The Morning Report 12.15.2015 | Cespedes Price Tag Still a Tad Too High, Mets Extend PDC with Kingsport, Mets Sign 4 to Minor League Contracts


Kristie Ackert | NY Daily News- The Mets still have a hole in their outfield, but they are not going to a burn a hole in their pocket to fill it. Despite newfound money due to the retirement on Michael Cuddyer and not having to spend $56 million for Ben Zobrist, the Mets are not interested in Yoenis Cespedes and other expensive outfield bats — at least at the current asking price. Industry sources said the 30-year-old outfielder is looking for a deal in the neighborhood of six years at around $120 million. That is not the kind of neighborhood the Mets are interested in. But the door is not completely shut on Cespedes. The Mets have had contact with his representatives this winter and if his price tag and length of contract come down, the Mets would be happy to welcome him back.

(Chris Soto: Focus really hard on the wording of the article...Kristie is basically saying that the Mets DO want Cespedes back but it seems like they are unwilling to go the 6th year needing to obtain him. Personally, I'm ok with that thinking, especially for a guy who is more of an athleticism play than he is baseball instincts. Lets first see if anyone is willing to give him a 6th year before committing ourselves to that kind of figure.)

Staff Report | Kingsport Times-News- The New York Mets signed a five-year contract extension with the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city of Kingsport that will keep the minor league Kingsport Mets at Hunter Wright. The agreement extends a long-running commitment between the Model City, the KCVB and the Mets. The K-Mets have had a player development contract with New York since 1980, making them the eighth-longest affiliated team in minor league baseball. “We are ecstatic that the New York Mets have extended their long-term presence in Kingsport an additional five years,” Jud Teague, KCVB executive director said. “They contribute to our local economy and are great community partners. We look forward to working with the Mets organization to continue to improve the stadium and game experience.”

(Chris Soto: With all the movement and rumors swirling around multiple upper level minor league affliates of the Mets, It's good to see having some stability in the lower levels. The Kingsport team is now locked up for 8 more season, the St. Lucie team has a low standing relationship with the county that is unlikely to be broken, and the Brooklyn team is owned by the Mets.)

Danny Abriano | Rising Apple- The Mets have agreed to terms with four players on minor league deals, the team announced. RHP Buddy Carlyle, LHP Duane Below, and IF Marc Krauss signed and were invited to Major League Spring Training. The Mets also signed LHP Andrew Barbosa, who did not receive an invite to Major League Spring Training. Of the players, the only one who might be on the radar for a spot on the 25-man roster out of Spring Training is Carlyle, but that would likely only happen if there are injuries to those ahead of him on the depth chart.

(Chris Soto: Expect to see a lot more of these types of signings during the month of January. With the large number of prospect promotions and trade the Mets made in 2015, the AAA and even the AA ended up carrying a number of journeymen who were eligible for Minor League Free Agency. Las Vegas lost 13 players to MiLB free agency, 1 to Rule 5, and Binghamton lost 8 to free agency and 3 to trade. Their just aren't enough bodies in the middle minors to fill those spots.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Binghamton Mets OF Joe Benson has signed a minor league deal to play for the Minnesota Twins.
  • Las Vegas SP Dillon Gee has signed a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite to play for the Kansas City Royals.
  • The San Francisco Giants signed RHP Johnny Cueto to a 6 year/$130M contract with an opt out after 2 seasons.


Thomas Brennan said...

Giants are doing some gigantic spending. Mets are swimming with the Lilliputians.

Give Cespedes 5 years, $110 million if you are that concerned he'll stink year 6 of a 6 year, $120 MM deal.

I hate seeing them fill up the minors with old journeymen. Let young guys struggle at higher levels and move them up faster. Such as the departed Martires Arias.

Ernest Dove said...

Im too lazy to go through the numbers but perhaps Mets are calculating through their stud arms service time here.......
At some point they're gonna have to pony up $15-20 mil/yr for at least one of their arms and I believe 6yrs to Cespedes would definitely coincide with that.
So would you rather lock up an ace or be happy to have a 35-36yr old outfielder who strikes out a lot and has lost some his superior athleticism?

