Mack’s Morning Report – 3-16-16 – Ruben Tejada, David Wright


Good morning.

The news of Ruben Tejada being placed on waivers caught me off guard yesterday. I mean you have a wounded Astrubal Cabrera in camp, leaving your possibilities of opening day infielders to Wilmer Flores, Neil Walker, T.J. Rivera, and Matt Reynolds.

Or is there a bigger plan here. Is this how you wind up with a backup catcher or an additional middle reliever?

Mike Puma @NYPost_Mets - Tejada is indeed on waivers; there was some wonderment in the Mets clubhouse why a proven veteran would be discarded by team trying to win.

And what if the team you close a deal with is the Dodgers. Do you play Tejada next to Chase Utley? (Bad joke)

I don’t like this move. Tejada represents someone I can predict. I still don’t see any definitive road to the majors for Rivera or Reynolds, especially since I feel the future Mets shortstop will someday be Amed Rosario.

There also seems to be some degree of certainty that the injury to Cabrera is coming to the full-heal stage.

Still, hate to see Tejada leave.

(one thing that will be interesting is watching how the last ‘utility infielder’ works out. I t seems to me that Tom Brennan wins either way here… T.J. Rivera or Matt Reynolds)

Going into Tuesday’s game, the pitching WHIP leaders were:

          Henderson          0.25
          Lugo                    0.60
          Reed                    1.00
          Ynoa                    1.05
          Harvey                1.14

The Mets will have a rare spring day off on Wednesday, giving all the starters (especially DeGrom) another day to rest.

Going into Tuesday’s game, wOBA leaders were:
          Flores                  .551
          Taijeron              .470
          De Aza                .435
          Lagares               .434
          Campbell            .429

Going into Tuesday’s game, Alejandro De Aza has the second best batting average among qualified NL batters this Spring. Travis Taijeron is tied for seventh

Mets send Gsellman, Lugo, Ynoa, Walters, Smoker, Herrera, Nimmo, Below, Pimentel, Cecchini, Smith, Krauss, Taijeron to minor league camp.

Mack – No surprises here though I’m sure Taijeron is upset after what he has accomplished in Port St. Lucie. He easily could be the first outfielder back if something changes.

Surviving the cuts: Ashley, Kelly, Rivera, Muno, Bernadina, Carlyle, Thornton

Erik Goeddel threw from a mound for the second time. Expects to have one more mound session before possibly getting into an exhibition game.

Royals have added righty Dillon Gee to their 40-man roster:

Zack Wheeler took another step in his rehab by throwing from the rubber for the first time since his Tommy John surgery

Vic Black had successful arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder.

David Wright took batting practice against Josh Edgin in Port St. Lucie. Wright will speak to Terry Collins about next step.

I still haven’t signed off on this approach the Mets are using this spring with  David Wright

        I would have expected Wright to be in a little more ‘game-ready’ shape before showing up for camp.

        Look, stenosis doesn’t go away folks. I have it. It’s something you learn to live with and not inflame.

        I’ve written about this a number of times. I can’t imagine trying to play major league caliber baseball with what Wright has… and I give him all the credit in the world of trying to work his way into whatever shape he can get in… but playing your first, sort of, game on March 14th,  and not playing the field is, is nowhere near ready for opening day.

        And yet… Astrubel Cabrera is hurt, Gavin Cecchini’s hammy isn’t fully healed, and you would think the best move right now would have been to keep playing Wilmer Flores on third and keep Ruben Tejada around.

        Something’s rotten in Denmark here. We’re just not getting the whole story told to us at this point.

 I can just feel it.


Tom Brennan said...

The whole story, Mack, is the ascendancy of T.J. Rivera or Matt Reynolds!!!! I do agree that the devil you do know could be better than the ones you don't. Of course, Danny Muno is saying, hey, don't forget me.

Maybe this is a way of Mets reducing payroll a bit after taking on the Cespedes load a bit unexpectedly.

Anyway, you want a Ruben, go to a Jewish Deli. Plenty of mustard.

I happened to look at Kirk the other day: 18 at bats, 9 Ks. Glad he is gone.

Taijeron may not have made it out of spring, and no doubt he did not expect it any other way going in, but he is apparently next in line for a call up. Time for him to terrorize AAA and scale down the Ks. He is an extra base hit machine...one every 7.5 official minor league at bats despite the bad K rate...nice machine to have.

Dallas said...

If guys like Campbell and Reynolds are on the roster over Tejada then I consider that a fail. They are not major league players.

Ernest Dove said...

