The Morning Report 12.8.2015 | Mets Await Zobrist's Decision, Edgin Making Progress/Expects to be Ready Opening Day, Baseline Value Set for Potential Jon Niese trade

Kristie Ackert NY Daily News- Ben Zobrist’s camp informed the Mets and others at the Winter Meetings that they expect to have a decision by “the end of the week.” First, the 34-year old will meet Tuesday with the Nationals at the Opryland Hotel. Many believe the decision will come down to the Mets and Nats. Zobrist’s representatives told the Mets and others that they were all planning to sit down and begin making a decision on Wednesday. “That could mean he makes a decision Wednesday night,” one industry source said. “Or it could mean by Sunday or Monday. But no one thinks it goes much further.”

(Chris Soto: I have succumbed to the fact that the Mets really want Zobrist. Fine, I get it, I am all for any free agent signing that makes the team better. Let's just make sure we get him and not the Washington Nationals. To be fair...over his past 5 seasons, Zobrist has averaged 148 Games per season with an outstanding .796 OPS. He may not be sexy, but his numbers are outstanding and better than any season Murphy was able to post. If his skillset can age well like the Mets think it will, then I am ok with the signing.)

Brian Devine | Metsmerized Online- According to Assistant General Manager John Ricco, left handed reliever Josh Edgin is making progress from Tommy John surgery and could be ready around opening day. Edgin has not had any setbacks in his recovery, and could be an effective weapon out of the bullpen next season if he returns to full health. “It’ll be about a year out right around Opening Day, and he’s progressing, hasn’t had any setbacks to this point,” Ricco said.

(Chris Soto: Spring Training is going to be an important barometer for Edgin. Is he truly 100%? or is this another Bobby Parnell case where a talented reliever is going to never find his stuff again? We wont know until Edgin steps onto that mound come March. Regardless, the Mets need a much more sure thing than Edgin and even Blevins. If you could pair those two with an Antonio Bastardo for instance, who held lefties to a .138 AVG, you have the makings of a very solid bullpen that has depth.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Braves could be close to finalizing a trade for young SP Shelby Miller today.
  • The Nationals signed 31 yr old RP Shawn Kelley to an undisclosed major league contract. Last season Kelley posted a 2.45 ERA and 63 strikeouts. This could open the door for a Papelbon or Drew Storen trade as the club now has a surplus of late inning RP arms.
  • The Boston Red Sox traded LHP Wade Miley to the Seattle Mariners for LHSP Roenis Elias and RHRP Carson Smith.
(Chris Soto: The Braves continues to blow up the squad and try to re-tool for 2017. Man Freddie Freeman should give David Wright a call to see how it feels to be part of a losing squad during the prime of your career.

It seems like the Mets and Nationals are continuing to compete for the same free agents every time a potential name pops up. O'Day, Kelley, Zobrist, etc. This is turning into a very heated battle to build the best team possible to grab control of the NL East.

The Red Sox deal is EXTREMELY important for the Mets as it sets a baseline for what the Mets should expect should they decide to deal LHSP Jon Niese. Both guys are 29 yr old left handed SPs, generally thought of as solid #4 rotation guys. Both have career K rates of 7.0 per 9 IP, Miley's BB rate is 2.8 per 9, Niese is 2.7 per 9 IP. Miley has a career 3.95 ERA, Niese is at 3.91.

The fact that the Red Sox were able to get a younger, possibly more talented, lefty in Elias + one of the best young RP in baseball in Carson Smith is an unbelievable steal! Do I think the Mets would get a similar package? Probably not, but as a Mets fan I would be exctastic if the club could get their hands on a controllable young RP who posted a 2.31 ERA thanks to a 11.8 K/9 rate with a slider filthy enough to make Mike Trout look silly.)


Anthony Carnacchio said...

Please, if Zobrist signs go out and acquire an athletic shortstop that can play defense.

Anonymous said...

We already have it, Luis Guillorme.

Zozo said...

We don't need Zobrist, we have Flores and Herrera who could put up the same or better numbers for next to nothing compared to what Zobrist is going to get. Zobrist go to the Nationals!!!

If that trade for Jose Fernandez with the Dodgers is available for us, I would trade Harvey and Herrera for Seager, Urias and Van Slyke. What do you guys think?

Soto- I agree they need to sign another Lefty or two. Edgin probably still has options available, so keep him in the minors. Sign 2 of Tony Sipp, Bastardo or Thorthon.

Zozo said...

I know our strength is pitching but they say you can never get enough of it. So here is my next proposal and tell me if it's enough to get this player?

