MY FAVORITE METS PLAYERS - # 11 THRU # 15 by Tom Brennan

To date I have written individual articles on my Top 10 Mets Fan Favorites.
In the interests of finishing my series of articles before…ohh…the All Star break, I will now cluster my remaining Tom’s Mets Favorites rankings in groups of 5, with today’s grouping including my favorites 11 through 15. 
In case you were spending your time reading what the political pundits have to say about Mexican border walls, free college tuition that no one will ever have to pay back (right!) and other such fun stuff, and NOT READING my prior articles, these were my Top 10 Tom Brennan Fan Favorites:
1.    Noah Syndergaard (horseman # 1)

2.   Yoenis Cespedes (horseman # 2)

3.   Matt Harvey

4.   Jake deGrom

5.   David Wright

6.   Michael Conforto

7.   Steve Matz

8.   Jeurys Familia

9.   Curtis Granderson

10. Lucas Duda
Here goes #’s 11 through 15 (if your order is different than mine, that’s OK, you’re just wrong, but I won’t hold it against you):  
11. Wilmer Flores - he cried thinking he got traded, and won over the nation's heart...he had since he was 16 been in the Mets organization, got a miracle reprieve at the trading deadline, and then became a consistent and valuable contributor down the stretch.  After early season fielding jitters, he really tightened up on D and made nearly every play he was involved in. Still young, I think Flores thrives in his super-platoon expected role in 2016. Abbott and Costello, when they ponder who’s on first, what’s on 2nd and the like will have a simple answer in 2016: Wilmer Flores.
12. Travis d'Arnaud – TDA might have been higher were it not for the ongoing TDA injury bug. Late in the 2015 season, he showed terrific power. In the playoffs, he struggled at the plate attempting to hit against a stream of elite pitchers, and his ability to cut down baserunners trying to steal was weak, but I believe we see a healthier Travis in a big breakout in 2016.
13. Juan (Go Get 'Em) Lagares - did you ever see better centerfield play than from Juan Lagares in 2014?  Shag-adelic, baby. He hit well, too.  However, his arm went limp noodle in 2015, leaving us all to believe surgery was just a matter of time, and his hitting sagged also.  So, Juan says “I don’t need no stinkin’ surgery,” plays winter ball, shows himself to be healthy, and comes to camp extremely fit, but slated as a 4th/5th outfielder rather than a starter due to the re-up of one Yoenis Cespedes. Healthy, he'd be perhaps the best reserve outfielder in the entire game and a big reason why I think this team could reach 100 wins. It will be fascinating to see the evolution of Juan Lagares in 2016.

14. Addison Reed - I instantly liked this former San Diego closer when the Mets acquired him late in 2015. with a fine fastball and solid command. He had 101 saves in 2012-14, so he has been tried by fire.  Great acquisition, and a terrific guy to have in our bullpen.

15. Bartolo Colon - one of my 5 favorites in 2015, due to his entertainment value, effectiveness, calm under pressure, versatility, and let’s not forget his lethal bat.  At his advanced age (if that’s true, what am I?), I think his playing impact may diminish in 2016 relative to the contributions of the rest of the Mets ensemble of players. Hence his lower ranking in my favorites list for 2016. Still love the big guy.  May he exceed expectations for the 3rd straight year.
Notice that I have not included one acquired player yet, despite their fine skill sets.  Tune in for my #16 - #20 guys next time as they show up.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -
these are all winners in my book too

Tom Brennan said...

We have a really good group. Pray for good health for them.