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Here’s the question –

            Here’s the Hot Stove tally –

We get A.J. Ramos for around $8.5mil next year. We lose Lucas Duda for more if he stayed.

We get RP Drew Smith and lose SP Merandy Gonzalez and OF Ricardo Cespedes… but first base opens for Dominic Smith.

We get three top 30 prospects from Boston (all relievers: Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan, Stephen Nogosek) for the expiring Addison Reed

How’d we do?

Reese Kaplan says –                    

It could have been worse.  He could have shipped out a top prospect for a sore-armed pitcher Dan Warthen thought he could fix in 15 minutes.  I saw better returns going to other clubs for what they had to offer.  The one I'm most excited about is Drew Smith, though I wonder when he's been moved twice already (shades of Travis d'Arnaud).  What makes other clubs think he's expendable?

The Boston returns are not all that exciting -- fast pitchers who can't get it over the plate.  We already have one of them in Josh Smoker

Thomas Brennan says –

When you watch the Yankees trade, they are impressive and really make a splash. The Mets once again we're able to make some moves, but by comparison to the Yankees it feels like kissing your sister. I give Sandy Alderson a C rating on this trade cycle. I would have liked to have seen more guys get traded.

Clay Ramsey said –

I feel like with what the trade value was for this year and the needs for the Mets, I'd say this was a pretty successful deadline. Although we traded for Ramos, we still got younger and we've built a solid future bullpen. Big fan of trading for Nogosek; I think he can be great.

Would've liked to have seen us part ways with Asdrubal Cabrera this deadline as well. He made it clear he didn't want to play for us anymore so, for me, it was imperative we trade him. I fully expect an August waiver trade for him.

Could this have been a more successful                        deadline, probably, but it certainly wasn't a                  bad one in my opinion.

Richard Herr says –

I feel it's a plus that we got something in return for otherwise expiring contracts. I'm disappointed we've still got a bunch of lame-duck guys that couldn't be moved.

I worry that Merandy Gonzales might have the highest ceiling of all of the minor league pitchers that moved in these deals.  I could see him hitting the majors in a couple of years.

I also detected a bit of spin-doctoring going on with the press releases. All of the guys coming from the Red Sox were variously labeled as the "10th best pitching prospect" on the club, not the overall 10th best.  That means you could probably double the rankings to get closer to the overall ranking. In other words, 10th-best becomes 20th best.

MetsMusings Mack says -

I would say we did pretty good.  I hated to lose Merandy Gonzalez but you have to give up something to get something.  Alderson managed to start the bullpen rebuild for next year, as well as getting some pieces for down the road.  As always, time will tell.

David Rubin says -

I have heard from someone outside the Mets org that Sandy worked the phone relentlessly, was underwhelmed by offers for his expiring contracts, and did indeed hold out with the Red Sox to get one additional arm, as Mack said. The one thing we have to remember is the old George Carlin line: "How come my stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?" We as fans tend to over-value our own players because of both the emotional attachment and the desire to "fleece" another team out of their top prospects. It's no longer the days of Beltran-for-Wheeler; and following the minors and prospects, you soon learn that almost ALL of those who rank minor league systems tend to rank relief pitchers anywhere from mid-20's to not-at-all. A starter can always become a reliever, but rarely does a long-term reliever become a starter, and just like first basemen, tend to be ignored by the so-called experts, unless it's a Dom Smith-type talent. No one was willing to offer top prospects for what we were selling, and the team wasn't willing to eat any of their salary, so what we got will hopefully strengthen the bullpen in the bigs for 2018 and beyond!

I am happy that Sandy was able to restock the bullpen at the minor/major leagues, and wouldn't be surprised to see Reed back in a Mets' uniform next year if he's not offered a closing role with another team. Ramos mostly scares his own team, a la Benitez or K-Rod, but he's also a pro and once you get past the inconsistency he does have a good arsenal. 

IMO - Sandy did as well as he could at the deadline- now bring up Dom, let him get 1.5 months in the bigs under his belt, and how about THIS for a radical idea for 2018:



Thomas Brennan said...

Granderson for manager in 2018? Maybe - if he is interested and does not try to pencil his name onto the line up card in RF!

Good point that relievers in the minors are ranked lower. Ty Bashlor is an excellent power K arm but is not in Mets top 30 - yet.

We need to get Dom Smith promoted ASAP to free up first base in the minors for promotions, including one guy I write about tomorrow - Pete Alonso.

Reese Kaplan said...

I expect Drew Smith a part of the 2018 bullpen. Perhaps we'll see one of the Boston arms as well. No one will cry (other than their immediate families) if guys like Goeddel, Robles and Bradford are not in the equation.

Thomas Brennan said...

For what it is worth, Rosario is 3rd on the Mets in triples after 3 games. He has had 20 triples in 214 games in the minors in 2016 and 2017. Seems like a Willie Davis clone.

Eddie Corona said...

so much to say... We did awful... we had a closer who was performing well and we received 3 players who we HOPE do well... we had a SS in cabera who last season had a great year and couldn't trade him for anything? we had a OF who is on paced for 40 HR but cant Give him away?
I dont have the Fans concept in that I tend to Love players.. I see them as assets... and Assets have value... the smart GM trades someone too soon before its too late...
We should have traded Cabrera Last season because we had reyes and rosario on the way.

If we didnt pay any portions of their salary to get get a better prospect then we are still fools... we are a NY team that is penny wise...

this was a awful 2017 job by Sandy (from signing walker, not spending in Free agency earlier on Bullpen and settling for salas... how did that one turn out...)

what has sandy done right...

i would be happier if they cut cabrera, walker and granderson so kids like rosario, smith,nimmo, legares, cecchini, tj (yes i know about the injury), and flores play...

Reese Kaplan said...

Not to be the Debbie Downer here, but multiple reports are out saying that Sandy Alderson IS coming back next year. As I have said many times and Eddie has asked in his note above, "What has Sandy done right?"

Of course, the corollary to that is, "What has Terry Collins done right?" but I've been asking that ever since he got here.

David Rubin said...

Sandys definitely coming back. If somehow someway Terry did too I May have to give up my MLB.com subscription for a year. Although I am about 95% certain it won't happen...but with Wilponzis in place never say never...😡😡

Mack Ade said...

Terry's coming back just to haunt Reese

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