Mack’s Morning Report – 3-15-16 – Backup Catcher, Bullpen, Jacob deGrom, David Wright, Spring Report Card

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Good morning.

I brought this up in Monday’s comment section. It seems that there are reports out there that the Mets are trying to secure the services of a new backup catcher to fill in on off days for Travis d’Arnaud. This would strengthen my long standing theory that it would be better for the team in the long run to ship out Kevin Plawecki to Las Vegas so he can play there every day.

I assume the Mets are not happy with Johnny Monell at this point which has got to hurt this kid reading these stories while he plays his heart out in camp.

My only other question would be for who. I assume the Mets consider both d’Arnaud and Plawecki future quality major league catchers. There doesn’t seem to be much need for a third so would Alejando De Aza be too much to deal off for this move?

David Lennon gave Jeurys Familia the chance to brag about the 2016 Mets  bullpen   -

“Right now, the most important thing is the rotation, everybody knows that,” Familia said. “But with the bullpen we have, when the year is over, and we finish as champions, everyone is going to know about the bullpen.”

Mack – I really like the 7-8-9 team of Antonio Bastardo, Addison Reed, and Familia. I would have liked it much more if it was Rafael Montero, Mr. Boogy Man, and Familia, but that’s not going to happen any more.

I worry here. I still need to see one more dominant reliever develop this season.

Former Mets minor leaguer Cory Vaughn has signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks

Mets pitchers Jacob deGrom isn’t having the happiest spring training so far. First, there was the story that leaked out that he hadn’t signed his 2016 contract in protest over not being offered more… then, he missed time last month due to a minor leg injury… and now, his back stiffened up after a bullpen session and he was scratched from his Monday start.

Many of us seasoned Mets fans have in the past uttered ‘and so it begins’ when we start to see a player on the downslope. Let’s hope this isn’t happening here.

Terry Collins sat Ruben Tejada down to talk about trade rumors. Told him nothing he can do, just play

Mack – Maybe Tejada will be dealt for a backup catcher. I just don’t understand why this team just can’t leave things alone right now.

Well, there’s been a Captain sighting.

David Wright played in a minor league game yesterday and went 1-5 (single). He didn’t seem to have any problems either running or playing in the field. I’m surprised they kept him in for five at bats, but whatever. The good news is he seems to be on target for his March 17th debut with the real team.

Rainy Lara got to pitch yesterday on his birthday… 0.2-IP, 4-ER, 54.00… schmikies…

It’s March 15th so it’s a good time to take a long at the team overall.
Frankly, I’m not that impressed at this point.

Yes, the team is ranked ninth in team batting (.283), but their 5.38 ERA ranks them only 23rd in a league of 30 teams. And this is with Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard giving up only one run in 10 innings.

It’s time for the next round of roster trims and many should be pitchers… Duane Below (23.14), Jeff Walters (15.00) and Stolmy Pimentel (8.31) stand out as prime candidates.

One tip of the Mack’s hat goes to Eric Campbell. He’s hitting .313, but, even more importantly, he has a .429 wOBA. In by book, he is sewing up a utility spot especially since he can play first base.


Tom Brennan said...

Eric Campbell has 9 lives. Hopefully he can hit if he makes it. Last year was awful.

Rainy Lara and Gsellman...not ready for prime time.

With Robles as our 4th key pen arm, we are in good shape in the pan.

Ernest Dove said...

I personally still don't agree with sending Plawecki to vegas.
I don't think he's a minor leaguer Anymore.
I understand the role of a backup catcher is not easy when it comes to languishing on the bench and all but the Mets are the defending National League Champions. They have goals to win the world series. Every game is extremely important.
I think Plawecki will improve his 2015 offensive numbers and he can easily play at least once a week.
Maybe the Mets have already quitely decided that neither one can or should play 1B so perhaps thats also a factor.

Mack Ade said...

There's room for only eight players on the field each day with only one catching and one playing first base.

I'm not sure Plawecki will ever get a fair sake on this team.

eraff said...

I believe the PLawecki AAA idea has fuel... he can get ab's...and he can build value.

The Trade Chips on Hand are d'Aza, Tejada, and Plawecki---they are also DEPTH.

They should trade them ONLY when/if they've identified a Need. Otherwise, they are good Bench/Depth Guys for a Pennant Team.

Tom Brennan said...

Ask Plawecki if he'd want limited time in majors or playing everyday in Vegas - my guess ia he'd only think about it for 2 seconds. No one wants Vegas over Queens.

Johnny Mo is going to have to figure out how to improve on that .476 OBP if he wants to make this club. If plawecki goes down for a month or two, why would Monell be bad - a lefty when d'Arnaud sits against righties. Who'd be better.

Personally, keep Plawecki (hitting .350) on the Mets

Ernest Dove said...

I'd like to know now much say the games best rotation can have in this decision with backup catcher.
They seemed to do just fine thank you with TDA & Plaw behind the plate last year.

Craig Brown said...

Another thing to consider in regards to the backup catcher..neither d'arnaud or plawecki is adept at throwing out runners. The Royals ran the bases on them with little fear, and with every team in baseball watching. It would be a good idea to get a defense first backup catcher that we could put out there when they play teams with speed...maybe Austin hedges in San Diego? They do have a catcher surplus...

eraff said...

So Tom, if you're running the franchise, you're going to ask all of the players whether they'd prefer the big league team of the minor league squads? FunnyBall?

Mack Ade said...

cut this morning -

Gsellman, Lugo, Ynoa, Walters, Smoker, Herrera, Nimmo, Below, Pimentel, Cecchini, Smith, Krauss, Taijeron

Unknown said...

David Wright did not,play the field.

eraff said...

do MLB squads have cut down dates, like NFL?... or is this just a mattre of Organization and Focus?

Tom Brennan said...

Eraff...nah, but I like looking at it from the player's (Plawecki's) point of view more than the ownership side. I am a fan of the players...owners are peripheral. But if I were an owner, I'd want Plawecki as my back up catcher, and have hitting catchers for a full 162 games. If the opponent steals more bases, a lesser concern than the added offense to me. I believe Plawecki is 100% ready for the bigs. He got his hiccups out of the way in 2015.

eraff said...

Plawecki is, I agree, MLB ready...or near to it.

If he takes 50-100 destructive ab's at Vegas, he propels his personal Stock. Face it, his quickest route to an Every Day role is a trade.

They will hold him until it benefits them...the big part of the year would be Plawecki as an MLB Backup---early year benefits for him and the team to place him at Vegas....at a time when the Scheduke is Looser at the MLB Level--- I'd anticipate a Month, if they send him down.

Mack Ade said...

Artie -

thanks for the correction

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