Mack’s Morning News – 3-7-16 – Anthony McKirahan, Tom Knight, Sean Gilmartin, Dan Warthan


Good morning.

A couple of observations so far in the early spring activity –

Duane Below, Jim Henderson, Josh Smoker, Hansel Robles, Seth Lugo, and Stormey Permetel, are all throwing down some serious shit coming out of the pen. They have combined for 7.1 scoreless innings that have produced 14 strkeouts with only 3 walks.

Robles is set for the parent squad but don’t be surprised if one of these guys go with him.

Herrera (3-7, .429), Conforto (2-5, .400), Flores (2-5, .400), Taijeron (2-5, .400), and Smith (3-8, .375) speak to the youth of this team. It will be hard sending some of these packing.

Mike Pelfrey will be the starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers against the Mets on Monday at Tradition Field.

The first pitcher in 2016 goes down for TJS… Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Anthony McKirahan’s season has come to an end (torn ulnar collateral ligament). His first TJS was in 2012 wrapped around a PED drug bust… a good candidate for a Mejia roommate.

Great story… Tom Knight, the first historian for the Brooklyn Dodgers dead at 89 http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/07/sports/baseball/tom-knight-brooklyns-baseball-sage-dies-at-89.html?_r=0

Sunday lineup vs. Braves – De Aza, Cabrera, Cespedes, Duda, Walker, Conforto, Monell, Taijeron, Muno… pitchers Gilmartin, Below, Bradford, Herderson, Morris

I won’t be doing my normal play by play recap because Ernest Dove will be posting up his thoughts after my post. He attended the game live.

One observation about Sunday’s game… I really liked the three innings Sean Gilmartin threw which, in my opinion, is the beginning of him being stretched out for the Las Vegas rotation. I just don’t see Rafael Montero at this point in his rehab/return/whatever ready for the emergency SP6 slot that has to be the guy in Vegas waiting for a phone call in case of anyone in Queens going down with an injury. Again, in my opinion, that will be Gilmartin until Zack Wheeler returns.

Mets pitching coach  Dan Warthan says that the Mets pitchers are ‘game ready’ –

All throughout the spring, based on bullpen sessions and live batting practice, Warthen has raved about the readiness of the rotation.

“I think it’s a credit to them, and their work ethic, and everything that they’ve done coming into spring training, and what their goals are for the season,” Warthen said. “Their season ended a little bit short last year. They don’t want it to end short this year.”

Mack – Ya know, I love the super confidence Warthen is showing in his starters but you might want to let them throw a collective inning first.


Zozo said...

Luis Carpio had shoulder surgery last week, so he should be out for awhile.

Tom Brennan said...

Wow on Carpio. Gilmartin looking good. Taijeron swinging the stick.

Tom Brennan said...

Wow on Carpio. Gilmartin looking good. Taijeron swinging the stick.

That Adam Smith said...

I have a feeling that the bullpen could be a real strength this year. Glad to see some of the kids off to good starts with the bat this spring, even if it's just a couple of games. They came to camp ready, apparently. Also, Warthan has earned the right to say any damn crazy thing he wants. Finally, Shannon Forde was a friend of a good friend of mine. She tells me that everything you've been reading about Shannon is true and then some. Sounds like an incredible person. Big loss for the organization, and of course her family and friends.

Mack Ade said...

Adam -

Sadly, Shannon hadn't been present over the past few years due to her illness and many of the newer Mets in the clubhouse didn't have a relationship with her like the old guard.

Re: The pen... and, it may have incredible depth, something that's been missing for most of my Mets life

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