The Mets trade Nimmo, Cecchini, Plawecki, Duda and Beccera For Chris Sale of the White Sox. I add Duda because they are looking to trade Laroche, what do you do you guys think, is it enough? He has a very controllable contract for the few years and adds another lefty to out arsenal. Or how about that package for Sonny Gray?

Christopher Soto said...


That's the thing....its not.

Dodgers scoffed at the idea of trading Seager, Urias, and De Leon for Fernandez. Seager and Urias are about as untouchable as any prospects in baseball.

Christopher Soto said...


You run into the law of diminishing returns argument here.

How much more value does adding another pitcher give the Mets? Move us from the 3rd best rotation in baseball to the 2nd?

That doesn't really move the wins counter up much.

On the flip side though, Say you move that same package for an A.J. Pollock from Arizona..He provides you AVG, Steals, Runs, Defense...suddenly you vault the Mets offense from 27th to lets say 15th......that could have a HUGE impact on this team.

No matter how much pitching this team has.....you can't win if you don't score. The Mets need more hitters....not pitching.

bgreg98180 said...

3rd & 4th place hitter please.

Mack Ade said...

I'm thrilled with the Edgin update. He makes things a lot easier if he's around for the LOOGY position.

Zozo said...

I agree but it could make trading Harvey that much easier. I also think that My Harvey trade would be enough on both sides of the scenario. I also added Herrera to that deal. And wasn't asking for De Leon.

Getting Sale would make it easier to trade Harvey this offseason or next and have a another lefty to the rotation.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

As talented as Guilloemw is, he is not ready for the jump to the majors yet.

Tom Brennan said...

@ Bob...you are so repetitive...and I so agree with you :)

@ Chris...a Pollock acquisition would be totally intriguing.

Dallas said...

I'm confounded by what happens with Herrera if they sign Zobrist. Does he just sit on the bench unless Zobrist plays 3rd to spot Wright? Does Herrera get work at other positions? Does he even have potential at other positions? Do they just trade him? I'm not all that high on Flores, I know people say that he is young, but so is Tejada for that matter.

Zozo said...

If I were GM I would

1) sign both Heyward (8yrs) and Cespedes (6yrs) at 20 million each per season
2) trade Granderson for prospects
3)trade Harvey for Dodgers Package
4) trade for chris Sale with above package
5) trade Niese for prospects

We add $51 million in contracts (I believe $11 mil for Sale this year), but subtract
Granderson $16
Duda $8
Harvey $3
Niese $8

So we would be only adding $16 million for our penny pinching ownership group and add some young prospects to replenish our farm system as well. We would also have an amazing lineup to go with our great pitching


Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

There doesn't seem to be a place for Herrera if Zobrist is signed. He has no chance of being converted to another position.

My guess is he will be traded.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

I don't think your plan is very realistic.

The Mets are not going to begin rebuilding a National League champ.

Let's assume Zobrist signs. The Mets will move on to find someone to share CF with Lagares and you still might see a new SS or additional middle reliever... but that's about it.

The money being asked in free agency for the limited amount of top talent left is stupid money.

bgreg98180 said...

Who would you bat leadoff?
(Not judging...just asking)

bgreg98180 said...

And that is why the Mets may never be a perennial playoff contender like the St. LOUIS Cardinals.

Kevin S said...

How does involving Niese for Shawn Tolleson with Texas sound. Tolleson has had 2 good years whereas Carson Smith had 1 great season.

Tom Brennan said...

Sounds like a reasonable deal, Kevin S.

Hobie said...

While we’re in fantasyland, I would…

TRADE: Grandy, Pawlecki, Cecchini/Rosario & Niese to DET for Iglesias
SIGN: Cespedes and Murphy/Zo (my sentimental choice is Murph)
SIGN: Sipp/Bastardo, Blevins, … and Colon

LINEUP: Iglesias, Conforto, Wright, Cespedes(RF), Duda, TdA, Legares, pitcher, Dilson
BENCH: Monell, Flores, Murphy, Cuddyer, Ceciliani/Kirk/Nimmo (July)
SP: deGrom, Harvey, Thor, Matz, Verret/Colon (Wheeler in July)
RP: Familia, Sipp/Bastardo, Reed, Blevins, Robles, Edgin, Colon/Verret

Make it so.

bgreg98180 said...

Wright can not be counted on as a 3rd place hitter.
Consistency needed in that position in the lineup.
Yes he can be seen as a fill in every so often, but his health/injury/age makes him a very poor choice entering a season as your relied upon day to day 3rd place hitter.

Kevin S said...


Did you just sign Murphy/Zo for 3/4 years to be bench guys?

