Flash: Mets Re-Sign SP Bartolo Colon


       Per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Mets and right handed SP Bartolo Colon have agreed to a 1 year contract worth $7.25M. Colon reportedly had better offers on the table from other teams but wanted to remain with the Mets due to his love for the Mets' fans, his teammates, and the organization.

     Colon figures to slot into the #5 SP role behind Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, and Matz until RHSP Zack Wheeler is ready to return from Tommy John surgery. Last season, Bartolo made 31 starts for the Mets and posted a 14-13 record with a 4.16 ERA. Fielding Independent Performance (FIP) metrics indicated that Colon should have gotten better results (3.84 ERA) than what his actual ERA was.


Thomas Brennan said...

Nice to have big, beautiful Bart back.

Mack Ade said...

IMO, you couldn't have made a better choice.

It's a one-year deal, he knows the system and the fellow players, and really, all you want him to do is go 5 innings every 5 days.

This is just a smart deal to do.

Ernest Dove said...

So basically its like we signed blevins and Bart with Cuddyer's salary.

bob gregory said...

Best part is his wanting to come back to the Mets because he enjoyed his experience.

Thomas Brennan said...

True, Bob, Ernest and Mack

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