ON WAIVERS - IF - Ruben Tejada

Per Adam Ruben - 

Tejada has been placed on waivers, paving the way for the Mets to free themselves from paying a large portion of the infielder's salary, multiple baseball officials told ESPN.
Tejada was due to be on Tuesday's trip for a Grapefruit League game against theSt. Louis Cardinals, but his bag was left behind when the bus departed.
Mets general manager Sandy Alderson declined to comment. Teams are prohibited by Major League Baseball from discussing waivers.
Tejada was due to make $3 million this season, his final year before free agency. However, when the Mets tendered him a contract on Dec. 2, they did not foresee adding two middle infielders later that month -- Neil Walker andAsdrubal Cabrera.


Hobie said...

Didn't see that coming, though I would have not been surprised as a trade throw-in.

Beat out by Campbell?

bgreg98180 said...

This makes no sense what-so-ever.

Trade him? Makes sense.
Keep him on the bench? Makes sense.

Waiving him to go for free?
Now? While Cabrera is still recuperating??

This makes no sense at all.

Granted that in the grand scheme of things this most likely does not significantly affect the Met organization.

BUT, Tejada does have value. Both, as a back up and in a trade.
There is no rush that the Mets are under at this moment to meet any roster cap.
Undoubtably, other teams would gladly pick Tejada up off of the waiver wire.

This may not be a huge waste of a resource over all but, would you just throw away a $50 bill?

eraff said...

I'm sure they would pull him with a claim...and negotiate a trade

bgreg98180 said...
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That Adam Smith said...

I don't like this move at all. Clearly, finances are still a concern. The guy is a damn good option as a backup infielder, and Flores will likely be playing a lot of 3B (and 2B vs lefties)... so not really available as a full-time backup SS. I have no faith in Matt Reynolds to capably fill that role.

Mack Ade said...

watch for St. Louis here...

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