Zozo said...

whomever could steal me some more bases out of either Seager or Conforto

Zozo said...

The moves you say doesnt even make us a top 20 offensive team.
All my fantasyland deals would basically come out a little bit north (payroll wise) of what you will pay Zobrist if you added him to our payroll with out subtracting anyone.
Zobrist is gonna get paid $15 mil a year, getting Heyward (whom is a lot younger) and paying him $5 million a year more should be a no brainier?

Hobie said...

I did, figuring 60+ games Wright/Duda will miss (and 12 DH games)
If I were worried about my wallet, I'd have TJR fill that slot :-)

Flip Conforto/Wright/TdA any way you wish.

Reese Kaplan said...

I'd look to move Niese to the Cubs as part of a deal to get either Baez or Castro.

bgreg98180 said...


using D'Arnaud as the 3rd place hitter is limited to begin with because of his days off required by catching.
Add to that his injury history...and it makes for a questionable call as to his reliability.

Now Conforto as the 3rd place hitter would be a dramatic statement by the Mets organization.
What is he, 22 yrs old??
A risky and gutsy call.

bgreg98180 said...

Believe it or not, the following is not a joke:

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports on Twitter that Ben Zobrist has an offer in hand for $80 million over 4 years.

Crossing fingers this is not the Mets.

Christopher Soto said...


Mets already indicating that they did not make that offer, nor, would they even entertain the notion of matching it.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

There is no way that the Mets would spend $80mil on Zobrist.

I expect him to go to the Nats

bgreg98180 said...

Should be.......

Robb said...

lets be fair, theres no way the mets would spend 80 million, regardless of the player.

Stubby said...

Much as I like Castro, the Mets and Cubs will never trade now, after having faced each other in the playoffs. Both teams have rebuilt--the Cubs with hitting, the Mets with pitching--and they've come out about even (a lot of folks give a slight edge to the Cubs; I give a slight edge to the Mets). There is no way either club wants to help the other at this point--even though such a deal would make sense for both. That window is closed to us, now.

As for Miley and Niese, all facts and figures aside, the scouts have always been much much higher on Miley than they've ever been on Niese. I don't see anybody giving us a package anywhere near what Seattle gave for Miley. Not saying he can't be traded for good value--he can--but the Miley trade sets the (unrealistic) ceiling for a Niese trade, not the floor.

bgreg98180 said...

Can anybody believe any team would pay that?

Anonymous said...

No, because every other major insider is denying the truth to that completely.

Also just in my opinion a potential Zobrist signing should be seen more as Zobrist + a first rounder that they'll get when Murph signs. That in my opinion is the biggest driving force in going so hard after Zobrist, you'll likely get similar production over the next few seasons between Zo and Murph, but if you go get Zo, and you get a first rounder for letting Murph go, and who knows maybe they'll use that extra slot money to go for an over slot guy who falls out of the top 10.

bgreg98180 said...

You can just go with Herrera and Flores and still have that draft pick.

Additionally that $15 million/yr can go toward an Outfielder or 1st base upgrade.

bgreg98180 said...

If the Mets see Zobrist as being worth $15 million/ yr for 4 years there is no acceptable and logical reason that
Cespedes and Heyward could not be seen as being worth $20-25 million/ yr for 6 or 8 yrs.

Of course everything is only speculation at this point.

Tom Brennan said...

I"m with you on that, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Heyward puts up what to me is a combination of Murphy and Zobrist numbers, doesn't strike out too much, gets on base, and not too much power. I don't see Heyward having an offensive explosion and becoming a .300, 20, 100 kinda guy. I don't even see Heyward being a 20/20 player at all, so when you keep repeating you want a 3 or 4 hitter I'm just honestly a bit confused on why you're so willing to give Heyward, and i'll put it at the upper amounts that people are saying he'll get, 8 years at $25 million a year. Tons of his value comes from his defensive, I don't think anyone can reasonably expect for Heyward to be as good in CF as he is in RF. I understand the age argument, but I guess it's just a difference of opinion if you're expecting a huge offensive explosion from Heyward. I do like Heyward, but not anything more than a deal for more than $160 million, but that's just me.

bgreg98180 said...

You are correct regarding Heyward

That is why Heyward would not be my target for 3rd or 4th.
I just mentioned him here comparing money and value.

I would only be looking at Heyward as a possible replacement for Granderson at leadoff.
Again....more would have to be looked into if he is capable of that position in the lineup.
As you mention so well.....
My focus would be on a 3rd and/or 4th place hitter.

I would be looking at Outfielders and 1st basemen.

Examples: Votto, Frazier, Cespedes....