Ernest Dove - Follow Up Recap of Mets vs Braves LIVE From Tradition Field


View From the last row at Tradition Field ;)

  Hey hey hey the Mets won.....the Mets won!  Ok, its spring training, but I got to be there LIVE to watch the game and wanted to give a few thoughts/opinions/analysis on the game and the players. (ok, well technically don't ask me what happened after the 6th inning because a friend of a friend was paying for drinks, so all I can analyze was how cool the bartending staff at the stadium is)

  First things first.  The game started with a tribute to Mets staffer Shannon Forde with a moment of silence.  Both teams were lined up along the base lines, all showing respect during this time, along with the entire crowd at the stadium.

  As for the game, here are some of my thoughts:

Long Live the soft-tossing Sean

  Big shoutout to Mr. Gilmartin today, who seemed to be throwing all kinds of 80-ish MPH balls that Braves hitters could not make any solid contact on.  Gilmartin continues to show his worth to this team and its organization as a whole.  He remains a good change of pace type of pitcher the Mets can use out of the bullpen if they so choose going forward.

 Nice to meet you Mr. Pimentel

  The arms just keep coming, as the new guy Pimentel carried on the zeroes during this game, throwing hard and look pretty good overall. 

  And then there was Bradford

  Ok, its spring training.  Chasen Bradford is not projected to make the major league squad this year.  And, he just came off of a 5 pitch inning in his last outing, but today......not so much.  My one main thought throughout his 2/3 of an inning was how HARD the Braves hitters were making contact in every at bat.  That would be my main concern.  It's not always about missing bats (ask Gilmartin).  You simply can't allow BRAVES hitters to make that much solid contact back to back to back, to all sides of the field.

  Gold star of the day goes to:

  Strictly for defensive purposes, my Gold Star goes to Matt Reynolds.  He looked pretty darn solid out there at SS for the Mets, making some solid plays, showing good/accurate arm strength and showing....gulp....the dreaded word.......range.

  I think you better caaaaall Taaaaijron. (check the reference).

  Hello Mr. Travis.  I would simply like to point out that Travis makes SOLID contact on the ball.  He really hits the ball hard.  Did I mention he showed strength today?  I can only go by what I see, and not go by previous box scores, analysis and projects on this kid.  All I know is that he can smash it.  I guess, based on what's been talked about regarding Travis, he has to work on lowering the K rate, but with this team, and its 40 man, being extremely thin in the outfield, I'm now kinda glad to see that the Mets do have an option to be that '6th man' waiting in the wings in Vegas.  Oh, and is it just me, or did Travis show good speed in this game on the bases?

  I think I like De Aza

  Nothing like coming out the gate with back to back solid hits, pulling the ball nicely, and also showing speed while in the leadoff spot.  A spring game is a spring game but at the very least maybe the Mets should simply go with the money already spent and keep De Aza on the this team to be the 5th outfielder and guy who can rest guys at any position out there and leadoff while doing it.

  How about some Mack's Mets writers favorites:

  MUUUUUUUUUNO.  He started a great double play I believe !!! Ok, that's all I got.  I wish him well in Vegas
  Mr. Rivera.  All he does is hit.  But today, he's known to me and my friends as the guy who made an error and it took the entire inning before we realized it was him that came into the game to take over 2B.

  Is anyone else tired of all this shi(f)t ?

  I definitely find it interesting, especially in spring training, that the Braves were doing all kinds of huge infield shifts, for Conforto, Cespedes etc.  And, at least for today, we got a glimpse of what can happen when the Mets use timely hitting and fight off specifically aimed pitches into the shift to generate runs.  I look forward to opposing teams continuing to employ these shifts, and Mets hitters taking advantage of them.

  Overall, the theme of the game, and hopefully the season, is all about the pitching.  I enjoy quite innings.  I enjoy missing an entire inning waiting on a pretzel because the Mets pitchers simply had Braves hitters a little baffled and led to many pop ups, and also a little bit of solid defense.

  Although, I guess I can make a joke about exaggerating issues with the 'range' of Walker and Cabrera on a few plays that maybe a mid season Anderlton Simmons would make, but they continue to make the average plays.

  Final Thoughts:

  Mets fans love Yoenis Cespedes

  I got to meet the owner of the 7Line Army brand

  Idiot Royals fans keep showing up at Tradition Field (sorry, had to be said)




Mack Ade said...

Nice follow-up Ernest

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, glad you could "drink" it all in. LGM. Taijeron? Possibly a future platoon guy vs. lefties? Keep improving.

Benjamin Weisfelner said...

How did Jim Henderson look?

Ernest Dove said...

Jim Henderson seems to keep hurling in the 90s+ to 94mph range. This guy is getting interesting.

eraff said...

I like the "Call TaiiiJeron" reference!!!

Regarding Shifts---- Situational Offensive Baseball will make a big comeback over the next several years--HITTING IT WHERE THEY AINT will become The New Black!!!!

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