TOP 50 METS PROSPECTS: #6 THRU 10 – Tom Brennan


TOP 50 METS PROSPECTS: #6 THRU 10 – Tom Brennan
A minor league system that in 2015 promoted several, traded many, had several prospects run into the Tommy John buzzsaw, and saw a few guys go from prospect to suspect.  Leaving a diminished, but still solid, minor league system prospect-wise. 
(See website sidebar for list of my #11-50 dudes, covered in prior articles.)
Today, here’s my #6 thru #10:   
6.          MAX WOTELL: as with Desmond Lindsay, I am taking a high flier on Max at #6 because the Mets selected the lefty out of high school in the 3rd round, indicative of being considered very highly, and the 18 year old in 2015 pitched little (at least in official games) but put up eye-catching #’s: (10.2 IP, 2 hits, 9 walks, 16 Ks).  Long way to go for Max, but I am kind of hoping we may have another lefty like Steve Matz in Max.   Maybe the slot at # 6 is way too high.  Probably so. Maybe not. 
7.          AMED ROSARIO: perhaps the best of the Mets’ minor league shortstop prospects, reputed to be a future above average SS with speed and hitting ability.  Power should come as the pounds are added to his still-slender 19 year old frame.  Could have a long and successful year as a MLB starting shortstop.  As a 20 year old, he should head to AA.
8.          AKEEL MORRIS: his major league career started prematurely, as he was asked to pitch against the most potent offense in baseball on their home field after coming straight out of A ball.  Add some bad fielding that day, and it was an ouch moment, followed by a return back to the minor league incubator for Akeel.  He was awesome in A ball up to that point, burped a few times when sent from the majors to AA, but finished strong.  Last 3 years in the minors: 8-4, 30 of 34 save opportunities, 163 innings, 230 Ks, 1.27 ERA.  Crazy numbers, resulting from a mid 90s fastball, terrific change up, and determination.  AAA is in his near future if he is not traded, and a likely major league fully gestated debut some time in 2016.  Not bad for a young man from the Virgin Islands. 
9.     RAFAEL MONTERO: poor Rafael had a horrible year injury-wise, just when I thought he’d be a top major league pitching entry.  If healthy, he deserves to be way up further on this list.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt on the injury matter, and hope for a fully healthy return in 2016.  If deemed healthy, other teams may make a play for him. 
10.             DARRELL CECILIANI: I like him, and I know I would be in the minority, but I like him more than Nimmo – except he keeps pulling hamstrings, which is a real problem he has to figure out, or it all will become academic.  He was in a bit over his head during his sporadic playing time in Queens this summer, but who wasn’t until Conforto got there.  Due to his time in the bigs and another leg injury, he managed just 70 games in Vegas, but put up .345/.398/.581 numbers and stole 16 of 20 bases besides.  DC has a real chance IMO to supplant strikeout Kirk Nieuwenhuis as Mets 5th OF in 2016.
45 prospects discussed so far, 5 to go. 
See my next article for the particulars.


Mack Ade said...

Wotell at #6...


Tom Brennan said...

Mack, Wotell is my Wild Card guess. I did the easy part - put him up on the pedestal -now it is up to Wotell to do the heavy lifting and be the superstar we all know he truly be :)

Ernest Dove said...

DARRELL CECILIANI at number 10 huh?
Ooooooooooh Thomas.............

Tom Brennan said...

@Ernest: Darrell, Darrell, Darrell!!

Some day, we may hear the chant again.