I also dont understand the tejada situation if it leads to them acquiring a new backup catcher (who im sure won't be as good offensively as Plaw) or reliever that would still lead to Mets having an extra infielder who's not as good as tejada.
All 25 guys are important on a playoff contending team. No offense but I prefer a 90+ win team to not be rounded out on roster with Soup/Reynolds/Muno/Rivera etc as the 25th man.

bgreg98180 said...

No reason to put Tejada on waivers in order to find a trade for him.

If anything, I would assume placing him on waivers just decreases his trade value.

I wonder.....was it something Tejada did?? or say???

Of course, with as closed and protective the Mets organization is under Alderson, the only way information about this could get out to the public will be if Tejada opens up.

Odd moves like this, with out an apparent reason, is something that has driven Met fans and Met Media crazy during Alderson's years.

Tom Brennan said...

Ernest, for you about Dom Smith about his power:

Collins was asked what he likes in Smith. “A lot. I like a lot about him. I like the way he went about camp, I like the way he handles himself,” Collins said. “He can really swing the bat. He plays very well at first base. With his swing, he’s going to end up hitting for power. He’s a good looking player.”

Hobie said...

As much as I have been hoping TJR gets a MLB shot (championing him longer then Tommy B even!), I think Campbell stands to benefit immediately from the Tejada move.

Now if Cabrera AND Wright start the season on the DL. IMHO we begin the the Flores/Herrera middle-infield era with Walker at 3rd (TJR & Campbell as UT). I have been saying all along the Wilmer will be the FT SS by mid-season anyway.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I agree with you about Taijeron. He could be nice 5th OF option even now

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

There has to be some concern in camp about middle relief right now

Reese Kaplan said...

Not to go all "grassy knoll" on you, but I wonder if Tejada's fate was sealed when he negotiated the extra service time rendering him a FA at the end of this year instead of 2017? This could be payback for that.

Ernest Dove said...

I've worked tirelessly to help sway my macks mets folk into loving Dom Smith and Rosario as much as I do.........
Im still trying to sway the vote in favor of my man Jeff McNeil. ........

Tom Brennan said...

Ernest did you see Jeff McNeil down there? Curious if it looks like he tried to beef up a bit...legally, of course.

Reese Kaplan said...

I remember seeing Taijeron playing LV against the El Paso Chihuahuas and witnessing him looking surprisingly slick as an outfielder. I agree, if you find a taker for De Aza then he could easily be the 5th outfielder who, like Ruben Tejada before him as the final infielder, wouldn't be slated to get that much playing time anyway.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Interesting you bring up the 'service time' stuff...

Sandy has been known to hold a grudge

Ernest Dove said...

Ha....hey Tom I never got to lay eyes on McNeil during the workout or spring game. I know hes mentioned wanting to put on weight.

I look forward to laying my eyes on guillorme and Beccera this year and deciding if they deserve my next ballplayer man crushes

Tom Brennan said...


My take on Guillorme is he has many great attributes, but he has yet to show he has Bud Harrelson power. And Bud was the standard for non-power.

Becerra I have a feeling will have a BIG year.

Taijeron last year vs. lefties was .304/.418/.637. A platoon guy and PH vs. lefties could work, but I'd like to see him get another 200-300 AAA at bats to show he is still improving...his K rate against lefties is 1:4, vs. righties about an awful 1:3

Mack Ade said...

All these shortstop 'prospects' can't make themselves to Queens some day. They have to find other positions to offer the Mets a future with them.

I loo for Guillorme to start working at 3B in the future...

eraff said...

My Take---- Campbell is a Seviceable RHB who can play OF in a Pinch---They're trading Tejada for Campbell...??

Stubby said...

I thought the word was that Rosario, not Guillorme, projected more as a third baseman. That was the Fangraphs evaluation. "Based on his footwork, he probably fits better as a third baseman." Guillorme is a natural at short. I suppose, ultimately, it comes down to which one develops into a major league caliber hitter first. All things considered, though, I'd rather keep the "best defensive shortstop in the system" at short and move Rosario, who has power potential that Guillorme does not, to third.

I think Wright will be fine this year. I don't know from stenosis, but I've had bone spurs. From that moment on, Joe Dimaggio became my hero as I couldn't imagine playing baseball with that much pain. These guys aren't us and, to them, the pain of playing with these conditions is less than the pain of not playing. David will be fine.

TP said...

Tejada move is pure payroll.

Dallas said...

I guess its revealing that not a single other team thought he was worth $3mil

bgreg98180 said...

If you are an interested team....why would you pay knowing the Mets are just letting him go anyway.

Look to see how long it takes for him to catch on with another club.
That will be the true statement on how he is viewed by other teams.

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