Some guys don't take long to become one of your fan favorites.

Mashin’ Michael Conforto fits into that framework.

When he got drafted a few years ago in the first round, I have to say that I had my doubts…not because of him, but rather simply because the Mets have had a pretty poor track record drafting offensive players since...well, forever.

Conforto though has dispelled any such concerns of mine. No blips...once drafted, he tore through the minor leagues at breakneck speed in roughly the equivalent of 1 full season, displaying an innate ability to hit and to hit with power.  

Skipping over the offensive paradise known as Triple A Las Vegas, Conforto delighted hungry Mets fans (e.g., me) when he headed straight to the majors from AA Binghamton in the middle of 2015 and amply demonstrated that hitting major league pitching ain't such a big deal. 

Michael showed great determination, power and an ability to hit in the clutch. More than a bat, he's a likeable guy, clearly intelligent, amicable, eager to learn, and seems to be exactly the kind of guy the team would want in their outfield for many, many years. 

I watched Michael rope a vicious home run against Atlanta toward the latter part of 2015. In doing so, his swing reminded me of vintage Don Mattingly. Once I saw that ferocious, efficient swing, I thought to myself that we have a real keeper on our hands, somebody who I believe will be an absolute delight to watch in the years to come. 

Even more than Don Mattingly, I believe that Michael Conforto may best be compared to David Wright, except as a left handed version of Wright. I personally see many similarities in the offensive capabilities of Conforto and early stage Wright.  What could be better? He looks decent enough in the field, and I bet he'll become above average in that aspect, because he wants to be.

I think we're in for quite a treat from Conforto in 2016. And while I have Michael as my 6th favorite Met player, in many other years, he might have been my # 1 favorite.  But I have him at 6, because this is one heck of a gifted team. 

Every time in recent weeks that I write one of these articles about my favorite Mets, I get more and more excited about what we have in store for us in 2016 as Mets fans.
I can't wait to see what Michael Conforto is going to do in 2016, as part of the Mets Hundred Win Express.

Next article: Tom’s 7th favorite Met.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

The Mets need Conforto to work out. I believe it will but it is still undetermined

Tom Brennan said...

If not, Mack, I will slide Conforto down from # 6 to # 7! Kidding aside, I am very confident he'll hit righties.

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