Mack’s Morning Report – 3-1-16 – Bartolo Colon, Steven Matz, Curtis Granderson, Brian Mangan, Ruben Tejada


Good morning.

From beelzebot - 

Hey Mack, Some positive press on Colon - 

If he is a good influence on some other guys, I call that a win.  Are there any coaching spots for him? I have not been excited for a baseball season in a long time, even last year I was really thinking it would be the same story. I hope your health keeps holding up!  Keep writing.

Mack – I’ve been critical of the Colon signing and have predicted either a bad year or a bad injury. I’m going to back off because it seems like I’m a majority of one here.

Las Vegas pitching coach Frank Viola has always been high on pitcher Steven Matz. He told me that years ago when they were both on the Savannah Sand Gnats and he stands by his praise today  (http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/mets/frank-viola-s-tune-on-steven-matz-he-ll-be-nl-rookie-of-the-year-1.11523951) by calling for Matz to win the the Rookie Of The Year this season.

Curtis Granderson left camp early with an issue with his eye. He wore glasses while in camp… later on in camp, Jeurys Familia, while throwing live BP, drilled Neil Walker in the lower leg. Walker not only survived it but he didn’t even rub it. Anthony DiComo reported that it didn’t seem like anything serious, though it does look to be ‘pink eye’.

Brian P. Mangan ‏@brianpmangan  -

Biggest threats to the Mets in order...

1) 5th starter (prior to Wheeler return)
2) Asdrubal Cabrera's defense
3) Health?

Team is good.

Cabrera is 30. He's a combined -30 DRS in the last 3 years, and -25.4 UZR over that same time period.

Mack – My number one concern with this team is the same concern I have had every year… health.

The team does seem to have some more depth than it has had in other years, but depth can go away pretty quickly.

My first worries in this category are first base and the outfield, but that’s just me.

Baseball is thinking of expending to 32 teams soon.  JP Morosi has his thoughts on the two new teams he is suggesting (Austin and Montreal), and the new division the Mets would be in (NY, Pittsburgh, Philly, Baltimore)

Mack – An interesting pick of teams. I would have had Vancouver over Austin.

As for the so-called new Mets division, keep it along I95 and exchange Pittsburgh with Washington.

Lastly… Adam Rubin seems to be writing off Ruben Tejada’s future as a Met. I don't understand why Mets fans and writers can't be happy with this guy as a utility infielder. I'm still not sure if Abstrubel Cabrera was a good sign, but that is Wlimer Flores' problem, not Tejada.

My guess is Gavin Cecchini (currently injured) is pushing Matt Reynolds to Queens to replace Tejada. 

I hope the Mets know what they are doing here because I will tell you one thing... Tejada is someone we do know.


Tom Brennan said...

In my article coming out on Thursday at 10 AM, I make the same point as Viola - I think Matz will win Rookie of the Year - and he looks an awful lot like a great hall of Famer did at a young age - check out the picture to see who.

Kate Smith says, it won't be over til the fat man (Colon) sings - around mid-September.

Another day to be excited about the most exciting team in baseball.

Zozo said...

I think we should sign David Freese to backup 1st and 3rd? What do you guys think? That way we can trade Tejada and round out this teams backups just a bit

Ernest Dove said...

Don't be shocked if Mets pitchers take home the Cy Young and ROY awards. .....

Tom Brennan said...

Ernest, I won't be shocked.

Gary Mack said...

Bartolo Colon might make a good pitching coach for the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2017

Unknown said...

Do you think Cabrera's Dee will be better playing on grass instead of turf for at least the home games?

Mack Ade said...

Mike -

I think everybody's defense is better on grass

Reese Kaplan said...

@Zozo I agree and like Freese in a backup role, but then you're a little short in the middle infield with Flores being your only guy capable of playing 2B or SS should the starters have an issue. Then again, reinforcements are just a phone call away in LV.

Brian Joura said...

You're not a majority of one - my expectations are for Colon to be a big disappointment.

If Matt Reynolds breaks camp as the backup SS, it will make everyone long for the days of Tejada.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

I think the Mets 25-man is sort of set now out of the organization and I don't see anymore outsiders coming in

Robb said...

No slight to Matz who hopefully has a great year, but if i was a betting man, id put my money on corey seager for ROY.

also Cecchini is playing in the intra squad game, so not injured.

I also hated that geographical realignment. but would gladly trade the marlins for the expos in the division. montreal over miami as odd as that may sound.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

will have the blow by blow on the intra-game (including Cecchini's effort) in tomorow's morning report

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