Mack’s Morning Report – 3-13-16 – 1968 Mets


Good morning.

I can’t get away from all this mess going on at the Donald Trump rallies. My problem is I’ve been through this movie before.

I was discharged in 1968 from the Air Force after serving a year in South East Asia with the 33rd Fighter Squadron, part of the 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron. We flew the F4-C ‘Wild Wiesel’s and was commanded by “Triple Aces” Colonel Chappie James and Robin Olds.

I was discharged in San Francisco, given three shots for the social diseases I came home with, was handed $4,000 back combat/discharge pay, was told that I could buy something called a McDonalds franchise for $2,500 down, and showed the gate after three squares and a wake up.

Me and a couple of the guy I was discharged with decided to burn our uniforms and head down to a district of San Francisco that we were told that we could buy some cheap clothes and blend into the locals until we got our stateside legs on and our hair grew back in. It was called Haight-Ashbury.

At the same time, the Mets were in ninth place in a ten place National League. The only team they would wind beating that year was the same team they came into the year with in 1962, Houston.

But this team was far from my father’s Mets back when Casey Stengel first took the field with a team worth of aging rejects no one else wanted.

No, this team had youth. Pitching wise, a 23-year old Tom Seaver, a 24-year old Jerry Koosman , and  a 21-year old Nolan Ryan.

Field wise, they had a 25-year old outfielder named Cleon Jones, a 25-year old catcher named Jerry Grote, a 24-year old shortstop named Bud Harrelson, and a 24-year old outfielder named Ron Swoboda.

But the team we would come to love when the ticker tape parade was thrown down Fifth Avenue was just beginning to form. 24-year old Ed Kranepool would arrive in 1968. So would Donn Clendenon via a trade. And a 25-year old Jim McAndrew and 24-year old Tug McGraw would round out the pitching staff. Talent. Youth. Have you heard this recently?

It’s funny how my life has developed over the years. I was anti-war when I returned from Saigon and joined John Kerry’s Vietnam Vets Against the War movement. Now, forty plus years later, I seem to be watching the same youth verses retiree, white vs. black movements, but my primary vote went to Donald Trump.

The one constant was my love for the Mets though at that point I was more interested where my next bowl was going to come from. 


Tom Brennan said...

Nice recap. Glad personally that Vietnam ended before college did, I'm sure it had plenty of horrors for you.

Tommie Agee's spring training beaning by Gibson left the Mets in 9th place in 1968. After that, in 391 PA, Agee scored a paltry 30 runs, drove in just 17, and had a .255 OBP.

1969 for Agee was so much better...97 runs and 76 RBIs...without that huge improvement, no 1969 pennant and World Series.

Richard Jones said...

I was in the Air Force but it was during peace time 83-87. I grew up on Long Island. After the Air Force I worked for Boeing for 20 years. I'm now a teacher in the Dallas TX. area. I'm certified in both math and history. I have mainly been teaching Geometry and Algebra II. This year our school had an unusually high number of students taking US History. I am teaching half a day of Geometry and half a day of US History.
General Daniel "Chappie" James is one person that doesn't show up in our textbooks that I make sure my students learn about. As far as character and leadership they don't come any finer than General James. One of the original Tuskegee Airmen, although he didn't fight with them. He was at the Tuskegee Institute training pilots during that time.
Mack thank you for your service and sacrifice.

bgreg98180 said...

Imagine if you opened that McDonald's franchise.

Free fries for every Met win?

Tom Brennan said...

Bob, Big Macks for everyone

Mack Ade said...


I was walking back to the base shit faced one night and James pulled up on his motorcycle and gave me a ride to my barracks.

Hell of a guy.

Thank you for your comments

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