Mack’s Morning Report – 3-21-16 – Bartolo Colon, Mets Rotation, Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia


Good morning

I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but we just may have ourselves a Colon problem, and I’m not talking about something in the lower bowel area.

3 games… 11.2 innings pitched… 13 earned runs… 15 hits… 10.03-ERA
And strangely, no one seems to be writing anything about this. It’s like it’s okay for your SP5 to stink like fish.

Here’s the good news… the season opens on April 3rd and because there are four days off in the first 12 days, the Mets won’t have the need for an SP5 until April 19th against the Phillies.

All joking aside, the Mets could be scurrying to figure out an option here until the projected return of Zack Wheeler around July 1st.

Options could be Seth Lugo (0.00), Logan Verrett (1.50), or Sean Gilmartin (4.50).

Going into Sunday’s game…

          Wilmer Flores ranks third among all NL players with a .440 batting average this spring.

          Asdrubal Cabrera resumed swinging a bat on Saturday and repeated the activity on Sunday

          Eric Campbell is 2nd among all NL players with a .563 OBP this spring. Flores ranks 3rd with a .531 OBP

A lot of bold predictions on Fangraphs these days…

          Josh Shepardson   –

The Indians and Mets will account for six top-20 starting pitchers. Projecting any of the six pitchers I expect to finish within the top 20 at starting pitcher wouldn’t be bold if done so in isolation, but given the rate of attrition of pitchers, collectively it qualifies as bold — in my opinion. Among pitchers who tallied a minimum of 150 innings, four in the top eight pitched for the Indians or Mets (Carlos Carrasco, Corey Kluber, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom) and two more cracked the top 17 (Danny Salazar and Matt Harvey). Harvey was the lowest ranked pitcher in the group ranking 17th with a 24.9% strikeout rate. The rest of the sextet’s statistical profile was jaw dropping, too, and all six ranked within the top 36 in FIP with five ranking within the top 21. This is a supremely talented group of pitchers, and as a nifty fallback, Steven Matz is a long-shot option to pick up the slack if one of these guys suffers an injury or falters. Matz turned in a 3.61 FIP, 22.8% strikeout rate and 1.23 WHIP in a half-dozen starts for the Mets last year.

          Mack – No surprise here.

Syndergaard had a sort of rocky time on Sunday, having to work himself out of two jams in the 4th and 5th innings.

Final stat line: 5.0-IP, 6-H, 2-R, 1-ER, 5-K, 0-BB… pre- season ERA: 1.54, 54 pitches

The most important thing is his speed is already in the 98-99 range, making him just about season ready.

It was interesting listening to the Mets announcers discussing Zack Wheeler and how he planned on changing the angle of his pitching arm when he returns to action. You might remember that the San Francisco Giants thought that Wheeler was a TJS waiting to happen and first changed those angles, which didn’t sit well with Wheeler.

All that changed when the Mets traded for him and let him go back to pitching the way he wanted to. Guess what happened next?

Two weeks to go and major members of the Mets pen continue to stumble.

Jerry Blevens (3-runs, 7.20-ERA), Antonio Bastardo (2-runs, 8.10), and Hansel Robles (2-runs, 5.68) all had bad outings on Sunday.

Those safe to go north seem to be Jeurys Familia (0.00), Addison Reed (1.42), and Logan Verrett (1.50).

Everything… and everyone else… is up in the air.

Jenrry Mejia on Facebook -

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          Mack – Blow it out of your ass, Mejia.


Tom Brennan said...

That's why Mejia was doing HGH...helps with incoherence?

Fat Boy will straighten himself out - he's just getting ready. If not, there are some good Beer League Softball teams that would love to have him.

Great to see Edgin tossed well - we may need him soon the way some pen guys are throwing.

Just a few more days...the city has none of the wet snow that Long Island had this morning so bring on the regular season.

Mack Ade said...

Edgin is one of the good guys

That Adam Smith said...

Not too worried about Colon (He is generally not good in ST) though not expecting too much from him this year either. Half of the guys who are pitching terribly right now will be fine once the season starts. The trick is to figure out which half. Nice little day for Dilson Herrera yesterday. Definitely looking for big things for him in Vegas this year.

Mack Ade said...

Adam -

Herrera definitely plays at a higher level than most of the players in these World games.

I look for a banner 2016 in Vegas.

Tom Brennan said...

A banner year for Herrera in Vegas in 2016...until he is called up. Somehow, we'll see him before September, is my guess.

Tom Brennan said...

Maybe Nabil Crismatt turns out to be a prospect after a fine year in rookie ball last year - Adam Rubin reported he had a strong 3+ innings on the mound for Columbia Saturday, with 4 Ks

Metsiac said...

I'm not AT ALL worried about Bart. He's working on his off-speed pitches and just getting his pitch counts up to prep for OD, though with the crazy schedule this year I expect him to be in the pen for the first
2-3 weeks.

If he's still struggling when April gets here, I'll be more concerned.

Hobie said...

More worried about Bastardo than Bartolo. Colon will get what, 3 starts in April? If he gets two, 3-run/6-inning jobs out of that, he's holding down the fort for Wheeler. Of course is Merrett of Gilmartin are blowing the doors off batters in LV, they could/should get a shot.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Degrom velocity is down

Tom Brennan said...

Pen good today. I won't worry until a week from now, if it still is having its ups and downs.

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