Tom Brennan - Old Man Hitting Tracker Vol. 8



Jose Reyes & Curtis Granderson had huge years in 2011. But we are in 2017.  The 2 old timers have had much to do with the Mets' current capsizing.

 "Jose Can You See (your way back to the dugout) and Grandy Man, which refers these days only to the $100 grand he "earns" each game - how are they doing?" 

While Jose has picked it up, Grandy remains in a persistent vegetative state, and going forward, the major damage has been done:

Jose has doubled his average recently, amazing when one ponders that it only raises him to .174 with 3 RBIs. But he has played well over the last 4 or 5 games.  A pulse.

Granderson, though, added new meaning to his official title of "Can't Hit Worth a Spit in April" with a .128 April, with just 6 ribbies (4 less in all of April than Anthony Rendon plated on Sunday).

Let's be clear - if the Mets were playing well, they would have put Cespedes on the 10 day DL so he would have healed better and not reinjured himself.  They would have done so with Thor too before he hurt himself yesterday.

Desperate teams make desperate gambles, and this team would not have been nearly as desperate if they had 2 guys playing 3rd and the OF other than Reyes and Grandy, who together have added less to the lineup than ANY TWOSOME in baseball by a long shot.

Terry's fault line was saying,  "I'm sticking with my guys."  He stuck with them to a fault, is about to go down with his ship, and the team has fallen into an abyss as a result. 

Since the Two Old Men are now a month older, will they FINALLY be pulled? Even the .128 man?  

Even if they do now....

 Too late, it seems.


Thomas Brennan said...

Why are the Nats ahead of the Mets? Their big 3 (Harper, Zimmerman, and Murphy) are hitting .382 in 285 at bats with 16 doubles, 25 homers, 81 RBIs and 34 walks in April. Notice I did not include Anthony Rendon.

Reyes and Grandy, the anemic duo, are hitting .150 with 9 RBIs. Granderson is the worst average at .128 out of 185 qualified major league hitters. Reyes' recent surge lifted him to # 177 out of 185.

To say that represents 2 extremes is not nearly extreme enough.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reyes is proving he is not too old, after all, as he is now having a fine 7 game stretch with 3 homers, a triple and double. Proved me wrong...good.

Grandy is 11 for 89. No signs of life. To be continued. I'd start Lagares tomorrow over Grandy.

A much-needed win for the Mets vs Atlanta.

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