Ernest Dove - Noah Syndergaard: Best Pitcher on the Mets ?


    Can you believe he is still only 23 years old?  He's another one of those guys who feels like has been in the organization for years following that Amazin R.A. Dickey trade and gift that keeps on giving. Yet, here we are in 2016 about to watch the mighty Thor start his first full season with the big league club.   Now, the question, is he already the top pitcher in the entire organization?

   I know, I'm doing one of those arbitrary "who's better' posts, but hear me out.  It's not just about fun times arguing amongst friends, it's also about possible thoughts and analysis on who might be best to start on certain nights, against certain top opposing pitchers, and must win games.  So, who is best for the Mets to have on the mound?  And, even if there is more to factor in when it comes to big time games, there still remains the question of who is the best and most talented pitcher on the Mets, and should one or two take priority when it comes to long term extensions because of that overall talent?

  Look at this way, Noah just finished off a rookie season, playing as a 22 year old, and putting up an extremely solid 10 strikeouts per 9 innings. Oh, and the young pitcher only went out in his last two regular season starts of the season and put up 11 and 10 strikeouts, while also going at least 7 innings in both of those starts.  Not bad for a guy still learning............. Oh that's right, he then messed around and put up 12.3 Ks for 9 innings in the post season.

  One thing you can't teach is height.  He has that.  Noah Syndergaard (not counting big sexy) is the biggest and strongest pitcher in the organization.  He consistently throws the hardest of all the aces on the staff, and I believe his curveball can match anyone else on the staff as well.  So what would I be leaving out at this point?

  I guess we can question maturity.  a clubhouse snack and a few tweets later, and all I've read or heard since is fun, respect, and loyalty from a young man whose enjoying every minute of being a New Yorker, and a Met.   

  Harvey is definitely a bulldog.  deGrom absolutely has drive and confidence.  Nobody has questioned Wheeler's determination despite not being as outgoing.  And Matz is no slouch to knowing his talent and what he brings to the table, but I believe Noah also has a true killer instinct and willingness to great, amazin, perfect, all the time.  As was the case even in the batting cage when he was upset about not perfectly making true and solid contact on the ball.....off a tee.....from the right and perfect angle.....this pleases me folks.

  Solid bullpen or not, I think it's pretty darn good to think about a starting pitcher who is capable of going into the 7th and 8th inning throwing 98 MPH still.  I assume even in their 2nd and 3rd time around the batting order, hitters don't want to still be seeing the same guy throwing 98 whose baffled them already the first couple of times.

  When his curveball is on, it's pretty much bad news for the Bears......And with more time, experience, confidence and guidance, Noah can further utilize his breaking stuff even more effectively, per game, per inning, per at bat, and learn from his mistakes, while perfecting his craft.

  He also, even as a rookie, barely walked anybody, as teams were lucky to see 2 walks per Noah start during the season.  And why should he, he throws 98-100, so you don't have to paint corners and cheat the zone all the time with this kind of stuff.  Again, imagine if he gains enough confidence and experience to trust his breaking stuff even more.

  Matz will be looking to stay healthy (well, aren't we all).  Harvey could be extremely dominant, especially if his slider is back to being incredible. deGrom once in a while was known to have an ooops start now and then and give up some homers. All the while the big Texan may be ready to keep on truckin along the road to success, and he may still be the most successful of the group long term. 

  I've been saying it for while now.  Of all the aces, and position players on this team, Noah Syndergaard is a guy the Mets need to seriously look out in the NEAR future as the guy to shell out the bucks and the long term contract to.  I believe he is not even Arb eligible until 2018.  However, he will end the year as a 24 year old. So he would be around 25ish when the arb years hit.  And would be in his absolute prime come free agency.  What if he is who he is?  What's the current market for elite top of the rotation pitchers who enter free agency at UNDER 30 years of age?  His second contract can and should be life changing money for him.  Which is why I think the Mets should try and sneek in a solid offer after this season and see what happens. 

  But, whatever, it's must me spouting off and coming up with a thought and opinion.  Let me know if I'm off base here.  Is Thor, right now, the best pitcher on this team?        


Tom Brennan said...

Put the names of Thor, Matt, Jake and Matz in a hat, draw one and he could be the best. What a problem to have! Yet, I'd side with you on Thor proving to be the best.

