Mack’s Morning Report – 3-27-16 – Right Field, Ivan Wilson, Tomas Nido, Phillip Evans, Lucas Duda


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Ex-Met John Gant being considered to become part of the Atlanta Braves rotation when they break camp at the end of the month.

Fangraphs Fangraphs positional power rankings – right field –

          #12 – Mets

Granderson’s intentions at the plate are pretty clear. He finished the 2015 season as part of a group of four players — Chris Davis, Brian Dozier, and Brandon Moss representing the others — to produce simultaneously one of the league’s 10 lowest ground-ball rates and 10 highest pull rates. At the plate, in other words, he intends to hit the ball in the air to his pull side. And like those other three players, Granderson recorded strong power numbers last year. Building further on such an extreme approach is unlikely, however. And, at 35, Granderson is a candidate to suffer the baleful effects of age. That said, the projections suggest that he’s capable of doing enough to provide at least a couple wins.

Should Granderson miss time, Juan Lagares would be the most immediate beneficiary. Displaced from his starting role in center by the return of Yoenis Cespedes, Lagares will serve as the club’s fourth outfielder, perhaps working in an occasional platoon capacity with Michael Conforto. The possible lingering effects of a right elbow injury create some doubt, however, that he’ll retain the elite defense he’s exhibited in previous seasons.

Mack – The Baseball Cube has Juan Lagares playing 507 games in center, 130 in left, and 133 in right… it then has 420 in left field, 383 in center, 355 in ‘outfield’, and 112 in right for Alejandro De Aza. Neither one stands out as a right fielder, but both have a proportionate amount of appearances there. One thing for sure is it won’t be Cespedes. He hasn’t played game one in right.

Mets Director of Minor League Operations Ian Levin on Mets minor league players –

                  OF Ivan Wilson - “He’s made a lot of improvements. He’s always had great tools and he’s been working on his ability to put them into games consistently, turning those tools into skills. He’s had a really good spring doing that and working on that. The results have started to show on the field.”

Mack - Was an ‘almost prospect’ drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 drafted as a 17-year old straight out of high school. Tremendous speed, but that’s about all he has showed so far, hitting .214 over the past three seasons. Will play 2016 as a 21-year old so there still is no rush here.  Still, he needs to get out of Kingsport where he has played the last two seasons. It will be either Brooklyn or Columbia on opening day.

                  IF Phillip Evans - “Every time I look over, it seems like he’s making another play, or hitting something hard. He’s stood out in that way.”

Mack – Evans has been very disappointing since being ‘stolen’ in 2011 as a 15th round pick that had told everyone he was going to go to college. Was originally projected as the 3rd most talented shortstop that season coming out of school. Has hit .236 over five seasons in the Mets system and has now played St. Lucie twice, first in 2014 (389-AB, .247) and lastly in 2015 (252-AB, .234). I assume he will move on to Binghamton to back up Amed Rosario. Still only 23.

                  C Tomas Nido - “He has had a really good camp and could step it up during the season to become the next ‘guy,'. He’s hit the ball exceptionally hard this spring. His defense has been really good. His catch and throw skills — he’s made some great throws this spring, throwing out some good baserunners. He’s shown a lot of things on the field.”

Mack – Another ‘almost prospect’ was Nido, who was drafted in the 8th round of the 2012 draft. Came straight out of high school and got off to a slow start; however, hit .277 for Brooklyn in 2014 and .259 for Savannah last season. Put up a little pop last season (6-HR, 40-RBI) and could bypass St. Lucie where Colton Plaia and Lednier Ricardo are projected to catch.

In Lucas Duda's first 638 G games, he's hit more HR (101) than Gary Sheffield (92), Carlos Beltran (93), Justin Upton(96), & Barry Bonds (99).


Benjamin Weisfelner said...

Phil Evans....

Brian Joura said...

Loved to read the note about Ivan Wilson. There's no reason at all for me to feel anything remotely positive about him but I just think there's something there. He needs to show it this year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Happy Easter, everyone.

Phil Evans might put something together this year, but boy, has he got competition.

John Gant goes to a rebuilding team with far less competition and gets a chance. No crowd there, apparently. He'd definitely be in the minors most or all of 2016 with Mets.

If Duda can do half of what Bonds accomplished form that point forward, he will be the greatest Mets offensive player ever. Quiet spring so far.

Wilson has to cut his strikeouts in half...can he defy the odds? Champ Stuart failed to do so last year in St Lucie.

Let's hope Cespedes' shoulder is a non-issue.

Thomas Brennan said...

One impressive thing this spring is hitter contact. Dom Smith, 2 Ks in 29 PA. Johnny Monell, 2 K in 35 PA. de Aza 4 in 46 PA, TDA, 4 in 39 PA, TJ Rivera 5 in 35 PA, and Flres 7 in 54 PA, Monell making a great case for Plawecki to go back to AAA for steady playing time.

Mack Ade said...

Benjamin -

Wanted to see if you were awake...

Mack Ade said...

Brian -

Ya know, when you draft a 17 year old out of high school you have just about the same chance of developing a major league player out of the Dominican at 16...

Mack Ade said...

Tom and everyone -

Happy Easter

Metsiac said...

Yes, Happy Easter to all who observe it.��

Mack Ade said...

Metsiac -

And Happy Purim to you

Metsiac said...

Thanks, Mack. ��

Metsiac said...

Thanks, Mack. ��

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