Anthony Carnacchio said...

A real shame that Alex Gordon has nowhere to play on this team, would be an excellent overall additions, strong d, gamer, good stick, just a guy you want up there with the game on the line, right Familia? At this point, just listening to offers for Harvey would be a good idea, look what the braves got for Shelby Miller, somebody not even close to Harvey's caliber, can't hurt to listen right?

Christopher Soto said...

AAA- Las Vegas SS Wilfredo Tovar has signed with the Minnesota Twins

Ernest Dove said...

At this point, with Mets paying good money for a new middle infield, im a little surprised they wouldn't have considered a Tovar over a Tejada to simply play solid defense as a backup......
I guess the organization feels he has zero ability to ever hit major league pitching.
Perhaps time will now tell. Good luck to him.

James Preller said...

For 2016, I want to keep Harvey and build a quality team around that staff.

I think you give Cespedes a fair offer -- 5/$110 sounds about right -- and move on if he rejects it.

I don't think the age is that much of a factor, so much as the extended risk of a player who has the capability of flaking on you.

In the WS, one of TC's absolute worst moments was allowing Cespedes to continue batting after he injured his knee (and was unable to run). Terry showed that he was afraid to stand up to Cespedes, and intimidated by Harvey. It's a worry where it concerns Wright, asking his permission to work out a schedule, and so on. A weak manager and Yoenis Cespedes is a scary combination. I think there are valid concerns with this guy.

Kevin S said...

The Giants signing of Cueto is pretty significant. They had been linked as a potential destination for one of the big $ outfield bats. But after committing over $200M to Cueto & Samardzija, they will most likely refrain from further large contracts.

Looking at destinations for the four +/-$100M bats still on the market (Gordon, Upton, Cespedes & Chris Davis), I don't see too many suitors. The Cardinals have stated that they will most likely not be signing any of these guys. I'm 99% sure the Cubs aren't signing one of these guys. I believe the Nats were interested in Heyward for CF until Werth is done so I don't see them as a match for these guys. I don't envision NYY, BOS, TOR or LAD being involved on these guys.

On paper, the Angels make the most sense for Gordon. OF upgrade who bats from the left side to help balance out there righty heavy lineup. The Orioles still make the most sense for Davis. I just don't see 1B needs for contending teams or needs for non contenders to commit the $ to Davis. I really only see Detroit as our competition for Cespedes, should the Mets get into the 4-5 year deal range. Detroit could us Upton as a fallback since they just acquired Maybin for CF duties.

Thomas Brennan said...

If I am Cespedes, would I want to be in the World Series the next 5 years with the Mets, or in lovely Detroit? It is not ALL about $$, Mr Cespedes. Choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone has the future planned out!
Cespedes signs 5/110
Harvey gets traded next off-season
Duda goes FA when Smith is ready
Now Sandy can concentrate on signing Thor-DeGrom and Matz,
to long term contracts?
Matz should get a Niese like deal 5/25 with options
DeGrom more like the Wright 1st extension 6/42
Same with Thor
How would that be for the future of the Mets??
Atleast the next 6 years

Ernest Dove said...

My 2 cent good for nothin prediction is that the next Met to receive a 5+yr 100+mil contract will be an arm and/or Michael Conforto...........

Thomas Brennan said...

Wilfred Tovar AND Mike Pelfrey with the Twins? Watch out. Oh wait, isn't Mike (11-27 with Twins) now a free agent? To far will have to carry the load.

Thomas Brennan said...

"To Far" is Tovar, of course.

Lew Rhodes said...

Pelfrey signed with the Tigers I believe.

Why don't we offer Cespedes a 5 year deal with an opt out after 2?

The opt outs all seem to be the rage these days - if he mashes for 2 years with the Mets he can still cash in nicely at 32

Gary Seagren said...

Noticed we just signed Blevins to a 4 million dollar deal and he pitched like what 6 innings and broke his arm twice...amazing. I have a 2 yr. old grandson and I'm already throwing with him from 8 ft. left-handed so if I teach him to just get one lefty hitter out by the time he's ready for the big's LOOGY's will probably be worth what $15-20 million a year and his arm ain't broken.

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