I would love to see these sorts of guys in BB make tons of money but in one or two year deals. I think of Gooden - what if you extended him on late 1985. He was never close to that good again, although he was far from a slouch. Koufax was a beast then suddenly felt he couldn't keep going...if he was making $35MM a year for 4 more years, he'd have continued no matter what. So I would not think of extending Thor for a while. He seems indestructible, but let's see more first.

Richard Jones said...

I don't know who will be the best in 2016 but I said it a couple of years ago, before the rise of deGrom. I believe Syndergaard will have the best career of all the current Met pitchers. His stuff is as good as any of theirs. His mechanics are solid when considering the stress it puts on the arm. He could tweak it a little for deception. His size along with his mechanics and work ethic gives him a reasonable chance to avoid TJ surgery. He established himself at a younger age than the others. deGrom is already 27.
It is exciting to be a Met fan, especially one who always loved pitching. I think Matz is slightly below the other three. As far as 2016 goes I think Harvey will have the best year followed by deGrom. Thor will be third but if it were a race it could be a photo finish. Lets hope so.

Mack Ade said...

Isn't this a great discussion?

The team has four SP1s and we're trying to figure out who is the best.


Tom Brennan said...

Mack and Richard, if Wheeler comes back as a #1 also, how mind boggling could that be?

Richard Jones said...

I really like what I see of Harvey post TJ. I think he is a better pitcher. His 2016 will be better than his 2013. Prior to his injury his mechanics weren't awful but his lack of a follow through put a lot of stress on his arm. Post TJ he has almost perfect mechanics. When I coached youth baseball I would show my kids video of Ryan and Clemens. I think you can now add Harvey.
My hope is whoever worked with Harvey is working with Wheeler and Wheeler is being a good student. Wheeler had the worst mechanics of the five and he can gain the most by working on that.
I believe Wheeler will come back as a #1. Better than his pre TJ version. I'm glad he is a Met and not a Brewer. As much as I like Fulmer I do like Wheeler more.
The Mets were 0/3 with generation K. All 5 of this group working out would bring back balance.

One comment about the original article. It doesn't matter who is the best until the playoffs come. Set the rotation and then leave it alone for the most part. Only adjust it for workload reasons. In April maybe skip Colon. If the workload gets heavy bring up Gilmartin. You don't need to mess with it to match up with another teams ace. I'll take my chance with any of the 4 against any other teams ace. Maybe Matz wouldn't be favored over Kershaw but he will give the Mets a chance.

Richard Jones said...

Mack it would be a great poll question for Mets fans. I don't know who would get the most votes but they would all get support.

Richard Jones said...

One guy who is getting left out of the discussion is Gilmartin. That's understandable but I do feel bad for the guy. There are about 6-8 teams where he is a 2016 starter. There are only 2 or 3 teams where he has no chance barring injuries and he is on one of them.
I actually think he is better than Colon but I want Colon for his leadership and the depth that was created by signing him. I think Gilmartin has the upside of a solid #3. If he has a solid start in AAA he could be valuable trade bait when Wheeler comes back.

Tom Brennan said...

Richard, I agree...think of 1-10 Sean Marcum and Gilmartin - who would you want starting for the Mets? Timing is everything.

Stubby said...

Don't know who will have the better career--too many variables--but I do think that, right now, Harvey is the best of them.

eraff said...

I want them to be Healthy...and that will determine a good deal about tehir career REALITIES...forget projections

25,4,9,23,18.... Those are the win totals for this staff( x-Fatolo).... btw, already greatly affected by 2 Tommy J's since any of them started charting MLB Wins...with Two PRIOR to their MLB totals.

I'd love to think that 3 of them would get at least 200 Met Starts...that would be sensational!!!!

Ernest Dove said...

Gun to my head, im going Harvey for a world series game 7 start............ but putting other factors into play I'd have mighty Thor on top overall

Richard Jones said...

I'm not following you on Sean Marcum vs. Gilmartin. Before his last year of college I was high on Marcum. He was hurt in his last season and dropped to a low first round pick. He hasn't proven anything since. I haven't followed him that closely but right now I would take Gilmartin anyway I think about it. If I was the Mets GM and I was offered Marcum for Gilmartin I wouldn't even have to think about it, no deal.
Am I thinking of a different Marcum than you because I still don't get the question. As far as any other current Met starter other than the fab five Gilmartin would be my choose if I had to win a game now. Colon is the best option when considering a long 162 game season.

Richard Jones said...

Thomas take back what I wrote above.
I was thinking Sean Manaea not Marcum.
Gilmartin is still my choice.

Tom Brennan said...

Definitely Gilmartin

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