Mack’s 2018 Mock Draft v1.0


Good morning.

This my official first mock draft for 2018. I did have an early one that had the average from two mock drafts, but I really needed more to get a more accurate look at what the so-called experts are saying.
We’ve gathered four early mocks… B/R (6-14), Fueled (6-15), Hero (6-15) and Utopia (6-15).

The results, averaged together, are:

  1.     RHP    Brady Singer                       Florida

  2.     OF       Seth Beer                              Clemson

  3.     SS        Brice Turang                       Santiago HS (CA)              

  4.     RHP    Jackson Kowar                   Florida                                 

  5.     RHP    Kumar Rocker                     N.Oconee HS (GA)            

  6.     RHP    Chandler Day                      Vanderbilt                          

  7.     OF       Jarred Kelenic                     Waukesha West HS (WI)

  8.     IF         Nick Madrigal                    Oregon State                     

  9.     LHP     Konnor Pilkington             Mississippi State              

  10. OF      Joe Gray Jr.                          Hattiesburg HS (MS)       

  11. RHP   Casey Mize                          Auburn                                

  12. OF      Trevor Larnach                   Oregon State                     

  13. LHP    Kris Bubic                             Stanford      

  14. LHP    Justin Hooper                     UCLA                                                 

  15. SS       Sean Guilbe                         Berks Catholic HS (PA)                

  16. SS       Gil Mateo                             Timber Creek HS (TX)                                          

  17. RHP   Ethan Hankins                    Forsyth Central HS (GA)             

  18. RHP   Jason Bilous                        Coastal Carolina                           

  19. SS       Kendall Simmons               Tattnall Square Academy (GA)

  20. SS       Charles Mack                      Williamsville East HS (NY)         

  21. RHP   Owen Meaney                    St. Thomas HS (TX)                       

  22. RHP   Luken Baker                        TCU                                                   

  23. C         Will Banfield                       Brokwood HS (GA)                       

  24. OF      Brennan Breaux                 LSU                                                    

  25. RHP   Dallas Woolfork                Mississippi 
  26. LHP    Nick Sprengel                     San Diego                                       

  27. OF      Jack Magnum                     Mississippi State                          

  28. SS       Jimmy Glowenke               Marcus HS (TX)                             

  29. SS       Gil Mateo                             Deer Creek HS (TX)                       

  30. RHP   Bryan Hoeing                      Louisville                                         

  31. LHP    Cole Sands                           Florida State                                  

  32. 1B      Chayce Bryant                    Redan HS (GA)                               

  33. 3B      Jonathan India                   Florida                                             

  34. OF      John Stowers                      Lousiville                                         

  35. 1B      Tristan Casas                      Plantation HS (FL)                        

  36. C         Cal Raleigh                          Florida State                                  

  37. OF      Manny Gonzalez               Hernandez HS (PR)                       

  38. RHP   Davis Sharp                         Mill Creek HS (GA)                       

  39. OF      Brock Hale                           BYU                                                   

  40. 3B      Nate Eikhoff                        Virginia                                           

  41. OF      Jake McCarthy                   Virgina                                             

  42. LHP    Steven Gingery                   Texas Tech                                      

  43. OF      Elijah Cabell                        Winter Park HS (FL)                     

  44. RHP   Sean Hjelle                          Kentucky                                         

  45. SS       Nolan Gorman                   O’Connor HS (AZ)                         

  46. RHP   Colton Eastman                 CSF   



Thomas Brennan said...

We need to slip to # 3 so we can draft a shortstop!

Mack Ade said...

Long range SS too...

Thomas Brennan said...

Might Bryce Harper's likely season ending knee injury result in a Curtis trade to the Nats?

Gary Seagren said...

LOL I guess we traded Bruce to soon

Thomas Brennan said...

2017: what a long, strange trip it's been.

Eddie Corona said...

I bet we land the Oregon OF... I mean sandy only seems to like kids who play in Oregon schools

Eddie Corona said...

Totally unrelated to this article but did sandy trade Waller for a PTBNL so we wouldn't be able to kill the trade since we don't know who that player is yet...
Also it says we sent cash ... can't you see the interview now... "See we told you it was not about salary dumps"

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie - my guess is the Mets did not send too much cash - but Walker was owed $5 MM so the Brewers likely thought that was too much.

Maybe the player to be named later will be Kirk Nieuwenhuis - he is hitting .235 for their AAA affiliate, with the usual excessive strikeouts.

Few think re-signing Neil Walker was a good idea - but if not for his badly pulled hammy in mid_June, he might be having a heckuva season. He stunk in April, but in 37 May and June games pre-hammy, he hit about .320/.390/.570. If he had kept that up, it sure would have seemed to NOT be excessive $$.

Eddie Corona said...

I would bring back walker to play 3b for a year...
I think that's smarter than multi year deal for moose...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, I wonder if he'd want something like 2 years, $20 million total. He might want a little more, but my guess is he'd want 2 years minimum. Two years would likely get us to Jhoan Urena or Andres Giminez., if they turn out to be viable major leaguers.

Walker cannot be nearly replaced by Cecchini nor Reynolds nor Evans, so they better not be thinking any of those 3 as solutions. They are not even close.

Eddie Corona said...

I would consider a 2 year deal but really I want a shot at the 2018 class... I would take any of the Donaldson machado (my favorite) or Harper...
I think the idea of 400 million is over
But all those guys are 3-4 hitters... by then cespedes is 2 years left ... wright I would think would be resolved and conforto would show if he is a real 3/4 hitter and the others (Rosario, dom smith) would show who they are

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