team:

#18 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets - Position: SP
2014-15 WAR: 7.7 Wins
2014-15 WAR Value: $60.3 million
2015 Salary: $0.6 million

One thing to know: deGrom is the most valuable piece in what has become baseball's best rotation thanks to a 2.03 ERA and salary ($557,000) near the league minimum.

(Mack Forget Yoenes Cespedes or Matt Harvey… deGrom is our most valuable Met, especially this season. It’s funny… his last three outing were not his best. His pitch count was up and he gave up far too many walks (10) than he or his pitching coach are comfortable with. That being said, the three outings produced a 1.67 and 1.86 ERA for the two months.
These are his bad outings. Crazy.)

Everybody seems to be writing Mets relief pitch stories after the Bobby Parnell debacle. One thing’s for sure… Parnell needs to be optioned out so someone can work on him in hopes of returning before the end of the season and being productive.

Everybody also seems to have a suggestion who should replace Parnell on the 25-man roster. Yesterday, I suggested Eric Goeddel, who is currently rehabbing and should be ready no later than next week.

Let me throw another name out there of someone that is already a member of the 40-man squad.

Dario Alvarez had a brief unsuccessful (and premature) cup of coffee last year (4-appearances, 13.50); however, he has rebounded with a banner season this year, first with AA-Binghamton (32-appearance, 3.19) and lately, almost lights out for AAA-Las Vegas (9-appearances, 2-0, 1.13 0.63). 
We all know how tough it is to put up these kind of numbers in Vegas. Oh yeah… one more thing… lefties are hitting .119 against him this season. 

Comment From MSW - Holy crap, it’s August, the Mets are in first place, and for the first time in a long time I have nothing to complain about. I feel strange, confused. What is this?

Jeff Sullivan: Well, there are always the Wilpons. And I mean that. There will probably literally always be the Wilpons. The family is unkillable

Mack – Don’t you find it strange that neither Wilpon has been heard from during this Mets surge? People say they don’t even see them sitting in the owner’s box lately. Is this the plan? Do you keep these guys hidden from the fans during the surge?

Mike Vorkunov | NJ Advance MediaDavid Wright will continue his rehab stint at St. Lucie Tuesday, accumulating at-bats and playing time as he tries to play his first major league game in more than four months. His return date could be coming up soon. According to reports, the Mets are looking at their series in Philadelphia at the beginning of next week as the time to bring him back. It would mean he had spent roughly two weeks rehabbing before playing again.

(Chris Soto: Boy...getting David Wright back for the final 6 weeks of the season is going to be such a massive boost to this club. Juan Uribe has been doing an excellent job holding down the fort defensively since coming to the Mets, but, outside of a few key hits, Uribe has been struggling at the plate as much as Campbell was. In his 19 games as a Met, Uribe is hitting .169 with K's in 27% of his plate appearances. I doubt anyone is expecting Wright to come back and crush 10 HRs in the month of September....but he can at least provide a .250+ batting average from 3B....Right?) 


Tom Brennan said...

Get Wright back to wright the ship and turn it into a cruise ship to a pennant title.

Alvarez has been almost untouchable since June 1 - you can look it up, as Casey said.

In the spring, I wrote that I thought Jake was the elite ace of the rotation over Harvey. After his initial ups and downs in his first several career games in 2014, he has been about as good as any pitcher at any time in Mets history. Extend him after the season.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back, Soto.

The Wright return is such a mystery, it kind of scares me. I'm concerned that the new, adapted swing will sap all his power.

Rooting for him, he deserves some great moments this season, but this will not be an easy balancing act for TC to handle.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Hey look, Soto pulled a Molina and made a sneeky quite return ;)
Welcome back. The team needs ya.

bgreg98180 said...

Regarding Alvarez:
So he is pitching to a .119 batting avg vs lefties?
That sounds great! A possible specialist vs lefties even. Of course, if he were promoted would Collins decide to pitch him for two innings and against most right handed hitters?

Regarding the Wilpons: I was wondering this recently too and brought it up in comments just last week.
It is very strange, even if your opinion may be that they should not be seen or heard. There has not even been an instance of a Wilpon popping his head out if his multi-million dollar burrow to say "we are happy and proud of the direction the team is going" or even a "let's go Mets rallying cry.
The only Wilpon sighting/hearing comes from the report of Jeff Wilpons involvement in the Cespedes deal. Even that gained no media traction and just quietly disappeared.
This is very odd considering it is a big change from past behavior. The Wilpon's were never Steinbrenner-like, but they were frequently seen and heard from regarding their beloved Mets.
Behaviors of rich, successful men do not normally change this drastically without an interesting reason.
There smells of a big story that is flying under everybody's radar.

Regarding David Wright:
Wishing him the best. I can not root hard enough to equal how much he deserves to have a chance to be a part of the current success the Mets are enjoying.
Let's Go Mets!
Let's Go David Wright's healing and pain management abilities!

Metsiac said...

The comments above re: Uribe's struggles at the plate made me wonder about other deadline traded players. I've read that Tulo, Cargo, and other hitters and pitchers, including Hamels, have tanked.

Without checking team by team, does anyone here know of a site where these players' stats are grouped? We may have gotten the best deals of all.

Reese Kaplan said...

@Metsiac -- as I've been trumpeting for weeks since the deal happened, you don't necessarily play with the new toys simply because they are new when you have someone on the bench most days who's hit close to .300 for more than a month in Wilmer Flores. Yet older veterans always get the first, second and third crack in a Collins' regime.

Also, note someone else pointing out what will likely happen about Dario Alvarez being misused instead of exploiting him in the role in which he's excelled. Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed this chronic mismanagement of pitchers by the skipper.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Re: The Wilpons

And I can't imagine anyone trying to tell the beat press to lay off them.

No, the whole situation seems strange.

bgreg98180 said...

I woder....
Was more actually taken away from the Wilpons by MLB during their financial crisis than was made public?
Were they severely neutered by MLB in a hush hush way while Alderson left his MLB position to save the organization from financial doom?

It does seem conspiracy - like and highly unusual as well as unlikely but........
The situation is very weird and absolutely not normal.
The press is not acknowledging it.
The Wilpon's are not acknowledging it.
The organization is not acknowledging it.
Even the blogger community seems not to notice.

In the absence of any formal or informal explanation and the inability to use past behaviors to reasonably explain such a drastic change, what is left???
There is a story here.
I'm sure it is a very interesting story.
Hopefully light is shed on it some day.

Unknown said...

Logan Verret called to Baltimore - I think Mack's call yesterday of Parnell being talked into a DL trip to rest his arm a little may be in the cards.

Stubby said...

Re: the Wilpons

This is how business people conduct business. When the "company" is not going well and there are complaints, you make yourself visible. Its about appearing accountable and demonstrating confidence in the long term viability of "the product". When things are going well, you disappear and let "the product" speak for itself. Not making a value judgement on whether that's the right way to do things or not. Just saying that's how many in business do it. Now this is saying that business people are not the same as baseball people, but I think we already knew that.

bgreg98180 said...

Give the man credit.
Mack called it.

Buddy3 said...

Lets face it. It was a mutual decision by Parnell and the Mets. He didn't want to be waived or released and they didn't want to do that after all he has been through. He rests up until the rosters expand and no one is the worse for it.

Good play by Bobby to realize he wasn't performing and to move aside.

Tom Brennan said...

If Mack makes the first call on someone needing surgery, we'll nickname him Mack the Knife LOL. Verrett getting a very big opportunity.

Tom Brennan said...

And welcome back, Mr. Soto.

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