INJURY UPDATE - P - Bobby Parnell


Bobby Parnell to the DL with what they're calling right shoulder tendinitis.

Logan Verrett was recalled from Las Vegas


eraff said...

Can I getta Amen!!!!?????

Buddy3 said...

A follow up to my last posting:

According to Rubin, Parnell has had no major setback but is dealing with arm fatigue after returning from Tommy John surgery.

However, a source told Mike Puma of the New York Post that Parnell had the choice to either go to the DL or get designated for assignment (Aug. 18

Unknown said...

I don't believe that comment from Puma at all - a) because it would be a violation of the labor agreement; and b) why would Parnell fight going on the DL to rest his arm? Third, if we DFA'ed him, we would lose him as I bet someone would take him - hell - even shaky he is better than 4 of the relievers in the Nats' bullpen

The conversation was likely "Bobby - you aren't pitching well and you likely need a rest for a few weeks to get your arm right for the final stretch and the playoffs."

And he said "OK - sounds like a plan"

I hate when reporters try to manufacture drama

Unknown said...

In other news (or not news) Mack has been around the block and knows what he is talking about as he called this two days ago!

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