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Good morning.

Tom Brennan has informed me that he will be taking some time off from writing here at Mack’s Mets. I want to thank him for being a class act since the day he arrived here and I hope to keep seeing his comments on the site while he rests up for the 2016 season.
Let’s hope he returns both soon and rested.

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Mike Liguori asked -

I'm not on the Zobrist bandwagon.  I think it's too much money for a guy who's mid 30s.  $15 million for 4 seasons is not worth it.  I'd rather the Mets spend a little more money and go for a 26 year old outfielder named Jason Heyward.  Here's why I think it.  Guy is 26 years old and yet to hit his prime.  He is a much better hitter than Zobrist and a pretty damn good outfielder, who probably would be fine in centerfield for 162 games.  Zobrist on the other hand is much older and the Mets also have a guy by the name of Dilson Herrera who is pretty close to major league ready if not ready.  He showed flashes of what people are saying he's going to be and might be a better defensive option then Zobrist.  Why go 4 years on Zobrist, who eventually will be a bench player when you can go in for Heyward who I'm sure would have no problem joining a team who's got a chance to win it all.

Let me know your thoughts.

Mack – I like your thinking on both Zobrist and Heyward. The only problem I see is getting the Mets to commit to the amount of years that Heyward is going to command in the off season.

About Herrera… he is major league ready or, at least, past the minor leagues. I think he just needs steady work in the majors to get his mojo on, but that’s just me.

Michael Mayer ‏@themainemets  - You can't keep prospects in the minors forever. Dilson Herrera has the talent to be the Mets 2B for a long time.

I truly believe that Herrera will solve all the Mets anticipated problems at second base.

Getting back to the 2016 off-season, we need (at least) another big bat to fill in the gap left open when both Daniel Murphy and Yoenes Cespedes exited. My only question back to you is are you ready to sign an eight year deal with Heyward because that’s what he’s probably going to get another team to offer him.

It's been less than two days that the Mets world has found out that Sandy Alderson has been diagnosed with cancer and we have found out two new facts about the 2016 Mets that would seem to normally be kept under wraps by Alderson.

Mets VP John Ricco told reported that none of the young Mets starters have been approached with any form of extended contracts or discussions in that direction.

This was followed with the announcement that both catchers, Travis d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki, will be worked out this spring at addition positions with the hopes of someday getting both of them in the lineup at the same time.

Is this a new open door policy the Mets have begun with the beat press  or is Ricco just doing his interpretation of Alexander Haig?

I can't wait to hear what's next.


eraff said...

As a Lineup "Piece", Zobrist makes a lot of sense.Positional flexibility and he hits from both sides...and he's a Professional Winner. He covers 3 IF Positions adequately...plus SS in a pinch. He also plays 2 OF Corner spots. Finally---it's depth for Wright's problems.

The Money-Time-Age considerations are the big concern for Me. He does "replace" much of what Murphy PLUS Kelly would provide. They are 4 bats short of their playoff roster, and I believe Wright will make that a 5th missing bat for a good part of the year.

As for Heyward---he's physically talented, defensively skilled.... the Offensive stats hide the reality that he is a highly compromised offensive player. I won't be foolish and argue against how effective he's been....I'll confess that I'm arrogant when looking at him an "concluding" that all of his offensive production is tent versus SKILL based. I don;t believe it will wear well---he's not an offebsive "natural"---he's certainly not a Mid Order Bat....and I want a Mid Order Bat with my 200 million dollar players.

I hoping for a Cespedes Surprise.

eraff said...

I meant to write that Heyward's offensive production looks like it's Talent versus real skill....and I believe it will fade to some extent. He's a fine player, but again--- my 250 million 10 year Bauble needs to be a Dominant Offensive PLayer.

Tom Brennan said...

Thanks, Mack. I appreciate all you guys.

Cespedes would be fine. Herrera is ready, IMO. Zobrist is OK if there is an exit strategy.

Have a great day.

Mack Ade said...

Traveling home today...

Hobie said...


That Alexander Haig line was classic. Safe trip.

bgreg98180 said...

As I was mentioning yesterday in the comments section:
Heyward or Cespedes contracts if 6 or 8 years should be seen as LESS of a gamble/risk
then Zobrist on a 4 yr contract when you factor in the ages of the players during the contract years.

Richard Jones said...

I think that it is crucial that the Mets do sign Heyward or Cespedes to capitalize on their 2015 run. Before this year the Mets would have had to way over pay to get someone like Heyward. Now their contenders and I agree with Mack. Heyward would have no problem signing with contenders.

The Cespedes trade worked and it got us to the playoffs. The Mets will not be successful if they seek to follow that pattern of trading prospects for a rental player to make a late run.

That trade should have accomplished two thing. Bring respect back to the Mets and also it should have increase revenue. The only way ownership makes that a long term win is to use both. Sign Heyward. Plan B sign Cespedes.

bgreg98180 said...

Alright it's official.
Rocco has spoken this evening and has made it painfully clear.

The Mets have become a joke of an organization that is more worried about $$ spent than creating a sustainable, winning organization.

Not in the market for a starting outfielder?
Cespedes too expensive?
Zobrist is the top off season target.

This front office has its head so firmly and completely shoved up its own rear end that it's view of this team, it's potential, and it's needs must be obscured by the tongue and teeth in its mouth.

Anonymous said...


Just to try and balance out the pessimism in your comment. Cespedes' playoff performance in my opinion put the final nail in the coffin in resigning him, less so with how he hit but rather his defense in center. Striking out 30% of the time in the post season also didn't help his case. Also in regards to not being in the market for a starting outfielder, outside of Heyward and Cespedes what other outfielders mark a serious upgrade as in being a starter rather than trying to get a guy like Parra to platoon? I'm not the biggest Zobrist fan, but the position flexibility does offer more than say resigning Murph since Zobrist is still better with the glove and he can also play some outfield. And just in regards to Heyward I think he's worth a contract that people are talking about for him, but he might lose some value moving to CF since he's only played about 30 games there in his entire career and he does have a good bat, but will they get the near or over .800 OPS Heyward or the one pushing closer to the .700 area. That just to me makes a Zobrist and hopefully a guy like Parra or Span for a CF platoon offseason a better one than going after Ces or Heyward. My bigger gripe is missing out on the top relievers in the market like O'Day and Soria.

bgreg98180 said...

Look at the whole picture here.

There is a big hole in the 3rd & 4th places of the lineup.
I don't care what positions these hitters play but given the current roster OF is the more efficient route to fill with.

Wright and D'Arnaud's health make them too unreliable.
Conforto is too young to gamble an entire season on.
Duda has proven beyond a doubt this past season he can't do it.
Granderson? Then there would be a hole at leadoff.

Seriously look at the entire team/lineup realistically as a 162 game season without rose colored glasses.

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