B-Mets to stay in New York


At the Binghamton Mets' "New Owner Rollout" on Thursday, team president John Hughes announced that Double-A baseball is set to stay in Binghamton with a new, fresh look. Hughes revealed the Double-A affiliate of the New York Mets will play at NYSEG Stadium under a new name starting in 2017.
The news came in addition to several other exciting changes for the organization.
"Since 1992, the Binghamton Mets and New York Mets have been proud affiliates -- one of the longest affiliations in the Eastern League. We're thrilled to be keeping Double-A, New York Mets baseball here in the community but with a new name that everyone in Binghamton can call its own. The new name will bring in a new era that proudly represents a crown jewel of the community," Hughes said at the Terra Cotta in downtown Binghamton.
The team will launch a "Name the Team" contest on Opening Day, April 7. Submissions will be accepted through April 25, when the top six possible team names will be unveiled. Fans can vote for their favorite name for two weeks via the team website. The new official name of the Double-A Mets will be revealed in October 2016.
"Support from the entire community has been incredibly humbling. I have met nothing but fantastically talented people. I am honored to have been graciously accepted into the community. I look forward to seeing friends, family, and co-workers at games in NYSEG Stadium for a fantastic, affordable visit throughout the season," Hughes added.
The team's new president shared additional details on several projects the team is tackling at his presentation:
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