Ernest Dove - Would Matz Plus Wright Equal 90 (Wins) For the Mets?


  Well, before you even read this post on Friday August 14th the Mets will be AT LEAST 3.5 games up on the Nats atop the National League East.  And, believe it or not, there may be MORE help on the way.  Significant help at that. So, with that being said, can/will the Mets surely move on to having the celebratory high fives on the field for at least 90 times this season?  And, will the additions of David Wright and Steven Matz make that former dream a reality?
  Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the only one who has almost forgotten that the Mets had another stud pitcher that's been missing for only a few now in Matz?  You know, the guy who, if he hadn't hit the DL, would probably have a few more quality starts, and more hits than Anthony Recker (sorry, I couldn't help it).
  There's a chance that by September 1, or sooner, the Mets will add two more quality 25 man major leaguers to the roster.  Another stud pitcher, and......well......the face of the damn franchise.  So again I ask, will the Metsies run through the remaining 2 months winning enough to meet and eclipse the once laughable discussion of the number 90?
  As has been pointed out by many a Mets media folk and beat writers, the Mets have still actually and quietly strung together more clunkers offensively in the past week, but there is just too much going right for the Mets at this point.  Even when the Mets have continued to struggle, post Yoenes, the team has mustered just enough offense and timely hitting and usual pitching dominance to win more than lose.   Now add the dynamic New York boy Matz back into the mix.
  What seems like long long ago, in a town far far away called Panic City, a new shining hope was dazzling all of New York with a fabulous arm, and more fabulous bat.  Steven Matz had the hearts of New York before they even knew just how important Wilmer Flores was to become to them :)
  And perhaps, after a hopefully solid and healthy start this weekend in Port St Lucie, Matz will be weeks away from continuing this major league dream of pitching in the big apple.  The fans will rejoice, and the opposing teams will once again be saddened by the burden of facing yet another tough day at the plate for 6-8 innings. Terry and company have recently looked like geniuses with their rotation of Harvey degrom Thor into an important 3 game series.  How about adding Matz into a four game series of similar importance? 
  Of course, its the Mets, and so the pending return of Matz will lead to all kinds of craziness and speculation regarding said rotation, whether to go 6 man, spot starter, or whatever hybrid in between they tried to go for previously this year.  However, nonetheless, the Mets may be adding another absolutely solid option into the mix to fear into all of National League-dom.
  Its hard to project what Matz will do after being out for a little while.  However, it was also hard to predict how amazin he would be in the dreaded PCL, and then head straight to New York and give up only 2 runs (both homers) in 13 and 2/3 innings.  And, no matter his knowledge with a bat in his hand, at this point us Mets fans no longer have to joke about its need because the team now starts 8 quality bats in the lineup every night. 
  Speaking of bats, there may be one coming back.  And no, I'm not talking about Kevin Plawecki :)
Im talking about the one and only Captain America.  And no, I'm not fully expecting David Wright to show up on September 1 hitting .300 and hitting homers to the opposite field.  But, in all fairness, if David can just be feeling well enough to play on a semi regular basis, and be in the dugout for the remainder of the year, that alone might equate to 90 wins in and of itself.
  We've seen lately how championship teams are being built on just the right amount of youth, veterans and leadership.  And, with the additions of Uribe, Johnson, Clippard and even Eric O'Flaherty the team has assembled a nice grouping of each.  Then add the final touch of the guy the organization was supposed to be build around in the first place, and you have might be quite AMAZIN.
  Yeah, it's easy for me to get overly excited and dream of a title because we are all used to high expectations.  What I'm hoping for now is an actual positive result coming off that high expectation.  And this team may have the ingredients to make it happen.
  This team has its flaws.  All teams do.  But there is just so many darn storylines floating around with this team, many of them positive.  The possibility of utilizing the 40 man increase come September to actually fill roster with more MAJOR LEAGUERS is a very exciting thing here ladies and gentlemen. The Mets will not be calling up minor leagues, prospects and 'extra' arms to get through the season this time around.  This year, the Mets and their fans are expecting reinforcements, and additional support to get the studs through innings limits and also rest the older veterans who seemingly have been able to thrive even more when not playing every day. (Uribe and Cuddyer look pretty good when not asked to play every night). 
  Again, its hard to predict Matz right now, but I think its important to note that innings limits should no longer a problem for him.  And, come September 1, innings should not be a problem for anybody because the Mets may now have just enough hitting and pitching depth to allow for a few 5 inning starts from their workhorses, and still pull out a few extra 6-5 wins then we would think possible just a couple weeks ago.
  Bottom line, can the Mets go 27-20 to finish the year?  We know about the 'easy' schedule the rest of the way.  We know about the added hitters in this lineup.  And I've officially pinched myself into waking up and realizing that Steven Matz and David Wright have a chance to rejoin this team to help make that happen. 
  In my biased heart and soul, I see the Mets reaching this once forgotten and joked about goal of 90 wins here in 2015.  After that, well..........I guess that's for another post.   LGM


Thomas Brennan said...

My call was 94 wins prior to spring training. It's gone a whole lot different than I envisioned, but I'm sticking with 94.

Mack Ade said...

I think we are in the run for 90

James Preller said...

For all the additions the club has made -- beautiful moves, btw -- it's about the subtractions.

No more Muno, Campbell, Mayberry, Nieuwenhuis.

D Whit said...

Barring anything unforeseen happening I think this team as constructed now and with those two coming back could win 93-95. They have a relatively easy schedule too. Winning 30-32 out of the final 47 is very doable. A lot of teams out of the race will be weakened by Sept. call-ups and shutting injured players down.

Thomas Brennan said...

James, it is those subtraction as to why I see 94 wins. You're right on that. Four milestones replaced by valuable players. No accident we are scoring much more.

Reese Kaplan said...

@James Preller -- yet when they wanted to get Plawecki regular ABs they could choose between the .245 hitting Recker and the .345 hitting lefty bat of Johnny Monell. Once again, like reaching out for Part Deux of Kirk Nieuwenhuis, they go for the proven mediocrity. Actually, mediocrity would be an improvement over his career .188 batting average and his 37% K rate.

There are some great things happening but they have to be willing to change what isn't working. (And Bartolo Colon ought to be on a very short leash, too).

Nick Macioci said...

Part Deux of Kirk Nieuwenhuis was pretty damn good. Some short memories around here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Reese, you are just grasping for something to complain about. Plawecki will be back.

Right now, Recker is here for his defensive presence and his value as a catcher for Colon, who is at a critical juncture. If Recker can help Bartolo, it's worth a shot.

Quoting Las Vegas stats, or thinking that this is about offensive production, absolutely misses the mark as far as I' concerned.

What has Monell ever done to merit this level of enthusiasm?

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

The only reason Plawecki was sent to Las Vegas was to get his some regular reps and get ready for a pennant run, first in Vegas, and then, in Queens

Anonymous said...

I agree, Mack. Then they had a choice of Monell or Recker and went with the superior defensive catcher who has a better relationship with the staff, particularly Colon. An easy decision, frankly.

James Preller

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